[Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint that was published online on March 3, 2005.]

To avoid a mixup, I want the readers to know that my article that was originally Vol. 24, No. 20 appears in a Special Edition of The Final Call dated February 26, 2005. The editor titled it, “The Way of Genuine Love.” This special issue was not given a “volume” and “number.”

This is a most important issue of The Final Call because of the article written by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan titled, “The Greatness of Master Fard Muhammad.” Get it. Get it. Get it. Get it.

Although under strict medical supervision, I’m very grateful to Allah and His Christ, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, for blessing me for the first time in five years to be present with Minister Farrakhan and the Believers in the celebration of the Birthday of Master Fard Muhammad, Who raised the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and to be among the bearers of witness to the rightness of Minister Farrakhan’s direction and work.


Now, let’s ponder Minister Farrakhan’s letter, written to us 10 years ago, that bears on today.

[Note: The following letter was published in the Vol. 15, No. 2 (November 22, 1995) issue of The Final Call newspaper.]

A Special Thank You from Minister Louis Farrakhan To The Believers Of The Nation Of Islam

“As Salaam Alaikum.

“My Dear Brothers and Sisters who follow the Honorable Elijah Muhammad,

“This is the first time since the Million Man March and Holy Day of Atonement that I have been able to look at this historic event and say something definitive about it. My first thought is to thank Allah for this day and what it means to our people and what it could possibly mean to our people in other parts of the world.  My second thought is to thank each and every member of the Nation of Islam, for this day would never have been successful without your hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

“Only Allah and our families know the countless hours that we have spent to make the vision of this day a reality. You and I, together, have worked for over two years. I have spoken personally to over 150,000 Black men, with your great help.  We have given away thousands of tapes of our Message to Black men. As you may recall, all of these meetings were free and caused a great loss of revenue to the Nation of Islam, but they were a great gain in reaching our beloved people, particularly the Black male. 

“I am humbled and filled with awe at the great sacrifice made by the members of the Nation of Islam and, of course, countless others to make October 16, 1995 an historic day for all of our people.

“According to the few polls taken that day, the Nation of Islam was catapulted into prominence and was greatly accepted by the majority of the marchers. 

“This places on the leadership and membership of the Nation of Islam a greater responsibility, for it was the first time for some of us to ever interact with leaders and members of other organizations and religious faiths with a variety of ideologies. Some of us did well and others did not do as well. We have a responsibility to continue to grow to serve the needs of our people. The leadership of the Nation of Islam is forced to study and grow, and to move at a much faster pace.

“The greatest desire of the men who marched was for moral and spiritual renewal.The greatest hope of those who attended was, and is, that in every organization or church that they join, they will have equality of opportunity to grow and advance under administrations that are just in handling the rules, regulations and laws that govern each church, society or organization.

“We, in the Nation of Islam, have a great responsibility to strive to be fair and just in all our dealings. We must make room in our assemblies for persons of skill and knowledge, that we may advance more quickly to serve the needs of the people and our communities. 

“Narrow-mindedness, self-righteous behavior, tunnel vision, unwillingness to change when greater knowledge appears impedes our progress and our growth toward a perfect union with Allah (God) and with each other.

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, ‘We must jump up and make a faster pace.’ His orders are our command today. The old ways and methods are unacceptable in the light of today’s necessity.

“May Allah bless each of us for our sacrifice, forgive us for our sins, and heal our mosques and communities.

“Thank you for making the Holy Day of Atonement the most memorable in the history of our sojourn in North America.

“As Salaam Alaikum.

“I Am, Your Brother and Servant, 

“The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

“Servant to the Lost-Found

“Nation of Islam in the West”


Now, reflect over the following gems of wisdom of Minister Farrakhan.

“Every truth contains electrical energy. The highest form of electrical energy is that which comes when we accept Divine Revelation.”

“The light of electrical energy that is in the truth when the truth is believed and carried into practice gives you power and life, spiritually and mentally, and the light of that truth is seen in our countenance and reflected in our action.”

“The more you converse on the Revealed Word of Allah (God), the more you energize one another.”

“When you waste your time engaging in the cheapest form of communication, which is gossip, rumor-mongering, backbiting, slander and defamation, this kind of conversation is not only low in electrical energy, it deteriorates and strips you of the energy that you gain from Divine Revelation.”

“Allah (God) and His prophets forbid slack talk, gossip, slander, defamation and backbiting. Whenever this kind of conversation is present, you will find the lack of spirit or energy.”

“When we engage in cheap talk, we take from each other energy of Revelation and we rob each other of the Spirit of Allah (God).”

“The Spirit of Allah (God) is life, and anything outside of life is death. We tend to engage more in the talk that brings death than we do in the talk that preserves life.”

“Every truth contains electrical energy. The highest form of electrical energy is that which comes when we accept Divine Revelation.”

“Each life is born into this universe with the responsibility and natural duty to do something for itself; otherwise, it cannot justify its existence.”

“Every one of us has a need to discover what Allah (God) has put within and to nurture and cultivate it and put it into the service of ourselves, our family, our community, our nation, for the Glory of Allah (God).”

“Prayer is the preparation of the heart and mind for the course of our study, for prayer puts us in a right state of mind toward the Author of the study. So prayer–the constant remembrance of God–keeps you in the right attitude and, therefore, there is no limit to your altitude.”

P.S. I was blessed to speak with Minister Farrakhan early on the day of his Saviours’ Day address. He mentioned something of his traveling on the day of the Saviours’ Birth. I saw something vital, that I hope to share with you next issue, Allah willing.