What causes these Days to be cruel when God Himself Is a Righteous God?

What now makes His Coming to be a Cruel Coming?

It is because He Is the Righteous God, and He is the Owner of the earth. And the previous substitute (White race), that the earth was let out to, to rule the Original Black People for a time of 6,000 years, in that time they (White race) robbed God of the worship of His People, the Original Black People.

They (White race) refused to let the people worship Allah (God). Because of the time that was left to them, instead, they made all the people, whom they could Make, to worship them (White race) as being the owner of the earth!


This angered the Real Owner! The Real Owner, Being Angry over how the non-owner had Treated the Original Black People of the earth, and how they (White race) had deceived the Original Black People, in the knowledge of the Real God and Owner–.

The Real God and Owner of the earth Comes In Angry like a man who returns home and finds someone in his house who has destroyed his house and his best furniture and who has beat-up those whom the Real Owner has left among the erstwhile owner.

The Bible prophesies of the Coming of God with Anger. He is very Angry against the evil people and He is Ready to Destroy them from the face of the earth!

And everywhere there are a few who did a little good, He Does Not Destroy their Reward for a little good that they have done.

But He Comes to Destroy the wicked for the evil done to His Black People–for robbing them and killing them for nothing–only that they are the Righteous and the evil people are the wicked!

We cannot fault the wicked for doing wickedness because that is what they (White race) are made out of. They cannot do good because of the nature in which they are made!

So, the God, Being Good Himself, by Nature–He Is Angry to Find His House torn and His People mistreated–and no one of the house offered his people any mercy–no Justice, says Isaiah, “Justice standeth afar off”–Freedom, Justice and Equality is something that they (Black People) have not known.

So, the Master, the Owner of the house (earth) is Angry. He Threatens to Destroy those who were Given rights to rule for a time!

Their time is up, so Says the Lord, and their time has been up for a long time, but they were Given a little over-time–and in the little over time that was given to them, they have not made themselves any better, they have become worse!

So it is written that “they are disagreeable to live with in peace,” which shows that regardless to how much over-time is given to them, that does not change their nature, which is to do evil, continually, against the righteous.

But, Now, Behold, His Day Have Come–the Days when He Shall Rule Himself and He Shall Deliver His Black People from such evil rule of the wicked

(Text  from “Our Saviour Has Arrived,” 1974.)