By Sultan Muhammad

 “I want to tell you right up front, you will not conquer this virus because it didn’t come from Wuhan. … It’s new; it’s different. It mutates and goes in different directions with a different strain of itself. You’re running trying to get a vaccine like you are really interested in saving the world from this virus.” –The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan July 4, 2020, The Criterion

“All over the world, we are seeing these datasets that show that, unfortunately, the people that are dying and being hospitalized are, overwhelmingly, the highly vaccinated,” declared Dr. Robert Malone, co-inventor/discoverer of the mRNA technology. He further declared, referring to the rising deaths, “It is not those that have natural immunity.”

Sultan Muhammad

As the co-inventor of mRNA Dr. Malone is a leader in criticism and the scientific challenge of it as a vaccine. However, major media has worked to silence any information contrary to the approved view regarding these untested, shots pushed by the Biden administration, Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control, Bill Gates and other depopulation pundits.

On July 21, 2022, Dr. Malone was a guest on The Epoch TV News program “Crossroads.” The interview appeared in an Epoch News article by Ella Kietlinska and Joshua Philipp on August 2, entitled, “COVID-19 Vaccines Hinder the Immune System, Lead to More Severe Illness: Dr. Robert Malone.”

“The problem,” according to the report, “is that COVID-19 vaccines use only one of the components of the whole virus, which is a spike protein, so the immune system of a person who received an mRNA vaccine becomes trained to respond to only that component, Malone explained.” But there has been and will continue to be different strains which have mutated and changed in character.

Since the current COVID-19 vaccines have been based on the first strain of the virus known as SARS-CoV-2, which causes the illness identified as COVID-19, other variants have developed which are not identical to that first virus.

“A number of strains have emerged and become dominant since the [initial] strain was prevalent, including the currently dominant Omicron variant,” the report continues in part.

Dr. Malone further stated, “If that antigen has changed slightly, if that virus has changed slightly, [the immune system] still reacts as if it’s the old one.” He also stated, “The COVID-19 vaccines are based on the spike protein of the original virus identified in Wuhan. That strain of the virus no longer exists and is not circulating in the population anymore.”

The article notes a recent study where healthcare workers that took multiple vaccines and boosters for the first variant, often face a chronic reinfection as the virus mutates.

Later in the article Dr. Malone states “If a vaccine based on a now-defunct viral strain is repeatedly administered, it trains the immune system to focus more and more on the antigen delivered through the vaccine and to disregard anything else that’s slightly different.”

(L-R) Bill Gates Photos: MGN Online, President Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Malone calls this phenomenon “immune imprinting.”

Although major media is not reporting it, “The literature on immune imprinting is bombproof,” Malone said. “Paper after paper after paper now, in the top peer-reviewed journals from the top laboratories all across the world, are documenting it.”

On a very controversial note, Malone spoke of a paper published in Nature —a leading scientific journal—which showed that, “the evolution of the virus is not coming from the general population, but rather from immune-compromised people who have received multiple vaccine doses…and about 30 percent of the highly vaccinated population are having repeated infections.”

Dr. Robert Malone, graphic

This is contrary to the promoted narrative that the unvaccinated are putting the wider population at risk, Malone noted. There are thousands of doctors and scientists who back or support Dr. Malone and at some point, we should expect to see dire confrontations of various proportions, even in the streets of cities around the world.

“The paradox, according to Dr. Malone, is that most of the countries with emerging economies and low vaccination rates also have the lowest COVID-19 mortality rates in the world. It’s likely that we’re going to continue to see this trend.”

The report helps to make the point with statistics regarding the percentage of population vaccinated vs. the deaths vs. the rate of deaths per million.

“According to Our World in Data, only 1.4 percent of Haiti’s population has been vaccinated, and the country has recorded 838 COVID-19 deaths, a rate of 73 deaths per 1 million people.

In South Africa, where 32 percent of the population is vaccinated, there have been nearly 102,000 deaths, a rate of 1,717 deaths per 1 million people.

In the UK, 75 percent of the population is vaccinated, and more than 184,000 people have died, which is a rate of 2,736 deaths per 1 million.

And in the United States, 67 percent of the population is vaccinated, and 1.03 million people have died from the virus, a rate of 3,058 deaths per 1 million people.”

President Biden, Anthony Fauci and other declared multi-vaccine / booster boasters should reassess their scientistic advisors, especially since they have reportedly been victims to COVID-19 and can be reinfected, because of the unsacred “jab” of the deluded.

Kyrie Irving Photo: MGN Online

“The vaccine has divided families, those who took it and those who don’t. Then the media comes out saying, ‘this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated! And it’s these people that will not be vaccinated—they are the ones that keep us from achieving herd immunity.’

And along came the Amish. The Amish people didn’t take no shot; they caught COVID-19 and they beat it. And they beat it and they have achieved herd immunity among themselves…If you want to survive this, you don’t have to take a shot.

I don’t want us to get weak, because the propaganda is so strong, it will make you think if you don’t have the shot, you did something wrong. No. Look at Kyrie Irving. Kyrie said, ‘Respect my right of choice.’ And they jumped on him. Kyrie didn’t sign up for no damn shot; he signed up to play basketball. He kept his body healthy; he wasn’t putting dope in himself. Then why would he need your poison?

Wait! What is this I hear? The shot that we took is waning? Losing its power to do what you told us it would do? … So now you’ve got a booster shot? Israel got four shots and they’re looking at five! I want you to look at Israel. Israel is a leader in every field. Now she’s got the worst record.” -The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Swan Song, Saviours’ Day Message, February 27, 2022