The FOI (Fruit of Islam), the men of the Nation of Islam distributed The Final Call newspaper during outreach in Newark.

by West Muhammad

In the spring of 2019, FOI from various cities in the Eastern and Mid-Atlantic region such as Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Newark, Charlotte and Philadelphia graced the streets of Washington, D.C., with the spirit of Saviours’ Day emanating from their souls.

The motivated brothers were electrified and ready to resurrect the mentally dead of the Black and Brown communities, provide training opportunities, and make friends for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and bless them with the spirit of Saviours’ Day! Three years later, this same spirit was lifted.

The Saviours’ Tour was initially the brainchild of Leonard Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 34 in Charlotte, North Carolina. After returning from the magnificent Saviours’ Day of 2019, he refused to allow the fire of Saviours’ Day to blow out. So, after forming a committee of brothers from cities in the Eastern and Mid-Atlantic Region, the Saviours’ Tour was born!


Unfortunately, there was no Saviours’ Tour held in the year 2020 due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, but on March 14, for the second time this year, brothers from Baltimore, D.C., Charlotte, Atlanta and New York gathered in Newark, N.J., to begin soldiering in the streets of the city.

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The people of Newark were so elated to witness our efforts to resurrect them and bless them with love from the Nation of Islam. Many drove by and recorded us, blew their car horns to show support, or accepted our Final Call newspapers and invitations to Muhammad Mosque No. 25 in Newark, N.J.

During the callout, three stops were made. During these stops, we chanted and went from doors of small carryouts and convenience shops to doors of houses in low-income communities. We were also led in drill by Brother Ulton Muhammad from New York to reflect the discipline, dedication and training that we have received from the Nation of Islam.

While soldiering with the brothers, I could clearly see the impact that we were making on the community. Brothers in suits and bowties were separated from brothers in their brown FOI uniforms, but we were a family of brothers, and we were elated to welcome other brothers and sisters to join us on our journey. 

Eastern Regional Student FOI Captain Majied Muhammad prepares to lead men into community

At the end of the successful day of delivering the truth to our people, we reconvened at a school in the city and concluded our meeting in prayer. Afterward, the sound of handshakes, hugs, and loving words floated through the air. Many brothers purchased bean pies from one another as well. 

You can contribute to the spectacular Saviours’ Tour! Our brother and rapper Jay Electronica showed his support by sharing a clip of the recorded event on his Instagram page @jayelectronica and as of June 10, 2022, the video has gained over 23,500 views! Inshallah (God-willing), on June 18, we plan to deliver the same loving Saviours’ Day spirit and Nation of Islam truth to Charlotte, N.C.!

Brother West Muhammad is 12 years old and is a Jr. FOI at Mosque No. 6 in Baltimore. He is also a co-host on the weekly podcast WHID-FM, “What Has Islam Done For Me?” The program airs every Sunday, 7 p.m. EST on Facebook.