[Editor’s Note: This is a reprint and was published online June 21, 2006.]

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad recognized Master Fard Muhammad on first sight on the night of September 22, 1931.

He told us that Master Fard Muhammad told him “not to give the little baby [us] ‘meat,’ but ‘milk’ instead. Meanwhile, He would feed the man He chose to represent Him, ‘meat’ and plenty of it during the next three plus years.

Sometime during the next month, in October 1931, He paid His servant a visit at his humble home. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that for the next 40 months His Teacher would teach him “night and day, seven days a week.”


He said they would often sit from the early part of the night and continue to sunrise and beyond. He constantly taught him things of Islam and of that which was before, and of what was to come. They were practically inseparable.

There were times when Master Fard Muhammad carried His servant just outside of town in His Chevy Coup. They would sit many hours while He taught His pupil many facts about the universe. It’s interesting to notice that the scientists of this world gradually came to agree on many of the scientific facts the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was taught, which he made known many years before they knew or confirmed them for themselves.

He said that Master Fard Muhammad gave him a copy of the Holy Qur’an in Arabic. He said he couldn’t read it. Then he said He gave him an Arabic-English copy of the Holy Book. It was the Muhammad Ali translation. A short time later He gave him the Yusuf Ali translation. Afterwards he said He lined him up with about two-thirds of it to study.

Before going further, let’s pause to ponder the words that were used to open the last article. They were:

“By what authority does the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teach and do what he does? Who validates it and with what? Minister Farrakhan teaches that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad met God Himself. What convinced him?”

I’m responding to the third and fourth questions by quoting from the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Back in the early part of 1968, I transcribed many of his words from tapes and from accurate notes I made from what I heard him say.

I used some of his words in my witness of him in This Is The One. I used some of his words in Chapter Ten of that same book, and am using some of his words, here, in my witness to the truth of my Brother, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

It’s my prayer that his words, and my comments on his words, serve the purpose of helping us to see the rock-solid basis of the work of Minister Farrakhan. It’s my conviction that without our understanding and accepting the nature of his authority, we won’t get through the dark hour.

Let’s ponder these words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He said the first thing that struck him about the Great Mahdi, Whom he would soon represent to the world, was that His words and actions tallied with the Bible’s prophecy about what the One to come would say and do on His arrival.

What does “tallied” mean? “Tallied” is the past tense of “Tally.” “Tally” means, in the sense in which he used it, “to agree, correspond, or come to the same amount, or to cause two or more things to agree.”

He used this word, “tally,” to mean, “something that corresponds to or is the counterpart of something else.”

Our response to his words, here, is critical to our seeing exactly what convinced him of the identity of the One he was seeing and hearing.

I have heard him say that from his earliest memories he was attracted to the reading of the Bible. He said he would sometimes crawl under the family’s home or their barn to read it undisturbed.

Another of his earliest memories was that of his father preaching the Bible from the pulpit of the church. Increasingly, he grew to disagree with his father and other preachers on the meaning of the Bible. Moreover, he grew to expect the One that the Bible teaches would come in the last days of this world.

Think over his use of the word “tally” to describe what went on in his mind as he saw and heard Master Fard Muhammad. That’s the word he used to explain, or express, what went on in his mind, as he quickly saw connections between what he had read in the Bible, to the words and actions of the Man he saw, Who was addressing the audience of which he was a part, that night on September 22, 1931.

He was mentally operating on the highest level of thinking, or mathematics, known to this world. His Teacher caused this. He would cause him to go higher, deeper and broader. Through the teachings and guidance of his Teacher, he would surpass everyone who ever lived, except, of course, his Teacher.

Sufficient, manifest proof–which is beyond evidence–of his teacher’s superlative status, was the more than a vision experience of Minister Farrakhan, on the night of September 17, 1985.

On page 151 of Fall of America, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote: “In these two books, one can easily find everything foretold that is happening today.” The books he was referring to are the Bible and the Holy Qur’an. I’ve never learned that he ever referred to any other book, or books, as having this kind of potent information.

On page 90 of Message to the Blackman we read; “If we have the true knowledge of the Bible and Holy Qur’an, we could agree on the truth of God, devil, religion and the people of Allah.”

On page 91 of this same book, we also read, “The Bible and Holy Qur’an are filled with truth that leads us up to the judgment, and some of their prophecies refer to the hereafter.”

On page 92, of this same book he also wrote, “Man makes himself a fool to try attacking Him in arguments. So, we have no doubt the Holy Qur’an is from the Lord of the Worlds. It is one of the cleanest reading books you ever read.”

The above sums up what convinced Minister Farrakhan’s teacher of Whom he met and was taught by. It’s obvious that one must be especially blessed to access the mind of God, in person.


An event occurred on May 8, 1942, when the F.B.I. arrested the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on a false charge, that bears directly on Minister Farrakhan and us today.

To use his words, in a speech he delivered in Phoenix, Arizona, December 1967, he stated,

“They questioned me all night long in their office, until approximately eight or nine o’clock that morning–it was Friday when I was arrested. And they sent for a doctor to examine me to see if I was getting a little ‘off,’ but I was still normal. There was much said that night, and many questions were asked and most all of them were answered.”

More next issue, Allah willing, on one of those questions that is vital to an intelligent answer to: “By what authority does the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teach and do what he does? Who validates it and with what?”