[Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint that was published online on October 5, 2003.]

Must we rid ourselves of envy in order to qualify for the kingdom of Allah in the hereafter? Yes. How? How means it’s a process. It involves pain. Pain, however, is only a temporary but necessary and valuable by-product of this process. But it’s worth it.

To be free from envy, we first must come to see envy in ourselves, regardless to how ugly it is. This is following the study guides of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Minister Farrakhan, like a skilled doctor, uses the spiritual tools taught to him by his teacher, on patients (us), to rid us of that which is rotten and really is not an original part of ourselves (nature).


The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that his teaching would only help the Believers. Allah says the same in the Holy Qur’an. It’s a guide only for those who want to go aright and who believe. How can it be otherwise? We cannot be benefited by what we refuse.

Many don’t want right. They deeply love this wicked world. We’ve been buried so deep in the filth of this world that, as a people, we still think that much of its madness is natural; is “ok” and is “the way it is and always will be.”

Much of this false thinking is rooted in our experience of slavery to slavemasters, who are steeped in envy. They made us like themselves, in evil, except when it comes to unifying us to do for self, as they do for themselves.

During the days of the enslavement of our fathers and mothers, we were traumatized to the extreme. Our minds were warped. We were totally removed from the truth and love of self. We were taught and made enemies of each other. Envy was among the primary ingredients that they instilled into our makeup. We were made so wicked, back then, that we are still haters of, and enemies to, self and to those who, by nature, are like ourselves.

Things really began to change for the better for us when God visited us. He raised the modern Moses and Aaron–the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan–to lead us out of the hell.

Allah, foreseeing this, spoke through Isaiah 48:10 that we would be “chosen in the furnace of affliction.”

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad raised us from our graves, as it’s written in Ezekiel 37:12, wherein God states that “O my people, I will É cause you to come up out of your graves É .” He left Minister Farrakhan to continue the resurrection work, while he went on to Allah for the next phase of his mission.

Trials are a necessary part of the resurrection process, which purge and make us ready for Allah’s future purposes. We cannot grow into our divine powers without such trials.

Allah foresaw the context in which His work would start and continue where the modern Moses and Aaron would be born and grow in their work–in America, a place saturated with envy. They did, and are handling, such evil in a manner that fed their own growth, while offering the envious the opportunity to overcome this malady.

It’s written in the Bible that Jesus became perfect through the things he suffered. This principle applies to the Two Messiahs, whose lives offer us lessons for our own growth.

It’s easy to see that, in Minister Farrakhan, we have a man like the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He loves even those who envy him and speak all manner of wickedness against him, just as his teacher did.

The Holy Qur’an closes with the best possible guidance for those who are envied. The reader is taught in Surahs 113 and 114 to “Seek refuge in Allah.” From whom? Slanderers. All who slander are not necessarily envious, but all who envy do slander.

In them, we read: “seek refuge in the Lord É from the evil of the envier when he envies.” And “seek refuge in É the God of men, from the evil of the whisperings of the slinking (devil), who whispers into the hearts of men, from among the jinn and the men.”


We’re taught that none of us is a believer until we love for our Brothers and Sisters what we love for ourselves. We’re obligated to want what is good and advantageous for our Brothers and Sisters. If we’re blessed to learn that we’re envious, we must then learn to resist this dislike for others of what you want for yourself. Beg Allah for help, while constantly asking Him to bless others. Minister Farrakhan’s study guides are key in this process, if we use them as he instructed.

Envy is to wish that another cease to have what is good so that the envier may obtain that good. It’s coveting. Envy is wanting another to lose something good even if one does not or cannot get that good. Envy is hating what another has even when not wanting it. It’s not only wishing that the other cease to have something good, but to resent the other for having what they earned justly.

Slander, mockery and the unjust humiliating of their victims are among the primary tools of the envier. Envious people dislike Allah’s dispensation of His favor among His servants as He pleases. (See Holy Quran 43:42.) Such people subconsciously dislike Allah, dispensing of His favors and are rejecters of His supreme wisdom.

What is the remedy for envy? Fire? No. That’s the ultimate punishment, from the Christ, on Allah’s orders, for the most wicked, as written in the scriptures.

(Be it Allah’s will, we’ll return to ENVY, written years ago.)

We must NOW offer our talents, to the cause for which Master Fard Muhammad came and for which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (and others) worked and sacrificed, to Minister Farrakhan. Get rid of envy, the power of which is soon to be destroyed by the revealing of the One the Christian calls Jesus the Christ.

Christians and Muslims expect the imminent return of Jesus of 2,000 years ago. What does a 2,000-year-old man look like? How did he sustain himself?

Which is easier to accept: the return of a 2,000-year-old Caucasian Jesus, or him whom Minister Farrakhan preaches–the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, as the Messiah? Is it really impossible for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to still be alive in this modern super-high-tech-mission-impossible-type-world, with scientific knowledge growing exponentially?

But, one might say, we didn’t have such science in 1975. Did we have such science 2,000 years ago? But beyond such weak arguments, look at the overwhelming physical proof that some on this planet did and do have–infinitely superior science compared to this world’s best brains. The Mother plane is the physical proof. (Spiritually speaking, the clearest evidence is the Two Messiahs and the Teachings they’ve brought.)

Certain Caucasians know the plane is up there. They are staggered by what they see of the wisdom of its make. They know its Designer would have no problem in getting and keeping the Messiah with Him until time.

More next issue, Allah willing.