We have found that eating one meal every 24 hours of the best food we possibly can find—which contains not so much poison for the body to assimilate—with long intervals between meals is better for our health, and also will prolong our lives.

IF WE EAT twice a week, this would make us to live twice as long as we would live by eating once every day or every other day.

Our bodies are made of the earth and contain a little of every matter of the earth’s chemicals, stone, gold and silver.

TO EAT MEAT is against our life and shortens the span of our life. We eat meat because it is a habit from childhood. But if we eat meat only once a day or every other day or twice a week, it will not be so hard on our digestion. It won’t shorten our lives as fast as eating it two or three times a day. Beef is hard on our digestion. It is too tough and coarse.


Lamb is not a salvation meat for us. It is also hard to digest, though it is a little better than beef. Lamb does not attract germs as beef, because sheep will not eat certain types of vegetation that cows will eat. Sheep are very careful about what they eat—like horses.

THE MILK OF these animals is all right to drink if their health is safeguarded against diseases, especially tuberculosis.

Fresh fruit and fresh edible vegetables and good pure wheat bread, pure milk and butter are the best food for man.

A LOT OF SWEETS is not at all good for man. There is enough sugar in fruits, vegetables and bread for us (notably sugars from sweets, wheat, cane and beets), without our need to prepare and refine any to such a sweet degree that it causes sickness in the body of man, i.e., diabetes and other such ailments caused by too much sugar in the body.

But whatever you eat, by taking long intervals between the meals (such as days), the effect will have time to destroy itself, if not added to by new meals.

OF COURSE, SUCH things as swine flesh, which creates a live poison in our body—often called “pork worms” which also produces larger worms called “tapeworms,”—and destroys human life, from our early childhood to a short span of 50 – 75 years (which should be just the beginning of life).

Do not be a meat consumer. Be a vegetarian. This is the best menu for our health.

A MAN 200 or 300 years old is not an old man, if he has eaten the right food and taken it once every two or three days. A man can live 1,000 years if he eats the right food twice a week.

This is the teaching of Master Fard Muhammad (God in Person) to me. Follow it and you will lengthen your life.

(Text from “How To Eat To Live, Book Two, 1972.)