[Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint and was published online on July 12, 2006.]

This continues the interview I conducted in Phoenix, Arizona, of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan June 8, 2006.

Minister Farrakhan: “This one, who comes at the end of the world, who says he is the light of the world, his brain is filled with the highest form of energy. Then transmission of that light, to those who walk in darkness, or to those who function on a low level, has the power to raise their level of conversation, their level of thought and their level of activity.

“When such a person is communicating to some body that is dead then the person who is considered dead is functioning on the lowest level of human behavior and human conversation or communication. They have not received that which would raise them in thought and in action from where they are. So when a man like that–a Messenger of God, the Messiah–appears among us, then to feed on his word that comes directly from God, is to feed our brain the best food–the highest form of food.


“Now when we go out to purchase an automobile that is a high performance automobile, it is counterproductive to put a cheap source of energy in a high performance engine. The human brain is an exceedingly high creation, which functions best when it is fed from the highest energy source. So man’s connection to God is life itself and his disconnect from that source of the highest energy is death.

“When we are blessed with a man who has received divine revelation and we breathe in or inhale such wisdom, the brain cells begin to operate at their highest level of efficiency. Even though toxins may be there, even though poisons may be there, even though dull thought may be there, once there is a connection to that highest form of energy, which is contained in divine revelation, the brain begins to oscillate, vibrate, function at its best level. The more it feeds from that source the stronger the brain becomes, the greater its sight; the greater its hearing; the greater its ability to think and plan and bring into existence what it plans.

“Satan then–recognizing that this is the end of his world when the dead receive the life giving word contained in divine revelation–must enter the equation to cause the person not to think on; not to dwell on; not to converse on the divine revelation. Satan’s job is to turn the mind away from the high thing and turn it toward sex; turn it toward material acquisition; turn it toward low things. Then Satan has a chance to take that mind where he wants to take it, in contravention to where God wants to take the human being.

“Psalms 82:6 states: “I have said, ‘Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.’ Well what is the food that gods feed on? They don’t feed on cheap grass. They feed on the highest wisdom that is in creation. By feeding on that they become what they feed on.

“I remember when we first heard the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We stayed up all night long. We had no recollection of time. Even though we had a job to go to, the next morning. We were so energized. It was because our conversation revolved around the wisdom of the divine revelation of God that we went to work the next day not feeling tired. It was because the cells of our brain and the cells of our body were so energized by our focus on the revelation of God.

“So the highest form of communication is to speak on, ask questions about, argue over what God has revealed to His servant. Perfecting our understanding of what God reveals increases the level of energy. Hearing it and knowing it and believing it is one level. Understanding it and applying it, is the highest level of energy.

“So this is what the Believers need to do. We need to feed on Him in our hearts. We need to feed on His word in our hearts. We need to take that word as the central food to make a god. Don’t add cheap food to good food. The more you feed on the pure essence of the revealed word of God the faster you rise into Him.”


A short while later Minister Farrakhan said:

“Every time I do something like this, I reflect on the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to me, when he was impressing upon me that he didn’t make me. I couldn’t understand why he would say a thing like that because I know that whatever I am, it’s because of him. But he said, ‘No. I gave you the same teaching that I gave everyone else. But only Allah could have shown you how to put the teachings together in the manner that you do. No Brother, I did not make you. Allah made you for me.’

“This is why Jabril, in The New Testament and the Qur’an as well, as The Old Testament, you keep hearing the words ‘hearken, hearken, listen, give hear, lend me your ear’ because the ear is the instrument by which the highest form of energy will be transmitted. That’s why the company that we keep is so important to how high we rise or how low we fall.

“So the Believer should not have disbelievers for regular company. Because the disbeliever will not converse on the same level as a Believe, unless the Believer is introducing the disbeliever to the word. And they begin to question and debate and talk about that word then there’s lifting. But when the Believer is found having fellowship with the dead and finding comfort in such fellowship, that Believer has fallen to the lowest level because the dead can only bury their dead and bury the living who wants to die.”


On June 13, 2006 I asked the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan the following: Brother Minister, you said that you wanted to add more to what we’ve gone over on the subject of conversation. What was it?

Minister Farrakhan: “The thought came to me of the book of James, where James the Apostle is talking about the tongue and he said ‘No man can tame.’ He mentions how small the rudder is to turn a big ship around in the ocean and he compares it to the tongue, which is a small member of the human anatomy–yet, it is full of iniquity.

“What a big fire a small spark can produce.

“So James is saying that the tongue is a world of iniquity.

“I haven’t read it in a long time. But the thought came to me that the huge blaze that came near Sedona; the dryness of California; the dryness of Arizona; the dryness of Texas where a man could be innocent, but with just a chain-saw produce a spark that flies from what he’s doing and ignites a fire that burns eight hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, thousands upon thousands of acres burn–from that one small spark.

“Sometimes carelessness; sometime wickedness; sometime from the hand of God because in recent fires it was lightning that struck and started a fire that turned into a conflagration.”

The conclusion of this major point, next issue Allah willing.