The above photo appeared in the Atlanta Journal July 29, 1913

Last week in part 1 (see The Final Call Vol. 42 No. 19), we explained why a convicted murderer, Leo Frank, was made a pillar of American Jewish identity and how he has been used by Jews to deceptively claim friendship with the Black man. In fact, he and his story are so central to Jewish people that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was created because of it.

Leo Frank

Their current director Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted last March that “Leo Frank’s legacy is what keeps me fighting hate for good each and every day.”

But a close examination of the facts of the case exposes the hate that Leo Frank produced. Once Nation of Islam researchers tore through the outer shell of the century-old Leo Frank propaganda—and the ADL’s insistence that he was “framed,” a victim of brutal anti-Semitism and a Ku Klux Klan lynching—they found that the Leo Frank case represents one of the greatest examples of Jewish race hatred against Blacks in American history.

The Book of Leo Frank Earns Five-Star Book Reviews


“The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 3, The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man” is the 536-page Nation of Islam book complete with thousands of footnotes and illustrated with maps, diagrams, drawings, and photos that touch on every aspect of this controversial case. The book has earned extraordinary reviews; among them is Jewish technology entrepreneur Ron Unz, the founder and publisher of He reviewed the Nation of Islam book on his website:

“[O]nce I began reading the 500 pages … I was tremendously impressed by the quality of the historical analysis. I think I have only very rarely encountered a research monograph on a controversial historical event that provided such an enormous wealth of carefully-argued analysis backed by such copious evidence.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO and National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington.

The authors seemed to display complete mastery of the major secondary literature of the last one hundred years while drawing very heavily upon the various primary sources, including court records, personal correspondence, and contemporaneous publications, with the overwhelming majority of the 1200 footnotes referencing newspaper and magazine articles of that era. The case they made for Frank’s guilt seemed absolutely overwhelming.”

The family of the murdered child, Mary Phagan, has continued the fight to bring out the truth of the case and they have endorsed the NOI book: “The Nation of Islam volume is the most well-researched book published regarding the rape and murder of little Mary Phagan to date. The Phagan family appreciates the details Nation of Islam brought to the case analysis.”

A major publication,, has turned the Nation of Islam book into a 29-part audiobook. Their editors wrote: “So even if the New York Times or the Anti-Defamation League excoriate us for saying so, it still remains true that the Nation of Islam (NOI) Historical Research Group—yes, that Nation of Islam, headed by Louis Farrakhan—has published the very best book we have seen so far on the Leo Frank case … and they have assembled a comprehensive digest of all the known facts surrounding the case, detailed excerpts from the press of the time, relevant (and extremely revealing) passages from books and statements by contemporaries and significant figures in the case, and original research and analysis that will leave you breathless with amazement at how the ‘mainstream’ media have lied to you.”

Here are a few of The Secret Relationship’s “overwhelming” findings that bust up the ADL’s multitudinous Leo Frank lies (and the page numbers where full references can be found):

•       Leo Frank was the president of the Atlanta B’nai B’rith, the parent organization of the ADL. Yet the evidence that he raped and murdered 13-year-old Mary Phagan is simply overwhelming. He was the only person on the floor of the factory building where Mary Phagan was killed when she was killed. (Pages 25–82.)

•       Even before being formally charged, Frank tried to implicate his own Black employee, the factory night watchman named Newt Lee. The B’nai B’rith leader actually had his people plant a blood-soaked shirt at Newt Lee’s home, and at the same time Frank altered Lee’s employee timecard to frame him for the murder. In the trial, Frank’s attorney said that the shirt that was planted had “the odor of nigger,” which he argued to the jury proved Lee’s guilt! The jury rejected Frank’s racism and convicted him of the murder. (Pages 134–35.)

•       When Frank’s racist attempts to implicate Newt Lee failed, he targeted a second Black man named James Conley, the factory janitor who they called “a plain, beastly, ragged, filthy, lying nigger.” Frank’s defense attorneys used the word “nigger” and other racist slurs dozens of times in court. Another of Frank’s attorneys addressed the jury, stating that Conley came from “a law-breaking race.” 

(Pages 121-23, 128-29, 131-33, 362.)

•       Frank’s side argued in court that the many Black witnesses against him should not be believed—simply because they were Black—and that “Negro testimony” was by definition inferior and unreliable. They complained to the jury: “If you put a Nigger in a hopper, he’ll drip lies.” Further, Frank insisted that murder, rape, and robbery were “Negro crimes” and thus, he, a White man, could not have committed the murder of Mary Phagan. (Pages 124-36.)

•       At his murder trial Leo Frank’s attorneys fought tooth and nail to keep Blacks from participating in any part of the trial. It was Frank’s attorneys who eliminated all Blacks from the jury pool. Frank’s main appeals attorney, Louis Marshall, was president of the American Jewish Committee and the top Jew in the country. In the years after the Frank case, he fought to crush anti-lynching legislation, calling it “unconstitutional” and a violation of “state’s rights.” (Pages 88, 478-79.)

•       There is no evidence that Frank was targeted because he was a Jew. A 23-member grand jury that included five prominent members of the Jewish community voted for the indictment of Leo Frank. In other words, they all believed there was enough evidence to convict Leo Frank as the sole murderer of Mary Phagan. (See page 52 and footnotes 102-106.)

•       Atlanta police did not “frame” Frank; nor did they arrest him because he was Jewish. Both private detective agencies hired by Frank—the Pinkerton Detective Agency, and the William J. Burns Agency—concluded that Leo Frank was the murderer of Mary Phagan and stated it publicly! (Pages 31-34, 47-48, 50-52, 65-66, 91 note 187, 147, 247.)

•       Leo Frank was caught lying so often and so unapologetically that he was actually his own worst enemy. He refused to take an oath on the Bible, and then refused to be cross-examined by prosecutors. (Pages 92, 122, 136-40, 362-82.)

•       Leo Frank’s own Black cook, Mrs. Minola McKnight, swore in an affidavit that she overheard Frank’s wife and mother discussing how Frank had confessed to the murder. McKnight (and her husband) also gave damning evidence of Frank’s movements on the day of the murder that conflicted with Frank’s already weak alibi. (Pages 34, 378-79, 423-428.)

•       After Frank’s murder conviction in 1913, powerful Jewish leaders all over America rallied to his defense, but in private they admitted that they could not stand him. Albert Lasker ran the top advertising agency in America and financed Frank’s legal defense. His private view of the B’nai B’rith president was harsh and disturbing: “It was very hard for us to be fair to him [Frank], he impressed us as a sexual pervert.” (Pages 216-17, 254-55, 322.)

•       Twenty young girls who worked at Frank’s factory testified under oath about his constant sexual harassment of them. Their testimony was so powerful and convincing that none of Frank’s several attorneys dared to cross-examine them—not one. (Pages 107–123.)

•       Frank supporters tried to hire a Black woman named Annie Maud Carter to poison James Conley, the Black man Frank tried to frame for the crime. She identified the Jewish plotters in open court. (Pages 262-63.)

 One must stand in awe at how the Jews were able to take one of their most despicable members—a pedophile, rapist, and murderer—and transform him into a prophet of “anti-Semitic” victimhood. Obviously, the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt, and today’s Leo Frank mythmakers on Broadway are dumbfounded by the detail of the Nation of Islam book that solved this century-old crime.

And they have no response to the racist realities of the case they believe they had hidden forever. So on Saviours’ Day, February 26, 2019, the Anti-Defamation League forced to ban “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews” book series, but it can be purchased at