Photo: MGN Online

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel reiterated Jan. 17 the call to encourage innovation as one of the essential mechanisms to achieve the country’s development, amid the current difficulties.

“There is too much imitation, and salvation lies in creation. Creation is the password of this generation,” the Cuban president wrote on his Twitter account, recalling those words of National Hero José Martí, a few days before the 170th anniversary of his birth, on January 28.

In his message, he pointed out that this phrase of the Apostle of Cuba’s independence is more than a century old, but “it is still valid and it will be in the future.”

More than once, in his public appearances, Díaz-Canel has referred to the importance of creativity to achieve the progress of the Antillean nation in different areas, despite the current international economic crisis and the effects of the U.S. blockade.


On December 2, 2022, during an exchange between the country’s leadership and representatives of the Cuban business system on the impact of science, technology, and research in the country’s business system, the president said that “only with innovation we can overcome adversities.”

In this sense, he highlighted the possibilities it offers in the rationalization of processes to obtain better results in any of the goals set by Cuba. (Granma)