California Storms

The Judgment of Allah (God) manifesting through rain, hail, snow and earthquakes continued to surround America as the New Year began. Massive storms battered California and parts of the South and Gulf States were hit with tornadoes, as January 2023 began. On Jan. 9, President Joe Biden approved an emergency declaration for California and ordered federal assistance to supplement state, tribal, and local response efforts due to the emergency conditions resulting from successive and severe winter storms, flooding, and mudslides.

At Final Call presstime, heavy rain, high-elevation snow and strong winds were projected to continue to impact the western states through the second week of January and threats from flash flooding, mud and rock slides, heavy snowfall and damaging wind gusts were in the forecast, predicted the National Weather Service (NWS).

California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency on Jan. 4 and mobilized the National Guard and State Operations Center to its highest level, ahead of the winter rainstorm. Tens of thousands lost power. One fatality included a two-year-old boy, in Sonoma County, when a tree fell on his home, according to news reports.

Associated Press reported the storm was expected to dump up to six inches of rain in parts of the San Francisco Bay area. San Francisco expected 24-29 miles per hour winds with gusts of up to 50 miles per hour and more than two to three inches of rain, said Mayor London Breed during a Jan. 3 press conference. But the city saw 5.5 inches of rain, which was one of the largest amounts in a 24-hour period the city had ever received, she stated. “In fact, it had not happened in San Francisco in this capacity since 1849,” said Mayor Breed. 

Houses along the shores of Lake Erie, near Fort Erie, Ontario,, remain covered in ice Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2022, following a winter storm that swept through much of Ontario. (Nick Iwanyshyn/The Canadian Press via AP)

This weather event, which meteorologists called a “bomb cyclone,” is bringing havoc to California. The deluges have occurred as California has been enveloped by drought and faced fierce wildfires that have scarred the landscape, reported CNN. “Now, much of the state cannot bare to absorb more moisture without the possibility of even more flooding,” noted

The seaside village of Capitola in Santa Cruz County, about 60 miles south of San Francisco, suffered possibly the worst damage as waves that were forecast to top 25 feet crashed into homes and restaurants at the mouth of Soquel Creek and knocked out a section of its historic wooden pier, reported The Guardian.

Multi-day severe weather also occurred in early January in the U.S. spawning nearly three dozen tornado reports across several states in the South and Midwest and triggering widespread excessive rainfall, reported

A total of 43 tornado reports were tallied by the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center Jan. 2-4 as severe storms caused destruction across a large swath of the country from Arkansas and Louisiana to South Carolina, the website reported. Thunderstorms also produced dozens of wind and hail reports across Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and far-northeastern Texas.

A woman, who choses to remain anonymous, fills bags of sand offered at South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue in South Lake Tahoe, Calif. on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2023. (Brontë Wittpenn/San Francisco Chronicle via AP)

And more wintry conditions were forecast to hit across the eastern two-thirds of the country with colder air “setting the stage for a couple of rounds of snow for areas from the Ohio Valley to the mid-Atlantic, which could culminate in an extensive blast of snow for some areas,” by the second week of January AccuWeather meteorologists reported.

What is happening and why it is happening is found in scriptural texts and is also taught and prophesized by the Divine Servants of Allah (God).

“Allah says in the Holy Qur’an that He is the Master of the Day of Judgment. Why should there even be a judgment? When you get a judgment, it means a judge has rendered a decision,” stated the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in his June 9, 1996 Message, “The Divine Destruction of America: Can She Avert It?” What the Minister plainly stated then, is evident today.

Judgment (according to the dictionary) is the ability to judge; to make a decision or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively and wisely, especially in matters affecting action, good sense, discretion; misfortune regarded as afflicted by divine sentence is also a judgment; also the last judgment, the final trial of all mankind, both the living and the dead, at the end of the world, continued Minister Farrakhan during his message.

“When we’re talking about judgment, in this case we’re talking about God forming a decision that comes down against America and against this world. God has sent down His decision. His intention is the total destruction of America. The question is, is America good and by what standard? If America has exceeded the limits, then somebody has to make God’s decision known. Publish the decision. There is no appeal, but there is a way to get out from it. It’s very narrow, it’s very limited, but you can avoid it,” said Minister Farrakhan.

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said America is a preserved area. No foreign nation will destroy America lest they get the credit. God will do it Himself. He said America is number one on God’s list to be destroyed.  He talked about the four beasts: America, England, Germany and Italy. These are four White nations that have acted with great wickedness against the darker people of the world. He says the more you fight against Elijah, the more God makes perfect through me. Elijah Muhammad said, we will make the truth so plain that a fool will find it hard to err,” added Minister Farrakhan, referencing his Teacher and Eternal Leader of the Nation of Islam.

Nurse Katie Leonard, left, assists Scott Mathers, right, as they rescue Mathers’ mother, Patsy Costello, 88, after being trapped in her vehicle for over an hour on Astrid Drive in Pleasant Hill, Calif., on Saturday, Dec. 31, 2022. Costello drove her car on the flooded street thinking she could make it when it stalled in the two feet of water. After two hours the water had receded about a foot making it easier to rescue her. Police were called but stood by and watched after calling in a tow truck to help pull the car out of the water. Nurse Katie Leonard, of Pleasant Hill, lives down the block used her kayak to bring Costello hot tea, blankets, food and a phone to call a friend. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group via AP)

As the bomb cyclone clears California, it will move into Utah, where NWS issued a winter storm watch for Utah’s southern mountains that took effect Jan. 5. The watch called for six to 12 inches in the southern mountains, indicated CNN.

It is very important to understand that the economy of California, in part, is very dependent on agriculture, explained Student Minister Dr. Abdul  Haleem Muhammad, Southwest Regional Representative of the Nation of Islam, who is also an urban planner. Ranked by Bloomberg to overtake Germany as the world’s 4th largest economy, “The Golden State” is affected by several things, besides these weather events, he stated.

America has a broken immigration system and the inability to supply farm workers to plant and harvest crops, according to Student Min. Haleem Muhammad. This does not bode well, because it will lead to food shortages and price increases over the next few years, he told The Final Call.

“As it relates to the weather, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in ‘The Four Great Judgments of America,’ found in the ‘Fall of America,’ says to us that wind with rain can bring destruction to towns, cities, bring various germs, causing sickness to the people. It produces unclean water by the swelling of streams and destroying reservoirs of pure drinking water used for the health of the people. Rain is a destructive army within itself,” he added.  

News of the year-end storm that swept across the southern United States, damaged water systems and broke pipes, he observed.

An empty vehicle is surrounded by floodwaters on a road in Oakland, Calif., Jan. 4. Another winter storm moved into California, walloping the northern part of the state with more rain and snow. Photo: AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez

“The Deep South’s infrastructure is cracking under the bomb cyclone as burst pipes leak millions of gallons of water,” an AP headline noted in late December 2022. Jackson, Mississippi, and dozens of water systems either had boil water mandates in place over Christmas or warned of bigger catastrophes if leaks from broken pipes weren’t found or shut off, AP reported. Further, some residents in Shreveport, Louisiana, had no water on Dec. 27, and Selma, Alabama, declared a state of emergency.

“… due to the deep freeze, water pipes are bursting throughout the city causing a major loss of water to the point that if not stopped, there is a real possibility that we will run out of water,” announced Selma Mayor James Perkins Jr. on Dec. 25.

“This impact that the weather is having on America’s infrastructure is not climate change. This is the Divine Destruction of America that she cannot escape, if she does not repent,” Student Min. Haleem Muhammad stated plainly.

California, alone, has been struck with each of The Four Great Judgments described by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad over the last several weeks: 

1. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake on Dec. 20, injuring 17 people and damaging roads, buildings, and knocking out power to thousands in Humboldt County, (far North Coast) California;

2. Hail pummeled Stockton as scattered thunderstorms moved across California’s Central Valley, Dec. 5;  

3. More rain, wind and mountain snow the Weather Channel anticipated would impact the state Jan. 8-10, causing more flooding, debris flows, high winds, high surf and pile on feet of Sierra snow.

PG&E utilities workers clear a fallen tree which took down some power lines next to Bella Vista Elementary School in the Bella Vista neighborhood in Oakland, Calif., on Wednesday, January 4, 2023. (Salgu Wissmath/San Francisco Chronicle via AP)

“California has one of the largest economies in the world, equal to some nations, and Allah’s hand is now touching the economy of America, as Moses prayed to Allah to affect the wealth of Pharaoh because the people that Moses and Aaron were to free, were so enamored with the riches of Pharaoh. So, this is all a part of a divine plan to free us so that we can become a nation of our own,” stated Student Min. Muhammad.

“Unfortunately, many of our people are not prepared for this, because they have not heeded the warning of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan,” he added.

Start now, urged Landra Muhammad, author of “Weathering the Storm: Disaster Preparedness—How To Survive The Fall Of America.” Many have and are focusing on the food aspect, she observed. For those not yet caught in a disaster, have some fresh, dehydrated, and freeze-dried foods for easy carrying, in addition to home-canned and store-canned food, recommended Ms. Muhammad. At this point, because people don’t know what’s going to happen next, or where they will be as it’s happening, and some people are having to escape with literally what they have on their backs, she told The Final Call.

“Think about it, if you have a backpack, you’re not running down the street or wherever it may be with a jar of canned beans. However, if you had even a small supply of dehydrated or freeze-dried beans, that’s so much lighter, and it would be easier to be mobile with it,” said Ms. Muhammad. Of course, those two items still require some form of water to rehydrate them, but it’s to balance out options, she added.

People may purchase five-gallon containers for water, as well as battery packs for some form of light in the event of inevitable power outages, she further recommended. Some rechargeable back-ups cost $20 or less, according to Ms. Muhammad. “The first thing that needs to take place is before you get stuck somewhere, you have to have some type of kit and supplies in your home, in your car, actually at work, and you have to be in tune with the possibility that something could happen at any given time,” she said. 

“A lot of people online, they say The Minister said, ‘Watch the “Weather!” We’re almost beyond that point. You’d better start preparing for the weather because if you’re watching it, that means you’re potentially stuck in the middle of it,” cautioned Ms. Muhammad.