Members of the Nine Ministries of the Southern Region gathered April 2, at the call of Southern Region Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad, pictured in front in white.

By Azizah Muhammad and Anisah Muhammad

ATLANTA—On the first day of the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan, youth from the Southern Region of the Nation of Islam gathered at “The Ark,” a business hub in Atlanta established by Nation of Islam Southern Region Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad.

He gathered the 50 youth—all members of the Nine Ministries of the Southern Region—to advance initiatives such as the 10,000 Fearless Men & Women, People United for Change, Inc., and Rise magazine. About one year ago, Minister Sharrieff Muhammad appointed nine young people over each of the Nine Ministries. 

“The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan wanted us to establish the Nine Ministries so our young, gifted, talented brothers and sisters would bring their gifts and talents back to the Nation of Islam and use them,” he said.


The Nine Ministries were established by Minister Farrakhan as part of the Millions More Movement, the 10th Anniversary of the historic Million Man March. Minister Farrakhan has since described the Ministries as “organs of service for our people and others” and as necessities to “establish an independent nation.”

“We must set up Ministries in every city to serve the needs, the rights and the interests of our people and others—a top priority is a Ministry of Education. It must focus on new methods of increasing the attractiveness of education to the minds of our young people,” Minister Farrakhan has stated. 

The Nine Ministries include: the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Trade and Commerce, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Arts and Culture, and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

(L-R) Aaron Muhammad, Kasta Dozier-Muhammad, Jaquaris X Jean-Jacques and Hashim Muhammad.

“We wanted to provide a place for our youth so they can come and discuss economics and then pool our resources as well as our knowledge to do something for ourselves,” Min. Sharrieff Muhammad stated. 

During the meeting, the young people watched a video about the works of FBI’s secret Counterintelligence program (called Cointelpro) and the organization’s consistent effort to thwart Black progress. Lead members of each of the Nine Ministries of the Southern Region talked about the significance of their chosen Ministry, what they have done and plan to do to advance the Ministry. 

“I really enjoyed our Nine Ministries meeting at The Ark,” said Tennessee native Ryan X, a 26-year-old lead member of the Ministry of Agriculture. “It was eye-opening to be able to see many hardworking individuals from each Ministry come out and be present because this was all just a vision less than a year ago. To see it manifest and see the youth up and rolling with the many ideas, projects, and events taking place within each Ministry … it was a beautiful sight!” 

Ryan X credits Min. Sharrieff Muhammad for being a driving force for the continuous progress of the Nine Ministries of the Southern Region. “He really inspired us to take charge and be the difference in our Nation that we would like to see,” he said.

Amirah Muhammad, a 26-year-old medical school graduate and member of the Ministry of Health, believes the Nine Ministries meeting was a blueprint and a view of what the Nation of Islam will look like after the end of Satan’s rule.

“Being at The Ark with the believers as we shared our ideas, voiced our thoughts, celebrated one another’s accomplishments, and communed with one another as we heralded in the Holy Month of Ramadan was like getting a glimpse of this new world of Islam that is beginning to unfurl as this world comes to a close,” she stated. 

“Whenever I enter The Ark, I feel honored,” said Kashta Dozier-Muhammad, a 23-year-old Science Engineering graduate from Alabama A&M University who leads the Ministry of Science and Technology. “I feel honored because I know that everyone inside is working hard for our people outside and that the door is open to help our people.”

Anisah Muhammad, a poet and contributing writer to The Final Call newspaper and Rise magazine, works in the Ministry of Information. She and the other members of this Ministry are striving to exemplify their love for Minister Farrakhan and their fearlessness in defending him as well as suffering Black people in America.

“When I reflect on the Nine Ministries meeting that took place at The Ark, the first thing that comes to mind is the sea of 10,000 Fearless youth,” Anisah Muhammad said. “The video [Cointelpro] stood out to me as a writer and journalist, but also as a young person working in and for the Nation of Islam. The FBI and the U.S. government have continuously targeted the Nation, but one thing is clear, the youth are working fearlessly in the Southern Region of the Nation because we love our people, and we love the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.”

Each participant expressed appreciation for leadership roles in such an important aspect of moving the Nation forward. The atmosphere in the room reflected a scientific approach to making progress as experiences of trial, error and success were shared.

“The meeting itself was spectacular because we got to see other individuals that are focused on the same mission with the same dedication come together,” expressed Jaquaris X Jean-Jacques, a 23-year-old Haitian American who leads the Ministry of Defense. “What we’re doing here in the 9 Ministries is very important.”

Kareem Muhammad, 28, and Thristrum Muhammad, 27, of the Ministry of Arts & Culture, believe the Nine Ministries meeting at The Ark was a great guide and the beginning of something new. 

“Everyone at the meeting wants to really do something to shape the future,” Thristrum Muhammad said. “And because of that, Minister Sharrieff had to remind us to watch out for the enemy.” 

“All you [could] see was a sea of youth ready to work,” added Kareem Muhammad. “We always talk about the Joshua Generation or when we’re going to get our turn. Well, now Brother Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad is putting us to the forefront so we can do this work.”

Describing the Nine Ministries meeting as divine, Youth Student Minister Hashim Muhammad of the Ministry of Justice said, “To see so many dedicated, young, working Muslims engaging in the proper business of life moved some to tears.”

When asked what he hopes the young members of the Nine Ministries of the South gained from their experience at “The Ark,” Min. Sharrieff Muhammad told The Final Call, “I hope they gained the spirit of being together with a common cause for the upliftment of our people, in the spirit of Master Fard Muhammad, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan—he is the Jesus in our midst.” 

“The Nine Ministries of the South would like to thank the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Student Regional Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad for giving them a chance to share their gifts and talents with the Nation of Islam and the world,” said participants.