“Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that He will surely make them rulers in the earth as He made those before them rulers, and that He will surely establish for them their religion, which He has chosen for them, and that He will surely give them security in exchange after their fear. They will serve Me, not associated aught with Me. And whoever is ungrateful after this, they are the transgressors.” —Holy Qur’an 24:55

Divine Secrets Revealed To A Black Man From America

I must admit that when I think about Saviours’ Day and the reason for Saviours’ Day, my eyes begin to fill with tears.  These are tears of joy and gratitude when I think about the goodness of God.  I am so happy to be a Muslim.  I am so happy to be a believer in the Life-Giving Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  I am overjoyed and my heart is filled with profound gratitude.  Saviours’ Day reminds me, more so than any other time during the year, of the profoundness of what we believe and what we bear witness has occurred among us, the Black people of America.

We believe and emphatically exclaim that it is Allah (God), who appeared to us in the person of Master Wallace Fard Muhammad.  We believe that it is He that is, and has been, the Teacher of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and the Protector and Maker of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.


There are many in the world of religion, who disagree with us.  There are many in the Muslim world that consider our theological beliefs to be “outside the pale” of permissible Islamic beliefs.  And despite this, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan have proven unafraid to stand on this belief, in spite of this world’s religious and spiritual leader’s rejection of it.

I reflect upon this Saviours’ Day, the 146th birth anniversary of Master W. Fard Muhammad, and how the 92 years of the presence of the Nation of Islam in America is now at a point where there is an overwhelming abundance of facts and evidence to prove the veracity and truth of what Master W. Fard Muhammad revealed to His servant, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

There are two companion passages of scripture, one from the Bible and the other found within the Holy Qur’an that have direct bearing on the controversial belief and teaching of the Nation of Islam. 

From the Bible we read:

“Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.”—Amos 3:7

And From the Holy Qur’an we read:

“The Knower of the unseen, so He makes His secrets known to none; Except a messenger whom He chooses. For surely He makes a guard to go before him and after him, That He may know that they have truly delivered the messages of their Lord; and He encompasses what is with them, and He keeps account of all things.”—72:26-28

These important passages of scripture contextualize the controversial nature of when Allah (God) blesses a people with the gift of the divine revelation of previously hidden truths.  The scriptures refer to this process as Allah (God) divulging His “secrets.”  Controversy is inherent in the very nature of what is held as “secret” information.  But we are assured that in Allah’s own good time that He will vindicate His Messengers who courageously teach to their people the divine wisdom of Allah’s divinely revealed “secrets.”

Farrakhan: ‘Minister of The Confirmation’

What brings me so much joy, in a time like this is that for so long the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, revealed to Him by Master W. Fard Muhammad, were mocked and ridiculed.  At best, Messenger Muhammad was paid a “back-handed” compliment, when it was said of him that he was a social reformer who could rehabilitate criminals. 

His message was portrayed in the media and by various critics as being filled with the kind of ideas that could never attract serious thinkers.  The critics have painted Muhammad’s message as crude, unsophisticated, void of nuance, bereft of complexity, without beauty and only consumable on a very pedestrian level.

Modern times, however, do violence to the old critics of Messenger Muhammad!  The events and happenings of today are conspiring to vindicate the message of Muhammad.  Moreover, the vindication of the Message is the vindication of the Messenger.  For the scripture points out that the “proof of the Message is the proof of the Messenger.” (See Deuteronomy 18:20-22) 

This current season, where close observers are noticing that Master W. Fard Muhammad’s revelations to the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad are being proven true, compares perfectly to the period of time mentioned in the Holy Qur’an when Moses prayed to Allah to give him his brother Aaron (Haroon) as a helper to “confirm” what Allah had revealed to Moses (Musa).  Consider this powerful passage:

“And my brother, Aaron, he is more eloquent in speech than I, so send him with me as a helper to confirm me. Surely I fear that they would reject me. He said: We will strengthen thine arm with thy brother, and We will give you both an authority, so that they shall not reach you. With Our signs, you two and those who follow you, will triumph.”—Holy Qur’an, Surah 28:34-35

When something is “confirmed” it is strengthened (firmed up) via the agency of proofs, facts, evidence, empirical, scientific, mathematical, quantitative and qualitative sources.  What has, no doubt, spawned the season of vindication for Master W. Fard Muhammad and what He revealed, is the ministry of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Farrakhan is the Minister of “The Confirmation of The Revelation.”  Minister Farrakhan has strengthened the message in its believability among a mass of “non-believers,” many of whom have been compelled into becoming believers through the sheer force of Minister Farrakhan’s unimpeachable arguments.

Not only has Minister Farrakhan bowled us over with the majesty of His unique God-given representation of Muhammad’s message, but His spiritual depth and anointing have produced a budding community of scholarship devoted to the protection, preservation and widespread proliferation of what Master W. Fard Muhammad revealed to the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

The Confirmation of The Revelation

The Confirmation of the Revelation of Master W. Fard Muhammad to His Servant, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, fortifies the believers.  I personally see it as Allah working through many and varied men, women and circumstances to do what He promised in the Holy Qur’an wherein it reads, “He will surely establish for them their religion, which He has chosen for them … .”

Space will not permit us to include all that we know of the proofs and evidences that confirm what the Nation of Islam exclusively possesses of the most recent of Allah’s divine revelations to the human family of our planet.  But we conclude and pause to reflect on just a few sources from modern scientific discovery that serve as reminders, witness bearers and confirmations, that despite what our critics have attempted to destroy us, the truth as revealed by Master W. Fard Muhammad keeps marching on!

The Making of The White Race

“Incredibly, Dr. Jonathan Pritchard estimates that the point in time when the genes of the Asian and European populations were altered was 6,600 years ago, the exact date that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that Mr. Yacub began his Patmos Island grafting process.

“These scientists Cooper, Eiberg, Cheng and Pritchard have scientifically zeroed in on a date in time that corresponds exactly to the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; but the scientists are yet unable to account for the reason for this dramatic, genetic convulsion in the human family.”

—The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Time & What Must Be Done, part 39

The Original People are the Black People of the Planet Earth

Every modern ancestor’s origins can be traced back to Africa. … All humans share a common direct maternal ancestor known as Mitochondrial Eve. She is believed to be a part of a small group of humans who lived in Africa. … Mitochondrial DNA found in our cells is the genetic signature that has been passed from mother to child. Mitochondrial Eve was a woman who lived 200,000 years ago who had enough daughters in a continuous chain that her Mitochondrial DNA survived.

—Mitochondrial Eve and Homo Sapiens in Africa’s Great Rift Valley

 Africa’s Great Civilizations (pbslearningmedia.org)

UFOs are Real

The U.S. government officials said there is no doubt that identified UAPs were physical objects, tamping down speculation that sightings could be optical illusions caused by atmospheric conditions or sensor malfunctions.  “From a safety of flight issue, we absolutely do believe that what we are seeing are not simply sensor artifacts. These are things that physically exist,” a senior government official said. “They are physical objects.”

—Pentagon task force’s UFO report released, many cases remain unexplained (cbsnews.com)

Pentagon releases three UFO videos taken by U.S. Navy pilots.

America Is Under Divine Judgment

North America—and the USA in particular—has the world’s wildest weather extremes: No other part of the planet can boast its ferocious weather stew of hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, wildfires, blizzards, heat waves and cold snaps. “You’d be hard-pressed to find another patch of land on Earth the size of the USA that boasts such a variety of such intensely extreme weather inside its borders,” says meteorologist and author Robert Henson of Boulder, Colo.  “We get more high-impact weather than any other country on the planet,” agrees Sean Potter, a meteorologist and weather historian in New York City.

— USA has the world’s most extreme weather (usatoday.com)

One Meal A Day For A Long Life

A recent study based on depriving mice of food for a certain length of time reveals that longer intervals between meals may, in fact, improve health, lengthen life and prevent disease. The research was reported in the recent Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 

Dr. Mark P. Mattson, chief of the laboratory of neurosciences at the National Institute on Aging, which is part of The National Institutes of Health, said, “I would be very confident in saying that healthy adults don’t need three full meals a day and would be better off skipping one or two. When you go without food, there are benefits. Your cells become more efficient.”

—FCN Editorial: “Muhammad already said it: Our diets are killing us! (finalcall.com)

There Is Life On Mars

“And while NASA hasn’t found any evidence of life now, we’ve found lots of evidence that Mars could have supported life in the past,” Graham explained. Heather Graham, is an astrobiologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. “There are lots of pieces of evidence that say there was once a huge ocean on Mars and an atmosphere that could have supported life.”

—Is there life on Mars? A NASA scientist explains in new video (space.com)

Demetric Muhammad is a Memphis-based author and student minister in the Nation of Islam and member of the Nation of Islam Research Group. Follow him on Twitter @BrotherDemetric. Read more at www.researchminister.com.