[Editor’s Note: We are proud to off er this vitally important article from the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the Supreme Wisdom it contains. Today our population in the U.S. is nearly 48 million people. While our numbers have increased, the divine guidance off ered in this article is more relevant today than yesterday. May Allah (God) bless us with the light of understanding.]

So you say that we cannot unite and produce our own necessities? We are 22 million or more people de-pending on the White American citizens to produce food, clothes, shelter, transportation, employment and our educational training.

And if they (White Americans) do not share equally with us, we charge them with discriminating; some of us will go to the extreme of disgracing ourselves in trying to force the White American citizens to give equal respect. The love of self and self-respect along with the will to do something for self, if given a chance, will get you the respect of all civilized nations.

It is a shame and disgrace to the intelligence of any people to lie at the feet and doorsteps of another nation, asking, praying to be cared for. Love and unity of self and kind is the key to our salvation.


If you say we cannot unite, you are wrong. We can unite! Before your very eyes you see the Believers in Allah (God) and His religion, Islam, uniting and this Divine power from Allah working among us, uniting us into a nation of brotherly love, disproves the lie of that   “old saying”   that the Negroes cannot unite.

I agree with you who are in the Christian churches, lovers and followers of White Christians, that you cannot enjoy love and unity among yourselves. The basic aim and purposes of the religion, Christianity, was to deceive other races, namely, the Black, Brown, Yellow and Red, to make an easy prey for the White race.

But today, you and I both see the powerless forces of Christianity unable to bring about peace among those who profess it.

Since Christian Europe and America cannot bring peace to their troubled world with all their satellite nations as helpers, what kind of peace can they make for us?

Their religion divides one against the other. This I am sure we all can agree upon. We must know self to gain self-respect. This will remove that old slave idea that the so-called Negroes cannot unite and build an independent nation on some of this good earth that we can call our own. Stop looking for others to help you in that in which you can help yourself.

The White man has made the Black man lazy, that he may rule and enslave him by producing and selling to him that which he can produce himself. But the White man knows that he has destroyed the Black man’s unity, and as long as the Black man thinks he cannot love and unite with Black, the White man knows that he has a permanent slave.

Come and let us unite under the crescent and do something for ourselves in the way of supporting our own needs. Go after some of this earth for our nation of 22 million here in North America. If it cannot be had here, there is plenty of earth elsewhere.

We want nothing short of a home on this earth that we can call our own–not to be servants and slaves for other free nations.

Let us capture the market of our people by producing their needs. We cannot produce our needs on the soil of another.

(Text from “Message to the Blackman in America,” 1965)