[Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint that was published online on May 6, 2004.]

“Seek they then other than Allah’s religion? And to Him submits whoever is in the heavens and the earth, willingly or unwillingly, and to Him they will be returned.” But as for “Those who believe and do good deeds, for them the Beneficent will surely bring about love.” (Holy Qur’an 3:82; 19:96)

Some Caucasian scholars use the term “Achilles heel” to refer to that weakness of America through which she will go the way of Rome and worse. This term is said to refer to this mythological figure’s false pride.

False pride is overwhelmingly evident in America’s handling of her most critical issue or problem, which is the position and condition of millions of Black people in her midst.


Do the scriptures’ teachings of “Egypt” point to America and Black people, whom they enslaved? Is it true that as it was with ancient Egypt so will it finally be with modern America? Or are the similarities between “Egypt” and America merely coincidental?

Is it possible that America’s rulers and their staffs believe that the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad–borne witness to by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan–has no real merit at all, or worse, are really lies? Are we to believe that America’s learned white people are just mistaken about these two men, whom so many Black people see as the modern counterparts of the Moses and Aaron of the Bible and the Qur’an?

Or is it that the top or most-in-the-know white men and women have gotten it right, but simply cannot mentally handle or cope with the realities to which these teachings point and their implications for America and the world? Is it also a matter of how they think the American public would react if they publicly admitted that they know these two men have provided us all with the most important and most relevant of all of Allah’s truths?

Many white men and women, and Blacks whom they have trained to think like them, have openly spoken with derision and scorn of these two men and we who follow them. I’m not saying all have done that. But their voices have, for the most part, been drowned out by the voices and pens of those who are controlled (knowingly or not) by the powers of this world.

If you examine, with the best logic and reason, that which Elijah Muhammad (and his servant Minister Farrakhan) has actually taught and compare it to the arguments given by those who reject them, it’s clear that they’re right and their rejectors are wrong.

Those who have rejected the arguments of the modern Moses and Aaron have not used truth to overcome their arguments. These rejecters–whether in government or whatever–have used fallacy, half-truths, outright lies, slander and faulty reasoning to support their positions against these two men.

It takes very courageous white men and women, or I would say very special Caucasians, to comprehend what these two men have placed before America and the world and admit it to be exactly what it is–God’s truth.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad made clear that the scriptures back up that which he taught. He made clear that he was taught from the very mouth of God in Person, Who also interpreted the scriptures for him. He taught him the true meaning of the scriptures, as well as how to present this truth to America and the world. Minister Farrakhan was made by God to be his chief witness.

The more you know what is written in the scriptures, the easier it is to see that what they teach is what was promised that would be taught right here in America at this time.

The learned Caucasian Muslim Shriners have read the Holy Qur’an, wherein it states that Allah said to Moses that “We will strengthen thine arm with thy brother, and We will give you both an authority, so that they shall not reach you.

“You two and those who follow you, will triumph. So when Moses came to them with Our clear signs, they said: This is nothing but forged enchantment, and we never heard of it among our fathers of old!

“And Moses said: My Lord knows best who comes with guidance from Him, and whose shall be the good end of the abode. Surely the wrongdoers will not be successful.

“And Pharaoh said: O chiefs, I know no god for you besides myself; so kindle a fire for me, O Haman, on (bricks of) clay, then prepare for me a lofty building, so that I may obtain knowledge of Moses’ God, and surely I think him a liar.

“And he was unjustly proud in the land, he and his hosts, and they deemed that they would not be brought back to Us.

“So We caught hold of him and his hosts, then We cast them into the sea, and see what was the end of the iniquitous.” (Holy Qur’an 28:40. Emphasis mine.)

No Caucasian Muslim Shriner believes that Minister Farrakhan is a liar.

In a July 21, 1956 article inThe Pittsburgh Courier, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote that Black people “are good people, very religiously inclined by nature.”

The slavemasters used our nature against us for centuries. They used our natural abilities against ourselves. The Black slaves’ nature was the nature of God. But being robbed of the knowledge of self, truth and goodness, we took what the slavemasters taught us about ourselves as the truth and good, although what they taught us were lies and evil.

It’s natural for us to accept God and His truth. We were deceived into believing that God was backing the slavemasters and that their teachings of God were from Him.

For the first time, we now are really learning that we are members of God’s family and how. We were and are descendants from the Creator of the universe. But thinking that the slavemaster was teaching divine truth, our people came to love the white man’s lies.

It’s easier to shake a person from a lie if you can get to them before they get too deep in loving the lie. But when love for the lie has set in, it becomes hard for the deceived to give up the lie. He won’t be willing to give it up, even when he begins to see the lie as a lie.

Anyone in that deceived state or condition will oppose anyone who comes to destroy the lie and replace it with truth. He will fight the truth with the only thing he has–the lie.

He will also defend the one who taught him the lie, because he has also come to love the liar. And, of course, to love a liar and his lie means to hate the truth and its bearer.

The white man made the Black man and woman, whom they made slaves, to hate themselves. This was, and is, the most terrible or the worst kind of robbery imaginable or that can occur, for truth and goodness are essential parts of our (Black) people’s nature.

The teachings of Minister Farrakhan’s teacher benefits both Caucasians as well as us, who were descendants of slaves, even though most don’t yet understand this.

More next issue, Allah willing.