One glimpse at the world, whether witnessing the suffering in the Ukraine, the horrific shooting of children in Uvalde, Texas, or the fratricidal killings in Black communities there appears to be no hiding place, no safe space from widespread death.

There seems to be no secure place when it comes to jobs and employment and a country that sees a lack of baby formula as a crisis will soon see a wider crisis as already scarce store shelves become even more barren.

There seems to be no secure place in a society that thrives on conflict, clashes, acrimony, and hatred—whether in the online world of cyberspace and social media or in the real world of our very homes.

But there is a refuge and it is the only true place for security and that is refuge in Allah (God) Himself, the all-powerful, Supreme Being who is the master of the day of judgement in which we now live. We are living in the time of a change of worlds and Allah (God) Himself is directing that change.


So to understand the only reality that exists is to find the place—and the One—who can change your reality and give you the proper perspective on the reality that you are facing.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, eternal leader of the Nation of Islam, would often write or say: “Fly to Allah. (God.)” He was directing us to get knowledge of and to develop a close relationship with the God who came to save us and who taught him, Master Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi of the Muslims and the Messiah of the Christians.

We are without refuge if we don’t know or reject this incredibly good news of a Saviour who has come among us. This Mighty One came to seek and save us even as the world around us is roiled by confusion, anger and violence as He shuts down the current world dominated by and controlled by Caucasian people.

Take it or let it alone. But before you reject knowledge, read and study the books, lectures and teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and his number one student and his National Representative, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who is an extension of his work and mission. The Minister is a modern Aaron to this modern Moses and much more than that.

In the scripture God promises us that He will grant us security and make our later state better than our former state on condition that we submit to Him.

But in a world gone mad and a society where the slaughter of children by weapons solely made to slaughter people only brings tears, speeches, flowers, empty promises—and even lies—from politicians more concerned with their careers and the gun lobby than the lives of the American people.

Seek refuge in Allah (God.) Seek Him, learn of Him and obey Him that your burden, especially the burden of being Black in a White man’s dying and falling world may be lessened.

How do you seek and find Him? The way to seek and find the God on scene today is found in the writings, the lectures and the Teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the millions of words readily available, spoken by the Messenger’s servant, Min. Farrakhan.

There is a place to hide, a place to escape the evil, the carnage and confusion that is a major part of life in a world that lives contrary to the will of God. There is an escape from the schemes and plots of Satan, meaning wise, evil-minded, murder-minded Caucasian people. The place is in the bosom of Allah (God) and his bosom is wide enough to accommodate all of us who desire to be with Him and his divine servants.

In the Bible, Psalm 91:2, reads: “I will say to the Lord, ‘My refuge and my fortress,

My God, in whom I trust!’ ”

This tells us that God desires for us to call on Him and Him alone because with Him is the abode of peace and He has the power to protect us—from outside forces and the weaknesses of our own beings.

In the Amplified translation of the Bible, Psalm 91:1-7, reads: “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High Will remain secure and rest in the shadow of the Almighty [whose power no enemy can withstand] will say of the LORD, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust [with great confidence, and on whom I rely]!’ For He will save you from the trap of the fowler, And from the deadly pestilence.

He will cover you and completely protect you with His pinions, And under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and a wall. You will not be afraid of the terror of night, Nor of the arrow that flies by day, Nor of the pestilence that stalks in darkness, Nor of the destruction (sudden death) that lays waste at noon. A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand, But danger will not come near you.”

These are not mere declarations from man but promises from God Himself for the Lost and now Found Black man, woman, and child in the Western hemisphere in particular. What incredible guarantees in a world where we suffer assaults from so many directions.

So while America is kindling God’s anger and wrath, God’s love and abundant forgiveness is open to us. Fly to Allah (God) and seek refuge in Him in a troubled time for He is the Master of it all.