Cuba’s Council of Ministers holds November meeting

First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, presided over the monthly meeting of the Council of Ministers, which was led by the member of the Political Bureau and Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, on November 29.

The meeting’s agenda included the analysis of the current situation of the national economy, the execution of the State Budget for the current year and the projection for the 2023 budget, according to a Cuban Television report.

Deputy Prime Minister and Economy and Planning Minister Alejandro Gil Fernández insisted on working on key fronts such as the recovery of the tourism industry, on the revival of productive activities and services, on the execution of the ongoing investment process in the country and in the integral transformation of the socialist state enterprise, which are the priorities of the economy right now.


Regarding the economic performance, Díaz-Canel described Cuba’s efforts to simultaneously overcome in the last three years the pandemic and the pressures of the intensified economic, commercial and financial blockade of the U.S. government against Cuba, a feat.

He expressed his conviction that 2023 will be challenging, but it will also be a better year. As the leadership and the people work increasingly together to bring down any insurmountable obstacle and intensely to crush bureaucracy, inertia and waiting and to continue fighting against corruption and illegalities, based on the recently approved measures.

The head of state also stressed that, although there is a lot to work on, there are also more potentialities, and called to materialize 2023, in which innovation is present in everything that is done, especially on food production and stabilization of the National Electric System. (Granma)