Dr. Robert Muhammad stands next to a model of the human spine as part of a presentation at the “Get Your Health Back” seminar.

“Get Your Health Back!” was the theme of a summertime health fair held in Chicago at Muhammad University of Islam.

Spearheaded by Student National Auditing Supervisor A’ishah Muhammad with the assistance from the Ministry of Health and Human Services, along with many others, the health fair was a success.

“The purpose of this health seminar is to inform, to educate, to encourage, and to strengthen us to confront our own health challenges. Not just for us, but also for our loving family members. We’re not just going to be people who use our mouths to talk about what we don’t do,” Sister A’ishah said. She continued, “We want our people to be encouraged, not to act out of fear nor run, but to confront and strengthen their will to be able to do whatever we need to do. We thank Allah for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.”

Student Minister Jeffrey Muhammad delivered introductory remarks to open the event stating, “The Bible says, ‘He came to give us life, that we might have it.’ The Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad are preventive measures.

People of all ages attended and received helpful information from the “Get Your Health Back” seminar, held at Muhammad University of Islam.

Most of the illnesses that our community has on a daily basis are high blood pressure, rheumatism, heart issues, even mental issues. These issues can be managed just by following the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in ‘How to Eat to Live’.”

Sister Kimberly D. Muhammad presents on healthy foods and the proper way to prepare foods.

Minister Jeffrey continued: “By following ‘How to Eat to Live’, not just physically, but ‘How to Eat to Live’ by what we feed ourselves spiritually, we probably can prevent most of the illnesses that we have now.”

Integrative health practitioner Dr. Patrice Muhammad presented a workshop entitled, “Autoimmune Disease, What Is It?” Dr. Patrice gave a comprehensive view on what autoimmune disease is, what causes autoimmune diseases, and management. During her workshop, participants learned about the connection between leaky gut syndrome and cancers of the brain and liver.

“Listen to Your Feet,” was the focus of Sister Zsanea Muhammad’s workshop.

“The way Allah created the human body is so magnificent,” she said. “It connects us to everything else in Creation. The importance of listening to your feet, is that the way the human body is designed; the veins, the nerves, and the nerve endings, all end in the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.”

She continued, “When your feet hurt, everything in your body hurt because all of your nerve endings are in the bottom of your feet. So proper fitting shoes are extremely important and weighing properly by practicing ‘How to Eat to Live.’”

A’ishah Muhammad, Student National Auditing Coordinator, speaks during the “Get Your Health Back” seminar on August 13.

The workshop, “Men’s Health: Acquiring the Will and Discipline to Recognize, Address, and Improve Our Health” presented by Brother Jamesramy Muhammad, was well-received.

Brother Troy 5X stated, “The men’s health workshop was really good, inspirational and motivational. Some of the information that was presented were some things you may already know, but he re-enforced the importance of men taking charge of our health.

When you don’t take care of yourself, it’s a very selfish decision to make, especially if you have children. The significance of getting a colorectal cancer check was discussed, and sometimes men do not want to go through the examination because of the discomfort of the experience.”

Ministry of Health offered blood pressure screenings.

The power of the navy bean was beautifully displayed at an information station, commandeered by Sister Lenore Muhammad. Attendees were able to see the versatility of the navy bean, such as pressure-canned navy beans, dehydrated navy beans, navy bean powder and navy bean pie.

Sister Lenore said: “We are demonstrating numerous ways that the navy bean can be consumed. As it is said in the book, ‘How to Eat to Live’ by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, no other bean did Allah instruct us to eat other than the navy bean. I also wanted to display how we can get as much nutrition as we can from the navy bean.”

The Ministry of Health and Human Services provided glucose and blood pressure screenings. Other workshops offered at the Aug. 13 health fair included: “Understanding Food Labels: Additives Wreaking Havoc on Our Health”; “Understanding High Cholesterol”; “Fibroids: What Are They and What You Need to Know”; “Arthritis, Bone and Joint Issues”; “The Importance of Good Oral Health”; and more.

Participants listen attentively during the August 13 health fair that covered topics such as nutrition, auto-immune diseases, addressing trauma and much more.

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