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by NOI Research Group and Charlene Muhammad, National Correspondent

At least 150 studies have now confirmed the ineffectiveness of mask mandates in stopping the spread of sickness known as “COVID-19.” Comparisons between places with strict lockdown and mask mandates and those without those measures show that masking has had absolutely no effect on the health outcomes.

A study of the fatality rate of Kansas residents published in the journal Medicine concluded “that mask use might pose a yet unknown threat to the user instead of protecting them, making mask mandates a debatable epidemiologic intervention.”

As previously reported in The Final Call, that debate is clearly over. A disturbing study at Brown University shows scores in three key cognitive tests slumped between 2018 and 2021, with face mask rules among the likely culprits. Scientists collected data from 1,600 children and analyzed the cognitive development of the youngsters through infancy, childhood, and adolescence;


They looked at how average development scores in three key areas had been affected during the COVID era—with shocking results. Researchers found that there was a 23 percent drop in scores measuring children’s intelligence quotients [I.Q. scores] since the start of the “pandemic.”

The study concluded that “children born during the pandemic have significantly reduced verbal, motor, and overall cognitive performance compared to children born pre-pandemic. … In addition, masks worn in public settings and in school or daycare settings may impact a range of early developing skills, such as attachment, facial processing, and socio-emotional processing.”

Recently, the Frontline Industrial Hygienists held a summit meeting on facts around failures of the “COVID-19 pandemic.” Health freedom advocates, including doctors, nurses, and multidisciplinary professionals, conducted the presentations that included a Q&A panel discussion.

Video screenshot from of Tammy Clark speaking at America’s Frontline Industrial Hygenist and MultiDisciplinary Support Summit. Image: Rumble

Tammy Clark, an industrial hygienist and health and safety specialist, said the purpose of the summit was to in part outline what can be done in the future to prevent unnecessary harm caused by irresponsible, inappropriate, dangerous and illegal mandates and policies that violate all known science, data, and evidence-based protocols based on science and data.

“Had the experts in our fields who manage disease outbreaks and protective control measures been consulted, we would have never created a cure that was so much worse than the disease. Our children would not have lost two years of their education; the most vulnerable in our society, our elderly, would not have been intentionally infected and killed,” said Ms. Clark.

She reported that, “Suicide rates have skyrocketed and are off the charts, including among children. Psychiatric wards are full and at capacity and are turning people away, including children. Fear and hopelessness are palpable in our society. And all of this would have been avoided, had the government simply not violated their own protocols. Had the traditional multidisciplinary approach to pandemic response been respected and followed. We would have worked collaboratively with biologists who determine what it is we are dealing with.”

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The presenters were united on one key reality—that mandatory masking has much more to do with promoting fear and propaganda and has very little, if any, value in stopping any “virus.” Further, forcing children to wear masks is far more dangerous to their health than any threat of COVID-19 where their survival rate is near 100%.

Dr. Avery Jackson, III., M.D., chief executive officer and medical director of Michigan Neurosurgical Institute, which he founded in 2003, videotaped children talking about the effects of forced masking. A young boy named Francesco complained: “I can’t wear the mask, because I can’t focus. It gives me a headache and with the mask it makes me fall asleep.”

Another child named Zachary said, “When I have gym in my school and when I’m wearing the mask, I feel like my side hurts and I can’t breathe.” One mother said their pediatrician refused to document her son’s complaints of coughing and difficulty breathing. The physician said she’d never heard that before and allegedly told the woman to give her son the allergy drugs Benadryl and Claritin every morning before school.

Dr. Avery Jackson, III Photo: michiganneurosurgicali

That’s problem number one, said Dr. Jackson, who has been called on to write mask waivers for vulnerable children. “I’m going to give a kid Benadryl and Claritin—like those don’t have side effects—and I’m going to do it every day, indefinitely! Why don’t I just take the mask off?” he argued.

Dr. Jackson showed videos of other boys and girls who complained of headaches, inability to focus, and dizziness.

Some effects of mask wearing include poor schoolwork, inattention, even seizures, according to Dr. Jackson. A study of 17,840 children forced to wear masks in Germany found that a high percentage of each age group suffered headaches: 66.4% of 13- to 18-year-olds; 54% of those 7 to 12; and 24% of those zero to six.

Sixty percent expressed difficulty concentrating, 50% experienced some impaired learning and drowsiness, and 34% had difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, among other mask-induced adverse effects, continued Dr. Jackson.

In addition to acute health impairment, children forced to wear masks experienced long-term effects in various developmental areas that go beyond physiological well-being, such as language, play, learning communication, sensorimotor development, and empathy.

A recent study of rats found that mask wearing was associated with destruction of brain tissue, increased anxiety, impaired memory and learning, because of the constant concentrations of inhaled carbon dioxide, stated Dr. Jackson.

He also highlighted a study on humans published in the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, which showed how high carbon dioxide levels caused by masking suppress brain activity and interfere with natural brain functions.

Dr. Jackson said: “We look at our children who’ve been exposed to these masks, without control, been exposed to higher carbon dioxide levels and we say what’s wrong with you? Why do you have headaches? Why are you dizzy? Why are you passing out when you’re playing sports when you have these masks on?”

Some of the pediatric brain development and injury issues are being seen now, Dr. Jackson concludes, because of the respiratory dysfunction linked to widespread enactment of mask mandates.

Over the last 18 years, he’s done 10,000 surgeries and seen 100,000 patients in his clinics, and occasionally he would experience some of the same toxic effects of mask wearing, said Dr. Jackson.

“But what really got me was when my nine-year-old daughter, who was initially wearing the masks at our school early on, began to have headaches and began to complain of concentration issues,” he stated. He’s since been on a journey to understand how he could advocate for her and others.

Dr. Christina Parks, cellular and molecular biologist, is especially concerned about the psychological and physiological impacts of mask wearing on children.

Dr. Christina Parks Photo: Final Call file

She explained that mask wearing results in acute excessive carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, called hypercapnia, which is typically caused by inadequate ventilation and faulty breathing. Increased carbon dioxide in the blood and tissues (and concurrent low levels of oxygen) have led to impaired electrical signaling in the heart. The results include irregular heartbeat, fluttering of the heart, or increased heart rate, and it predisposes to sudden cardiac death.

She pointed out that the adverse effects of mask wearing are “completely preventable.” “Nobody needs to be running back and forth on the basketball court with a mask on—it’s inexcusable.” Under such conditions this excessive carbon dioxide intake as a result of constant mask wearing could easily cause respiratory arrest. And if that occurs, she said, a person “is forever changed; he is forever disabled, because he went past that threshold. And when you get past that threshold, you go into cardiac arrest, then you’re talking about ischemia, you’re talking about lack of oxygen, you’re talking about brain damage—permanent brain damage—from lack of oxygen,” she stated.

In her physiological, biochemical opinion, any child that is wearing a mask—and probably any human being—8 hours a day or 6 hours a day without proper ventilation is probably having some level of brain damage. “Maybe low level [damage], but that’s also going to depend on their particular biochemical state and their pathophysiology.” Children’s brains are still developing, yet some people think it’s okay to deprive them chronically of oxygen, she continued. “When are we going to stand up,” Dr. Parks asked rhetorically, and say “No more” to the mask mandates.

“Mask wearing,” she stated, “is putting our kids at risk for chronic respiratory, cardio-respiratory, stress; for hypoxia, which is low oxygen; for impaired kidney function and kidney inflammation. And she emphasized, “in extreme cases, usually involving exercise, [mask wearing puts children at risk for] the possibility of respiratory arrest, brain damage, and even sudden cardiac death. What the hell are we thinking?!”