Mayor Muhammad at the Jan. 27 White House Summit on Accelerating Lead Pipe Replacement.
Vice President Kamala Harris and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Director Michael Regan host the Replacing Lead Pipes Summit with local, state and federal government officials.

The White House Summit on Accelerating Lead Pipe Replacement held recently, was hosted by Vice-President Kamala Harris. The summit was held Jan. 27. According to a statement on, the Biden-Harris Administration announced new actions and progress to deliver clean drinking water, replace lead pipes, and remediate lead paint to protect children and communities across America. The summit featured discussions with state and local officials, along with water utility, labor union, and nongovernmental partners, on reducing risks to public health posed by lead pipes, the statement continued.

Mayor Marcus Muhammad of Benton Harbor, Michigan, participated in the summit. “It was an honor to represent the City of Benton Harbor at the Replacing Lead Pipes Summit with the Biden-Harris Administration on the White House Complex. It was the official announcement to remove all lead pipes within the next decade in the United States,” said Mayor Muhammad.

“The City of Benton Harbor is partnering with the White House by sharing our success of replacing 99.4 percent of our lead service lines in less than one year. President Biden is proud of the great work that has taken place in the City of Benton Harbor,” added Mayor Muhammad.