The great country of America and her great richness, great institutions and her great towns and cities spread out like a blanket over the surface of the Western Hemisphere with her tall buildings going upward over a hundred stories! The great architects and building engineers have become such experts at building to precision that it makes their past history of two and four thousand years ago look like child’s play.

Her land is shadowed with the wings of her many planes that cover her almost like a cloud. The great and wonderful work of science on the earth and in the air, her great mighty fleets afloat on the high seas (on the surface and below the surface), her great scientific mechanical communications system! Yet, with all of this might of skill in engineering or building, the country of America displays and practices more savagery than any civilized country on the earth. And all of her educational institutions are not enough to make a man so intelligent and proud of his education and of being an American citizen that he would not practice the same savagery.

It has become such a country that the civilized man of intelligence and decency is afraid to walk the streets of the vast towns and cities of America. He would be more secure in the jungles, around and in the midst of wild beasts, than to be walking in the streets of these great cities in America after night.

Groups of robbers and murderers, killers and dope addicts are prowling the streets at night to exact their evil intentions upon the innocent. This is a mob of savages that the intelligent and decent woman should not dare venture among. And if we see such women walking around, they are part of this savage people.


It has become dangerous even for a girl or woman to stand alone in any unprotected place, day or night. Rapists lurk around bus stations and robbers and thieves are also at such stations; and with such conditions existing in a so-called civilized country like America, this is the worst name that could be applied to her.

Police, detectives and FBI all are here; but these daring savage acts are committed right before their eyes and ears.

(Republished from “The Fall of America,” 1973.)