Unveiling the Number 19

[Editor’s Note: This article was published online on January 5, 2016; and The Final Call will continue to publish articles written by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

“And thou art not (engaged) in any affair and thou recitest not concerning it any portion of the Qur’an, and you do no work, but We are Witness of you when you are engaged therein. And not the weight of an atom in the earth or in the heaven is hidden from thy Lord, nor anything less than that nor greater, but it is (all) in a clear book. Now, surely the friends of Allah, they have no fear nor do they grieve –Holy Qur’an, Surah 10, verses 61-62

In the 10th chapter of the Book of Revelations, we are given a description of the powerful work of the seventh angel who appears from heaven clothed with a cloud; and a rainbow was upon his head and his face was as though it were the sun, and his feet like pillars of fire.

Photo of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in his exalted position as the Messiah and exalted Christ.

And he had in his hand a little scroll open; and he set his right foot upon the sea and his left foot on the earth and cried with a loud voice as when a lion roareth; and when he had cried seven thunders uttered their voices. John, the Revelator, on the island of Patmos, was forbidden to write what the seven thunders uttered; and their utterance was sealed. “The angel who was standing on land and sea revealing these scenes lifted up his hands to heaven; “and swore by him that liveth forever and ever, who created heaven and the things that are in it, and the earth and the things that are in it, and the sea and the things that are in it, that there should be delay no longer.”


The events described above in the 10th chapter of Revelation brings to mind the workings of the Great Mother’s Wheel and the mechanics of her operations which include scientists or angels who are able to tune into the thinking of the population. As the present events shaping our planet earth are coming to pass with great rapidity in this very hour, we should be made aware of the signs of the time. According to recent scientific discoveries and observations, it appears that with the use of highly developed technology, and digital state-of-the-art photography that in many places where natural disasters occur in the presence of small, oval-shaped ships or discs are also sighted.

These ships, if identified correctly, are known in our teachings as baby planes or ships. Such objects have also been photographed near and around nuclear plants and facilities, as well as around many military installations and bases. America’s thirst for war along with the obliteration of indigenous populations and societies around the world has led her into the throes of the final stages of the war of Armageddon and the end of the time that we have known.

Mayan calendar superimposed on stellar constellations. Graphic: MGN Online

According to the Divine Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, there are seven powerful angels working with God in the present destruction of Satan’s world that is bringing America to her well-deserved doom. The prophecies of America’s end are foretold in the sacred writings of ancient prophecies. Perhaps the most studied and well-known prophecies that have been revealed over the last decades are those of the Mayan and other indigenous people of the Americas, which includes the Hopi and Pueblo dwellers of the Southwest living in the twin states of Arizona and New Mexico.

One of the least known aspects of the life Mission of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was his assignment from his Master Teacher, W. F. Muhammad, to make contact with our indigenous people throughout this Western Hemisphere in order to unite us as one people in the making of a new world government of peace and righteousness. I wish to share some preparatory steps he took to fulfill this goal. While in Chicago, he shared with some of his followers and ministers during the ‘50s and ‘60s, and even earlier, that there was a set time when Allah would guide him to travel to the Western region of the United States which included the states of California and Arizona. This time to travel westward came immediately upon the completion of his first world tour overseas in 1959, which took him to Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Sudan. He later visited the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina, completing Umra (the short visit) with two of his sons, Brother Akbar and Brother Herbert (Jabir).

From there he traveled to Istanbul, Turkey. It was from Turkey that I received my cherished postcard message showing the picture of the great mosque of St. Sophia at the edge of the Bosphorus Sea. He ended his travel in Lahore, Pakistan in 1960, and returned home on the theme, I have seen and I have heard! Shortly thereafter in 1961, he flew into Los Angeles, California, for a speaking engagement and then his first visit to Phoenix, Arizona, where he purchased his first home and residence and shortly thereafter began the construction of his new home right next door. It is this residence that has now been totally renovated by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I was blessed to visit the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in his home in Phoenix, Arizona on several occasions and became acquainted with the purpose for his being there. One of the reasons was to begin contact with the Indians who are identified in our Lessons as also being original. The original house he purchased before the construction of his new residence was named the “Indian House,” where he proposed meetings and met with Indian leaders and representatives to establish unification and friendship for us among them.

His concentration was simultaneously focused on raising the spiritual consciousness among our original Black communities in the area. It was in this city of Phoenix, Arizona, where Brother Jabril Muhammad served as a constant companion of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for several years who was organizing his plans for the development of that city.

During the years in which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was developing the city of Phoenix, Arizona and making contact with the Native Americans, he had already forged ahead in making contacts with representatives of the Latino and Mexican communities which took place in the 1950’s. The joining of the Black and the Red, and the Mexican families, was in fulfillment of a great prophecy that is continuing to unfold among the present generation of our youth and young adults in moving towards higher spiritual consciousness in forming outside of the control of Satan’s world.

The three great wars of the Caucasian people or White race have been provoked by them in order to maintain their dominance and rulership over the Indigenous populations of the earth. Now, upon the spiritual awakening of the Lost-Found original nation, who are the descendants of the Tribe of Shabazz, back to their Divine Origin, we can now join hands with our Indian, Mexican and Latino nations throughout the Western Hemisphere in our present transition and changeover into a New World Order of peace and righteousness which many of us may be blessed to witness in our lifetime!

“Those who believe and keep their duty. For them is good news in this world’s life and in the Hereafter. There is no changing the words of Allah. That is the mighty achievement.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 10, verses 63-64

To be continued.