I am afraid for you, that you will receive what the people before you did receive. Allah (God) is very angry with America and the tricknology that she uses on the dead to keep them dead. You are very disappointing to Allah (God) and to the original Black man who knows himself (a very few) of course.

The false show of a glorious future that the wicked is putting on is at hand. We must remember Daniel’s prophecy, that “at the end of the war desolations are determined.” But before this happens Allah (God) will bless the people with a good time, as He did the people of the past, who wronged themselves and who did not pay attention to the prophet’s warning among them. Allah (God) destroyed them. They thought that they were fooling Allah (God) but Allah (God) surprised them!

He made the people rejoice for a short time, with a show of great prosperity and at the height of their great prosperity suddenly, He destroyed them. This is the merciful law that Allah has put in nature.

Allah (God) lets a dying person rally before the end. America is going to do the same. America will rally and people will think that she is going to have a great future, and then the end will come in that kind of time.


America’s end will not come while she is going around with her head hanging down and with heart aching and failing because of the things that are coming on her nation. No, she will be made to enjoy good times.

The stock market, going up, and lots of shares being sold—this makes any man think that everything is all right. But, this is only “The Lull Before The Storm.”

And the Bible warns America of what happened before her. Ancient Babylon enjoyed a fulfilling position at her time. But King Darius came against her at the time of her full enjoyment of wealth, drunkenness and her laughing at the slaves that she had made of Israel. King Darius came with his army and overcame the sleeping guards who were sleeping on the security of their life.

The Bible prophesies that the enemy will say, “Come, let us go up and destroy her whose city is not fenced in.” And they will come from afar. They may come at noon-day, or they may come at rising in the morning, or in the afternoon. But, nevertheless they will come at a time that you thought not.

After the war—“and unto the end of the war, desolations are determined … and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.” (Bible Dan. 9:26-27) I want you to know that, that which will be poured means: it is the deprivation of you, America, of your ever getting back into power again to attack the nations of the earth.

Europe will become one of the worse war areas of all the world; more dreadful than Viet Nam and other places that you are planning on going into. Asia will look like child’s play when compared to what is going to happen in Europe. The prophets say,” Woe to the land that is shadowed with wings.” This means America whose sky is filled with planes.

Most all of the judgments and troubles which are pointed out in the Bible are pointed at America. Study them for yourself.

America, right up to today—with all of her battles with her outside enemies, never loses sight of the inside—her poor old Black Slave—she does not want him to do anything. She wants him to be deceived. She does not want him to accept his salvation that Allah (God) is offering the Black once-slave, here in America.

Allah (God) Is Offering the Black once-slave heaven at once. This He has proven to everyone that believes in Allah (God) and follows me. I am the Door. By no means can you get by except you come by me. Your prayers will not be heard unless my name is mentioned in them. I am saying that you cannot get a prayer through to Allah (God) unless you mention me in your prayer. Try it and see. I am satisfied that those who know this will bear me witness.

I have the key to your salvation, and I have the key to your hell. I can, if you will let me, pull you out of hell and set you into heaven. Then I can keep you in heaven; or I can keep pushing you and push you into the punishment of hell until you acknowledge that there is no God but Allah Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever and that Elijah Muhammad is His Servant.

There is no escape for you today. The only way is through me to Allah (God). Me first, for you cannot get to Allah (God) without getting to me first.

“The Lull Before The Storm”—America is trying with all of her might to hinder you from getting into heaven. America makes promises to you, and she makes promises to me, but she does not intend to fulfill them.

Some of America’s financial people promise to loan us millions of dollars; but when it comes time to do so, they vanish. But the day will come when we will be able to do the same thing to them. It is entirely up to them to make good of this day for themselves and their people by submitting to the truth themselves as the Bible says, “The Gentiles shall come to the light of thy rising.”

America wants to destroy God and me, and she wants to destroy you by deceiving you against following me. America lifts up all of my hypocrites and advises you to follow them, while she knows that you will be the loser.


Allah (God) does not see them as a power and force against him. They are so little and weak in their power. They cannot fight against Allah (God) and win. The more you fight against Allah (God) the more you will lose yourself.

From the Bible, and from this chapter, from now on, if you do not know that he is tricking you by making you to follow hypocrites—it is your doom.

Just watch it. He trails me. He goes down to the Bahamas and everywhere that he thinks that I am going, or where I have been. This is written. I do not fault him for doing what is written of him. I try to do that which is written of me. I do not fault him for what he is made by nature to do. Nor should he fault me for what by nature I am. But I fault you if you let this little transitor of this life and our enemy deprive you of a great future for yourself.

We could buy hospitals and places to educate and train our people into the superior education of the nations of earth. But you would rather give your money over to White Americans and let them spend it on what they want to, and they pay you a little interest. We offer interest too; the highest of interest. But you do not trust us.

So we will build right along without your help. We are going to be the winners. It is prophesied that we who believe will be the winners. And my work, that was prophesied of me before I was born, you see it today.

Try and find a successful one who is working in opposition to me. None of you who are trying to aid the devil against me will be successful in doing so. And the devil knows that. He is not trying to do these things himself … only with you. He knows that he will not be successful in stopping my progress … not him nor several times his number, as long as I am with Allah (God) and He is with me and that will be all the days of my life.

(Text from “The Fall of America,” 1973.)