Dr. Syed Haider

Dr. Syed Haider is board certified in Internal Medicine with additional training in Functional Medicine. He has extensive experience working in hospitals, clinics, communities, and online. He has helped over 25,000 patients and has provided treatments for COVID-19, including Ivermectin—a highly effective drug the government has attempted to suppress. Dr. Haider provides professional physician services online. See Part I of this interview in Final Call Vol. 42 No. 20.

Dr. Haider began with the following opening remarks from a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him): “‘Every disease has a cure.’ This is the axiomatic basis of Islamic medicine, and really all medicine, that we have to start with: that if there is a disease, there is a cure; and traditional cultures believed that the cure was there. It’s not like it [the cure] was something coming in the future, but they could find it in their surroundings with herbs or plants.”

Dr. Haider on Censorship, the DOD and Covid Booster Shots

“There were a lot of voices that were silenced. And we were not allowed to have a national debate on this [COVID ‘vaccine’]. There was heavy censorship. And so I think we could have saved a lot of people’s lives and prevented a lot of chronic disease. There’s going to very likely be a deluge of severe chronic disease from the five or six billion shots that have been given around the world against this virus.


And it’s extremely unfortunate because a lot of people just trusted the people in charge to have their best interests at heart and they didn’t really do any research at all. Even highly intelligent people, even people who are physicians, working at a very high level, simply trusted the people in charge to have done the work; and, at this point, it seems that this entire thing may have been kind of spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)… It [the whole FDA approval process] was all a charade.

“[Former pharma and medical device R&D executive] Sasha Latypova made a few Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, and she’s shown that the informed consent was waived, legally, during this pandemic, and these shots were really military countermeasures. They weren’t actually considered to be medical therapies and they didn’t really need to have trials run—they could just decide to release it.

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And so that’s the legal framework under which these shots were rolled out. So the groups around the country that are in charge of our medicine and our medical response to situations were not the primary drivers of rolling out the shots. The Department of Defense has always been in charge…

“So if anyone could have gotten the message or if they get the message now, it’s not too late: Just stop taking boosters. So we have to tell people, and more and more people are becoming convinced of this. It’s great that some of the restrictions on our speech have been lifted at Twitter.

I still have my reservations, obviously, about that, because speech on Twitter may look like it’s free speech, but it’s easy to put people into little echo chambers and limit the spread of their ideas. But, regardless, whatever we can do to convince more and more people, I think we need to do because each shot worsens the situation and the negative effects—perhaps they wear off after three months or six months or a year. And there are things that you can do to detox or to eliminate the inflammation caused by the shots. But the most important thing is just to stop taking them.”

Dr. Haider on Big Pharma

“[The big pharmaceutical manufacturers] are driven by this kind of profit motive where they have to continue growing at an exponential rate because they’re trying to keep up with inflation. So the fact that we print money and that we debase our currency, it drives all industry to the edge to try to keep up with that inflation that’s happening, to keep up with the debasement of the currency, by hook or by crook. And it’s oftentimes by crook. These companies have been proven to be crooks so I don’t see why anyone trusts them, when they’ve been sued and they’ve been fined billions of dollars.

“I think it was in 2009: Pfizer paid a $2 billion [settlement to resolve civil claims and criminal charges concerning multiple drugs]. So you wouldn’t trust them. You wouldn’t give them your daughter’s hand in marriage. You wouldn’t give it [your trust] to somebody with that kind of background or that kind of record. And yet we trust these people with our lives and our health.”

Dr. Haider’s Final Message

“The final message I want to give people is what I started with, which is from the prophetic tradition that every disease has a cure. And this is found not only in the Islamic tradition, but it’s also the same concept that’s found in the Jewish and the Christian traditions. So three great monotheistic faiths agree on this axiomatic point of medicine.

And so this is the basis of any true medical tradition—this belief that you can be cured. And so, especially people who have ‘long COVID’ or who have gotten the vaccine, it’s very important what you choose to believe. I’ve seen people cured from seemingly incurable diseases, including ‘long COVID,’ vaccine injuries, cancers and end-stage cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure—anything.

But I’ve never seen anyone cured who didn’t believe that it could happen. So number one, you have to believe it. And it’s rooted in your faith if you’re Muslim, or from one of these three great traditions. And if you don’t already believe that, you need to get that belief from somewhere, and get it from somebody else if you have to.

“But the sign of a true healer is that they can help you to strengthen that or instill it from scratch, if you don’t have it already. They can instill this belief into you. They can give you the certainty. They can transmit that certainty from their heart to yours, when you meet them and talk to them. So that’s number one. You have to have that certainty. And then, anything is possible from there.

A lot of human health really depends on what we believe. So that’s really where it starts. And then you can go from there. Ivermectin is extremely beneficial. There are things like fasting, cold therapy—cold exposure or cold. A cold plunge, or you jump into an ice bath, is very healing for this and also a good practice just in general, along with fasting.

“The prayer itself—the five daily prayers are extremely important for maintaining health. It’s not just spiritual health, but it’s also what we would call a meditative movement, like yoga, Qigong, tai chi. This is the Islamic meditative movement that you do five times a day, and the long COVID and vaccine injuries and really all chronic disease are deeply linked to this autonomic nervous system dysfunction, where the sympathetic nervous system is in overdrive and the rest-and-digest part of the nervous system is not getting enough exercise, is not strong enough.

And our chronic milieu, our modern environment is heavily geared towards stimulating the sympathetic nervous system [to function] like a go, go, go, type A personality, [to] do things all the time, constantly be busy, never rest. And so you have to have something built into your day that helps you reset your nervous system and calm down and relax and there’s really a lot [you can do].

It’s hard to explain to people how important the lifestyle elements are, including things like prayer, and fasting, and cold exposure. They’re actually more effective than the pharmaceuticals that people assume to be stronger and more likely to help them.

“A healthy diet, maintaining healthy weight—and getting sunlight every day is very important for more than just vitamin D. It raises serotonin levels, it stimulates mitochondria, it improves vascular health. The list is probably endless, but the things we know about sunlight are far more than just vitamin D and stimulating melatonin and helping you sleep. It’s extremely important. That and maintaining healthy relationships and friendships are very important for your health.

“If you want more information, it’s available online. My website is mygotodoc.com. We have a free protocol for people who are struggling with especially ‘long COVID’ and vaccine injuries, and people can register for free and get free health care advice.”

Nation of Islam Research Group: Thank you, Dr. Haider, and As-Salaam Alaikum.

Dr. Haider: You’re welcome and Wa-Alaikum Salaam.