Officer Ameer Muhammad with his wife Ciara, second from left, their children, his mother and his aunt.
Three generations of Muhammad. Captain Shaheed Muhammad (May Allah be pleased with him), his son Student First Officer Ameer Muhammad and Ameer’s son, little Ameer.

Fruit of Islam (F.O.I.) Student First Officer Ameer Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 48 in Dallas, Texas, was officially pinned as a police officer in Greenville, Texas. Officer Ameer Muhammad completed police academy training and successfully passed the Basic Peace Officer Certification Examination with tremendously mixed emotions.

What should have been a day complete of celebration from conquering a daunting task was instead filled with a bittersweet sentiment. His heart was heavy because he would not be able to report to his late father—F.O.I. Captain Emeritus Shaheed Muhammad, who made his transition back to Allah on May 20, 2022—that he had completed the mission. It had been 162 days, or five months and nine days since he talked to his father, and graduation day would be no different. Officer Ameer Muhammad was pinned on October 29, 2022.

Officer Ameer Muhammad and his father had an extremely close relationship. They talked on a daily basis for most of Ameer’s life. His father was his biggest inspiration. In fact, Captain Emeritus Shaheed Muhammad advised him to get more military training by becoming a police officer.

Moreover, the career pivot was certainly gratifying for Officer Ameer, a husband and father of six young children. The legendary life of a top soldier such as Captain Shaheed motivated Officer Ameer to endure and keep faith in his moments of mourning and despair.

Officer Ameer Muhammad was pinned as a police officer in Greenville, Texas, in October 2022 and was pinned at his ceremony by his cousin Taaj Muhammad, an LAPD detective.

The Texas Police Academy is known to be very challenging both mentally and physically. The training consists of 28 weeks of classroom instruction. Officer Ameer worked full-time while attending the academy in the evenings, Monday through Thursday as well as Saturdays.

Furthermore, Officer Ameer maintained his mosque duties, including hosting the Friday night Study Group, attending the Sunday Mosque meetings, training the men, and attending to his family. Officer Ameer acknowledged that without his wife, Sister Ciara Muhammad, graduating from the academy would have been impossible.

Officer Ameer Muhammad constantly reflects on the principles and the discipline that his father demonstrated that made him into an elite soldier. It delights his soul and gives him peace of mind to walk steadily into his father’s footsteps. The fruit didn’t fall far from the tree.

He was pinned at his graduation from the academy by his cousin Taaj Muhammad, the daughter of the late Haaziq Muhammad, who was the brother of Captain Emeritus Shaheed Muhammad. Officer Taaj Muhammad traveled from Los Angeles, California, where she serves as an LAPD detective, to attend his graduation.

—Submitted by Tiffany Boyd Muhammad, widow of Captain Shaheed Muhammad