by Curtis Cost

Anyone who has done serious and objective research into the COVID vaccine would have to scratch their head wondering why anyone would ask such a question, given all of the injuries and deaths that have been linked to the COVID injections.

Based on the statistics from the U.S. government’s own database which tracks vaccine injuries called VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System), the COVID vaccines have already killed more people than all of the other vaccines combined over the past 30 years!

This is in addition to the multitude of adverse reactions that include heart attacks, seizures, and many other diseases, conditions, syndromes, and disorders. For these and many other reactions, researchers are baffled as to why these shots were ever allowed to exist in the first place.


In a recent forum, entitled COVID Vaccines—The Threat To Pregnant Women, a panel of four doctors and a nurse warned that these “vaccines” should never have been given to pregnant women. Three of the doctors are OBGYNs and one is a family physician, so they have lots of experience working with pregnant women.

The medical professionals did not hold back their sentiments—all expressed their anguish at the medical establishment for pressuring pregnant women into taking these “vaccines” despite the known risks and despite the fact that these drugs were and still are experimental!

Michelle Gershman, RN, a nurse who works with pregnant women, pointed out that at her hospital prior to the “COVID vaccine” roll-out, there would be only about 1 fetal death every two months. After the COVID shots were administered, the number of fetal deaths skyrocketed to over 20 per month!

Ms. Gershman also noted that the staff at her hospital were shocked by the dramatic increase in fetal deaths and were totally at a loss as to what was causing it. Ms. Gershman also noticed that women who took the COVID shot would go into labor typically within a week. This resulted in many premature deliveries.

Dan McDyer, MD, OBGYN, pointed out that in pregnant women who received the shots, their fetuses were not growing at the normal rate. He also shared that these women tended to have excessive bleeding after giving birth, among many other health problems.

Molly Rutherford, MD, said that the training doctors receive in medical school emphasizes that they should be very careful about giving drugs to pregnant women. Therefore, she was shocked that the medical establishment was actively pushing the COVID shots on pregnant women, especially given the fact that these pharma products had not been—and are still not—fully approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are thus experimental drugs. All of the panel’s doctors expressed the same dismay over an experimental drug being given to pregnant women.

Dan McDyer Video capture: Youtube

Dr. James Thorp, an OBGYN for nearly 44 years who has testified before the U.S. Congress and has published over 200 medical reports, said that the number of miscarriages has jumped to over 80% since the COVID shots came out! Dr. Thorp and Kimberly Bliss, MD, OBGYN, both presented slides which painted a devastating picture of the harm that the COVID shots are causing pregnant mothers and their babies. Dr. McDyer summarized this dire situation when he said: “Personally, I have never seen such carnage in my entire career.”

One of the most shocking revelations was when Dr. Thorp pointed out that the COVID injection was as effective at killing fetuses as the abortion pill RU486! Yet the medical establishment is still pushing this drug on pregnant women.

Another disturbing aspect of all of this is the emotional trauma that mothers go through when they lose their babies! Some women must get counseling to deal with their loss. Of course, the fathers and other family members are also impacted by the loss of a baby. Dr. Rutherford discussed those issues in her presentation.

Most people hearing this for the first time will be shocked by such revelations. While some would like to believe that this is not true or at least a gross exaggeration, they are unable to have that luxury, because all of the doctors on this panel have many years of experience and outstanding credentials.

Dr. James Thorp

The next thought that would most likely cross the minds of people would be how is such a thing possible? Dr. Thorp gave a simple and direct response to that question. He said that:

“… you cannot trust any physician or nurse in the United States of America anymore! … The medical industrial complex … is corrupted. I mean that the New England Journal of Medicine is totally corrupted … The medical-industrial complex needs to be destroyed. I am not a violent person. I am not saying destroyed by violence. By ‘destroy’ I am saying that we the people have the power, and they need to be destroyed by criminal and civil actions, legal actions.”

Dr. Thorp’s comments and that of the other doctors are a wake-up call to the public that they can no longer have blind faith in the medical establishment, which includes the hospitals, the medical journals, and of course the doctors and nurses. Many people have been brought up to think of hospitals as churches and temples, and doctors as priests and ministers.

This is what has fostered the blind faith in these institutions and individuals. What these COVID shots are doing to pregnant women should be the ultimate wake-up call for everyone to start asking questions and doing their own research before allowing experimental drugs into their bodies.

The doctors and nurses on this panel are courageously risking their careers by exposing what they are seeing happening to their patients who are pregnant. They have been doing interviews and whatever else they can to sound the alarm to the devastating impact these COVID shots are having on pregnant women in America and around the world.

They also ask why aren’t more doctors doing the same as far as warning their patients about the dangers of these COVID shots? They expressed shock and dismay over the fact that they know other doctors are seeing the same things across the country but instead of speaking out about the shots’ dangers, they have been silent instead.

Mary Holland, the President of Children’s Health Defense, asked the doctors, why are their fellow doctors going along with this assault on pregnant women? Alix Mayer, who is on the Board of Directors of Children’s Health Defense, also expressed her frustration over this situation and noted that a doctor’s first responsibility is to their patient!

What is presented in this article is only the tip of the iceberg of what these doctors shared in this powerful forum. Everyone, and especially pregnant women, need to watch this presentation and share it with their networks. Given the history of experimentation on African Americans, we also have good reason to be skeptical. We all must protect our mothers and our babies from those who wish to profit from putting them in harm’s way.

This forum was sponsored by Children’s Health Defense and Children’s Health Defense New York. Anyone can watch, for free, the trailer as well as the full video by going to

Curtis Cost is the author of Vaccines Are Dangerous and moderator of the forum “COVID Vaccines—The Threat To Pregnant Women.”