Adam Milstein Chairman of Israeli-American Council attends Jerusalem Post Conference 2016 at Marriott Marquis Times Square. Photo: Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Sir. You recently penned an opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post (Nov. 6, 2022) in which you said that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan must be treated as a persona non grata in America. Your article was riddled with anti-Black tropes, misinformation, disinformation and lies.

You start your diatribe against the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan by stating that 25 years ago anti-Semitism has been growing exponentially in American culture and politics, with an uptick this past month with remarks by Ye (Kanye West) concerning the stranglehold Jews have on the entertainment industry, and the documentary Kyrie Irving posted on his website, Hebrews to Negroes.

Ye’s observations concerning the control Jews wield in Hollywood and the music industry have been verified by Joel Stein in the L.A. Times and in the well-documented tome An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood, by Neal Gabler. Gabler maintains that the film industry was “founded and for more than thirty years operated by Eastern European Jews.” Then he adds that the studio system was perfected by a second generation of Jews.

You may recall that approximately 25 years ago the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan proposed that a dialogue be established between the Nation of Islam and the Jews; such a dialogue was designed to ease the tension between our communities. His offer has continuously been rebuffed. Had his offer of rapprochement been accepted, the whole tenor of our relationship could have been improved. His offer was rejected out of hand.


Instead, according to investigative journalist Max Blumenthal, members of your community have engaged the services of Israeli security forces to train police departments across the country in the utilization of Israeli tactics perfected over a 70-year experience of controlling, dispossessing and occupying an indigenous population, treating native populations of Black and Brown communities as if they were Palestinians and foreigners in their own neighborhoods.

For example, the Anti-Defamation League has provided Israeli-run training sessions to hundreds of police officers through its course on Extremist and Terror Threats. As a result, the Israelification of American law enforcement has led to the extrajudicial killings of countless Black men and women. The slow, torturous way George Floyd was murdered was said to have been a tactic taught to them by the Israeli police.

You made a point in your recent article in the Jerusalem Post, that The Minister “frequently denies the legitimacy of Judaism” and that “Judaism is nothing more than a ‘deceptive lie’ and a ‘theological error’ promoted by Jews to further their ‘control’ over America’s government and economy.” That, sir, is not misinformation—it is a lie. I challenge you to prove one word of that lie. The Minister has never disparaged the religion of Judaism. He has, however, revealed the false foundation upon which Zionism has been established.

Further, you charge that, “Unbeknownst to many, West and Farrakhan have been publicly connected for years. In July 2005, West accepted the ‘Million Man March Image Award’ at the NOI headquarters in Chicago.” You act as if that public event was a major state secret. You deceptively and conveniently did not mention that Ye has been nominated for almost 800 awards worldwide.

The various diverse categories include music, fashion, design, and production. Are Muslims not to express the same respect and admiration for our skilled and talented brother that the entire world has shown? By the way, one of his image awards came from the NAACP. Are you castigating him for his association with the oldest Black Civil Rights group in America?

You state in your diatribe that Black Hebrew Israelites are radicalized in prison by NOI teachers. And how do you know that? Oh, is it because you encountered such an “indoctrination” process when you were incarcerated for tax evasion at the Taft Correctional Institution in Southern California?

Also, according to a report in the Electronic Intifada, “Why did Israel intervene for convicted US felon Adam Milstein?” The report states, “Prosecutors acknowledged the extent of Milstein’s charitable giving, but warned of ‘an obvious concern that much of his philanthropy appears to have been merely a devise to defraud the government.’”

You conveniently and diabolically call for a man who devotes his time, energy and spirit to addressing the issues and problems facing 45 million of his people, to be designated persona non grata in America. But I ask you, Who should America listen to: an unrepentant ex-felon or a man who sacrifices his life every day for the rise of his people and the regeneration of humanity?

As a member of the American Israel Political Action Committee, and your close ties to the leadership of the Government of Israel, are you now the designated mouthpiece for the American Jewish community and the Government of Israel? Are you, on their behalf, sending signals for the U.S. Government to act on Farrakhan? Is your plan to place him in political, social, and religious purgatory so as to separate him from the millions of followers that you admit he influences? Is that what you mean when you say he should be “persona non grata” in America? Is your defamation of him the first stage of this process?

Your characterization of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as an enemy of the Jewish people belies the fact that The Minister was asked by Jews to use his relationship to the Muslim world to appeal to the captors of Daniel Pearl in an attempt to spare his life. Is that the act of an anti-Semite?

Your hatred of The Minister is based on the Truths that he espouses concerning the wickedness of Zionism and the role members of the Jewish community have played in the destabilization of our community. We uncovered the central role Jews played in our enslavement here in America and around the world in the three volumes of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. The documentation validating our thesis came primarily from Jewish scholarship. We have the receipts. You have false accusations and innuendo.

Do you deny the Jewish role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, the role the Jews played in establishing slavery in South America, the role the Jewish traders played in the importation of millions of East Africans as slaves (the Zanj) into Iraq by the Radhanites, Jewish merchants and slave dealers.

Do you deny the master-slave relationship that exists between Jews in the music industry and Black entertainers from Sam Cooke to Michael Jackson to Prince to Ye? If so, then confront us in the public square with no restrictions or preconditions and let the public determine who should be designated “persona non grata.”

Brother Jackie Muhammad is a member of the Nation of Islam Research Group.