Muslims from Houston and around the country attended a four-day dedication and consecration weekend at Mosque No. 45. Photos courtesy of Mosque No. 45

HOUSTON—The Nation of Islam’s Muhammad Mosque No. 45 in Houston held a four-day dedication and consecration weekend, where believers traveled far and wide to participate in sacred events held at the city’s new mosque building. Houston serves as the Southwest Regional headquarters of the Nation of Islam. 

A video message by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was played during the mosque meeting held Sunday, Nov. 13. Minister Farrakhan congratulated Southwest Regional Student Minister Dr. Abdul Haleem Muhammad and his staff for the work that went into preparing the mosque for its dedication and consecration.

“God is not interested in mortar and bricks and stone and wood and rubies and diamonds and gold and silver that we all adorn our holy houses with. It shows a dedication of you, the architect, you, priest or pastor, you, the imam or minister, you, the head of such a house. But to dedicate a house like this is a very, very sacred and important event in the lives of all of those concerned,” Minister Farrakhan stated.

“To consecrate this house devoted to the worship of Almighty God Allah is a proper thing to do, but since Allah (God) is not so interested in mortar and stone and silver and gold and diamonds and rubies and marble, Paul said we are the real temple of the living God,” the Minister continued.


“So, when you dedicate the mosque and consecrate the mosque, think more than just the stones and the wood and the beauty of what you dedicated,” he added. “Think of yourself as a servant of the Most High, that the consecration and the dedication should be you and me dedicating our lives and consecrating our lives to the worship of Almighty God Allah and obedience to His Messenger, Messiah, that makes us Muslims.”

Attendees enjoy themselves at banquet during the weekend.

The dedication weekend, which took place Nov. 10 – 13, started with an evening of music and refreshments. The next day was jam-packed with the weekly Friday Jumu’ah (congregational) prayer service, a discussion panel on the topic “The Joshua Generation—Our Time Is Now,” and a singles event, where Student Minister Nuri Muhammad and his wife Terri Muhammad, from Indianapolis, shared principles on achieving and sustaining a marital relationship.

After Saturday’s weekly Nation of Islam M.G.T. and G.C.C. class, where Muslim women and girls of the Nation undergo training in seven units—how to keep house, how to rear their children, how to take care of their husbands, sew, cook, and how to act at home and abroad—the mosque dedication committee hosted a women’s resource forum featuring exhibits and presentations based on the seven units. The Muslim women also participated in a clothing giveaway.

Meanwhile, Muslim children engaged in a morning of games, hands-on activities and righteous competitions. Other events included an open chat about social issues in families and a Dedication and Awards Banquet attended by over 300 people. The Muslims observed an evening of music, dance, fashion, awards and memorial recognition of believers who returned to Allah.

Mosque dedication services were held Sunday of the weekend and took place during the weekly mosque meeting.

“May Allah bless all of you, and you Brother Dr. Student Minister Abdul Haleem Muhammad and your staff to go deeper into your being so that when you speak, it’s more God speaking than you. It’s more God acting through you,” the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said in his message.

“Then, everyone that comes to this building and meets this kind of brother or sister will go away rejoicing, saying, ‘I met with God today and He called me His son or His daughter and I’m going to keep coming to this place that I may be nurtured from the crooked path that the enemy has put me on and put us on. And I pray that at the end of that process, I will be like Abraham; I will be like Moses; I will be like Jesus; I will be like Muhammad, an upright man and woman.’”

—Submitted by Mosque No. 45, Houston