Unveiling the Number 19

Research Expedition into the Mind of God!

[Editor’s Note: This article was previously published online on Dec. 19, 2009; and The Final Call will continue to publish articles written by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

“And whom Allah guides, there is none that can lead him astray. Is not Allah Mighty, the Lord of retribution? And if thou ask them, Who created the heavens and the earth? They will say: Allah. Say: See you then that those you call upon besides Allah, would they, if Allah desire to afflict me with harm, remove His harm? Or if He desire to show me mercy, could they withhold His mercy? Say: Allah is sufficient for me. On Him do the reliant rely.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 34, verses 37-38

In this week’s Reflections “Into the Mind of God,” we will read the testimonies of Sister Chinyerim Muhammad from Columbus, Ohio and Sister Melody Muhammad from Delaware.

Group photo of entire team standing with Hunbatz Men and his student Quyam Kin holding the Crystal Skull from Tibet that was used in the Crystal Skull ceremony. In the background we see the Power of the Palace in Palenque where we uttered in unison the name of Allah which echoed throughout the entire area.

When I reflected on the “Research Expedition into the Mind of God,” I immediately thought of Surah 5, verse 116 which speaks of Jesus’ response to Allah that “Thou knowest what is in my mind, and I know not what is in Thy mind.” In reality, the “Mind of God” is the only real mystery and great adventure that exists in life. It is our purpose in life to discover (explore) the infinite frontier that is the Mind of God. If we have the proper attitude, life with all its trials and tribulations, joys and expectations, is a “research expedition into the Mind of God.”

In our immaturity, it is hard not to equate challenges and struggle with punishment (rejection by God), but the truth is that there is a certain beauty in growth (struggle) because it is through accepting the challenge of change (dynamics/struggle) that God’s Plan (His Masterful Design for our lives) is revealed to us. And as we grow to appreciate God’s Plan and His Orchestration of things, we begin to grasp in small ways the Magnitude and Magnificence of God’s Majestic Mind.

Within this current system of things, under satanic rule, we can see life being made artificial and oppressive. The struggle is not conducive to our betterment but rather the breaking of our spirits. The farmer in Chiapas working with the land struggles in such a way as to activate the God within himself–to produce. The wage worker, who tries to match his or her ever-dwindling resources to the ever-expanding cost of living, struggles only to maintain sanity within the chaos and confinement of the dying economy of a doomed society.

Six-year-old Mayan guide and his mother who first greeted us at the entrance of the Lacondon Forest and gave me an apple as an offering of friendship. Our whole group was fascinated at the agility and knowledge of this little boy concerning his environment, the medicinal herbs and location of areas deep in the forest.

On the Mxodus Tours, outside of the matrix of city life, we have an opportunity to study God’s Creation not only as exhibited by awesome natural landscapes but also as manifested within and through ourselves. Many of the elements and principles that are missing or corrupted in our daily lives can be contemplated, visualized, and stimulated within the inspirational setting of Mexico–order, harmony, community, diversity, synchronicity, sustainability, creativity, and beauty.

Sister Melody wrote a day-by-day account of our ten-day journey:

Day one – We first traveled from Mexico City toCuernavacato pick up Mother Tynnetta and one of her beautiful friends, who helped to interpret the language as well as to experience this beautiful adventure.

On the second day – We were awakened by the rooster letting us know it was time to get up and pray. That morning we also got the opportunity to meet a lovely native from (Nadia) that shared with us that their story is similar to ours. She explained they had many questions about their color and features but were told lies and purposely kept from learning their true history. She stated that instead of using the word black, they used the word “Moreno and she grew up feeling rejected because of this.

Day three – We arrived at a village called Cuajinicuilapa.We had an appointment to visit their museum and share some books with them. This is where Mother Tynnetta wanted us to be creative and share our seven units, our outreach ministry work, and knowledge on “How to Eat to Live,” demonstrating to our family how we can help them.We discussed their ways of helping us and our ways of helping them. This was so wonderful to sit with people of all walk of life and network to help one another.

Chile in Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas, our guide Professor Heder Matus introduced us to this Afro- Mestizo community, descendents of 200 families that have previously worked in the sugar cane plantations. They were sorting out the cocoa beans and prepared a wonderful drink for all of us at the end of our visit.

Day four, “The Night of Power” – We traveled to a small beach where the ocean and river met. This was an incredible sight to see where the two bodies of water meet. We were blessed to see Allah’s creation and appreciate the beauty of the water.

On day five, Mother Tynnetta reminded us that we are at the end of an Old World cycle and need to be awakened. She wants us to share this with others to try to get them to understand the hour we are living in. She shared videos with us about the Mother Plane. She explained to us how we must try to tune in but we cannot if we are allowing foolishness to occupy that space. She really wanted us to know that we were not on vacation and we have to start preparing ourselves for the New World. While watching another video on water, Mother explained how she heard a musical melody while washing dishes when she went to the piano and just started playing. We learned how water heals, how water has memory, and how 70-90 percent of our bodies are made up of water.

On day six, we arrived in Chiapas. As we were traveling through the countryside, we saw nature for what it really is. We were introduced to a family who had cocoa beans that showed us that there are many more natural resources inMexico.

Day seven – We are now in Palenque, headed to the Lacandon Forest, where we walked in the heat for hours to see the beauty of Allah’s creation guided by a six-year-old boy and his mother. This experience was wonderful because Mother was able to meet more Lacandons so we can prepare cheaper housing for the Believers and others when they visit in the future.

Day eight – We traveled to the Pyramids. This was one of my most unforgettable experiences because I heard howling monkeys roaring from their habitats as we climbed the pyramids of Palenque. Mother’s friend, Hunbatz Men, gave us much love and he conducted a skull ceremony that helped me to appreciate Master Fard Muhammad, the MostHonorable Elijah Muhammadand the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan more in depth because I would have still been asleep somewhere and missing all this information about the working of the Mind of God. When Hunbatz Men lined us up on top of the pyramid in front of three dimensional symbols to sing Allah’s name, we heard our ancestors responded back, that was the most unforgettable experience in my life.

Day nine — We continued the spiritual journey with Hunbatz Men as we visited investment properties in which we could build a community of our own.

Day 10 — Returning back home. I really thank Allah for allowing me this opportunity and pray that we share and explain to others in a way that will trigger something inside to learn more about the country, people and culture of Mexico as part of our universal nation.

“Say: O people, work in your place. Surely I am a worker, so you will come to know.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 34, verse 39

To be continued.