Screenshot from of medical journalist Del Bigtree interviewing Dr. Joseph Ladapo.

by Tingba Muhammad and Charlene Muhammad

“As I live, my desire is to destroy the so-called medical profession, because it is not a profession of healing; it is a profession of drugs.” —The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

About 14 months ago when Dr. Joseph Ladapo accepted the job as Surgeon General of the State of Florida, he probably did not expect to become America’s strongest voice of medical sanity and scientific reality. The Nigeria-born physician with an M.D. and Ph.D. in Health Policy from Harvard is particularly qualified to repel the world’s medical establishment, which has entered into a satanic pact to rid the world of 2-3 billion of its useless eaters.

At 44 years old Ladapo occupies a unique position in this greatest of all battles. He was appointed to his position in the third most populous state by Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has distinguished himself as a fierce critic of those federal “health” agencies that have forced a dubious “pandemic” and a dangerous “vaccine” onto the American citizenry.


These are the formerly sacrosanct agencies—like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the National Institutes of Health (NIH)—and untouchable officials, like NIAID’s Dr. Anthony Fauci, whom DeSantis said if given the chance he would “chuck across the Potomac.”

Those government agencies and their leaders are now under the command of Big Pharma—the pharmaceutical giants that have bought their way into control of the American government under the guise of an “emergency pandemic.” Gov. DeSantis’s disdain for the medical establishment should not be seen as some idle posturing of a grand-standing politician.

DeSantis is the frontrunner in polling for the 2024 presidential race. So, the health policies of Florida, and Dr. Joseph Ladapo’s particular approach to the “pandemic,” have come under intense scrutiny, as his approach to public health policy may very well represent the future of health policy for all of America.

And this is also why it is so fascinating to watch Dr. Ladapo, the Black African son of a microbiologist, fearlessly confront the falsehoods and scheming of the forces of medical mayhem. His official tweet of October 21 made known his position: “Americans should be able to trust their public health officials. The lies of Dr. Fauci and others have squandered that trust. Floridians and all Americans can trust that in Florida, we will always lead with data and honesty.”

Last March, Dr. Ladapo recommended against “COVID-19 vaccination” for healthy children 5 years old to 17 years old. And he most recently repudiated the CDC recommendation that males aged 18 to 39 receive the mRNA “vaccines.” The CDC rulings were bizarre in medical terms because they had no scientific basis. It appeared to many to be designed for one purpose—to advance a “dark agenda” of depopulation and to generate even more billions for Big Pharma, whose toxic “mRNA vaccines” are now considered the most dangerous and deadly ever made.

And while the feds had no actual data on which to base their actions, Dr. Ladapo based his decision on data from a study he directed by the state’s biostatisticians and epidemiologists showing that following the “mRNA vaccines” males have an 84 percent increased risk of cardiac-related death. He presented additional studies backing his position:

  • A Scandinavian study found an increased risk of coronary artery disease after Moderna’s mRNA vaccine, along with an increased risk of cerebrovascular disease (relating to the brain and its blood vessels) after both Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines.
  • The FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research found that the mRNA vaccination may be associated with an increased risk of heart attacks among Medicare enrollees.
  • A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that the mRNA-based COVID-19 injections increased the incidence of diagnosed myocarditis (swelling of the heart) in males 16 to 24 by as much as a factor of 18 after the second dose.
  • An Israeli study published in Scientific Reports found that the “COVID-19 vaccine” rollout was associated with an increase in acute cardiac events among young people.

Dr. Ladapo warned: “How do you dismiss this type of finding? You only do that if you’re not really interested in the truth, if you’re really more interested in an agenda. And more and more Americans are waking up to that fact … There’ve been other signals for other adverse events that have been detected, and just pretending that everything’s okay doesn’t serve the public interest, very obviously; it certainly doesn’t serve public health.”

In a recent interview on The Highwire with Del Bigtree, Ladapo discussed why he rejected the CDC “ruling” that added the COVID-19 shot to the childhood vaccination schedule. “[T]here’s literally this unending propaganda campaign pushing these vaccines on every living being on this planet and ignoring any message or any signal that says otherwise.

It is just such an indescribably corrupt environment in terms of morality, in terms of benevolence, and actually in terms of public health and actually caring about the outcomes that people experience in improving their health. And that’s why we did the study:

Because in that kind of environment there’s so much suspicion that it creates because of the fact that there’s so much dishonesty that being able to ask questions that should have already been asked is something that is the least of what we could do and what we should be doing. And it really is a shame that no one else has done it, but you can count on the Florida Dept. of Health to continue making honest assessments.”

Dr. Ladapo told The Highwire: “The good thing is that parents are voting with their feet. They know something is up; they do not trust these people; they have not gotten their little children vaccinated despite these ridiculous calls from [CDC director] Dr. Walensky and Dr. Fauci to do it. … Every day more and more people recognize that the fix is in and these individuals who are leading our federal response [to COVID] do not have your best interest in mind … .”

Dr. Ladapo’s meticulous attention to medical detail and an unshakable moral grounding have put him in Satan’s line of fire, where he is pilloried constantly and predictably by the pharma-controlled mainstream media. But a growing number of physicians and scientists have publicly reinforced Ladapo’s policies and the science that supports them.

Dr. Judy Mikovits, a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology, told The Final Call about the significance of someone with Dr. Ladapo’s background, training, and expertise in public health, taking such a bold position: “It’s really the first time that anybody with that level of expertise in public health has done anything to inform the rest of the country and the rest of the world,” she said. “I’m thankful to him, grateful to [him] and just pray for him every day, just so grateful that he stepped out that way,” she added.

Dr. Christina Parks, a Cellular and Molecular Biologist and founder of the Vaccine Injury Treatment Alliance, also commended Dr. Ladapo, saying that every other surgeon general in the country should be walking back any recommendation of these vaccines in general, and specifically for younger males.

“Now, let’s be clear: myocarditis is the death [of the middle layer of the heart wall]; it’s inflammation of the heart that results in deaths of the heart cells, and scarring of the heart. And in some cases of myocarditis, the mortality rate can be up to 50 percent, 11 years out after the initial injury. So, this is not minor. This is major. Myocarditis is an emergency situation,” Dr. Parks told The Final Call.

Dr. Safiyya Shabazz, owner and Medical Director of Fountain Medical Associates in Philadelphia, said: “This is not a physician who has no pedigree… He’s not stupid. But I think the rest of us are also not blind and I think we’ve all known people who had significant side effects, even if they were short-lived, that no one had ever really experienced with other vaccinations,” she said.

Dr. Ladapo addressed the lies and attacks against him in his recent opinion article in the October 20 Wall Street Journal, “Covid Boosters Aren’t for Everyone”: “Scientists have been attacked for questioning the efficacy of lockdowns, for urging schools to reopen, for challenging the effectiveness of mask mandates, and for opposing vaccine mandates and passports. The scientists asking these questions had the data on their side, but critics bowed to fear and political ideology.”

When asked by The Highwire’s Del Bigtree whether Florida will be pressured by the CDC ruling to change its decision to not recommend the mRNA vaccinations, Dr. Ladapo smiled and said: “A snowflake has a better chance in hell than Gov. Ron DeSantis or myself somehow changing our position on these vaccines. It is such a simple and clear moral issue where you either prioritize humans or you don’t … .”