In this poison world, there are scientists who are experimenting with poison and are experimenting on how to kill or maim people so that they will die later from eating the wrong foods and from breathing this poison atmosphere. It is very hard for a person who wants to eat the proper food to find anything like good food in this poison world, so that his life may be prolonged, because such people as the scientists have poisoned the food.

Eating one meal a day most certainly will prolong our lives if we eat the proper food. Cooking food correctly is another problem that must be solved with you. Regardless to the length of time allowed between each meal and regardless to the knowledge of the best foods to purchase from the markets, if it is not prepared properly, it also will shorten our lives.

We must know how to prepare the proper foods so that it may prolong our lives. These people (White race) have been bent on the destruction of our lives and they are the rulers of the land. It is hard to try to eat properly while living right in the midst of such people.

Think over it—that their food scientists teach how to rob food of its value and then put it in pills and in liquid forms to commercialize on. How then, can you eat to live with what he leaves you to eat—foods robbed of their natural vitamins?


(Reprinted from “How To Eat to Live,”  Book Two, 1972.)