Toy Team from (L-R): Sister Lorretta Muhammad, Sister Celestine Muhammad, Sister Amirah Muhammad, age 14, Student MGT Captain Missey Muhammad, and Sister Khalidah Muhammad. (R) The children received a coloring book written by Sister Lorretta Muhammad with artwork by Sister Rebecca Muhammad of Musawwir Artistic Studio. Photo: Celestine Muhammad, Mina Muhammad, Victor Muhammad, Mahalieka Muhammad.

By Mahalieka Muhammad

DETROIT—In his Saviours’ Day message, “The Swan Song,” the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said, “You all should honor and respect Mother Khadijah … every time you see her, thank her for being to me a believing friend.”

Mother Khadijah. Photo: Celestine Muhammad, Mina Muhammad, Victor Muhammad, Mahalieka Muhammad.

This beautiful acknowledgment of the great sacrifice of Mother Khadijah Farrakhan, his wife of nearly 69 years, was a teaching moment on how to honor and respect all women, who are the second self of God.

After two years of safety protocols being in place due to Covid- 19, Mother Khadijah Farrakhan could not host the annual and highly anticipated Saviours’ Day Children’s Village in person during Saviours’ Day 2022 in Chicago. So, to show “honor and respect” the Muhammad Mosque No. 1 Toy Drive Team hosted the “Detroit Saviours’ Day Children’s Gift Celebration Honoring and Saluting Mother Khadijah Farrakhan and the Children’s Village.”


Children of all ages, young and old, helped set up and engaged in a variety of activities such as an arts and crafts table to create unique and original greeting cards for Mother Khadijah. There was also a photo booth with Sister Mina Muhammad to take pictures with fun props, a video message section to record a personal greeting to Mother Khadijah, music, goody bags and more.

Sister Fadilah Muhammad, age 11, one of the helpers, said, “I am excited not only to be given gifts, but I actually get to help out.”

Sister Celestine Muhammad agreed and that is why she included her two boys in the efforts. “The reason I get my children involved is because I have been taught over the years of being in the Nation to lead by example. If I am not found doing the work, living the life and qualifying myself, how can I expect my children to do the same when they decide to join our Nation?” she said.

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions of the day was the children receiving the “I Am A God Saviours’ Day” coloring book created by Sister Loretta Muhammad which teaches what a Saviour, believer, and friend means. She explained she wanted to “create something that would appeal to children and provide parents an opportunity and a tool to teach their children more about why we celebrate Saviours’ Day.” The event took place March 26.

This divinely inspired coloring book project covers a brief history of Master Fard Muhammad, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. It also had coloring sections of Mother Khadijah Farrakhan and Jr. F.O.I. and Jr. M.G.T., a “Swan Song” word search, an explanation on the importance of gratitude and more. It was illustrated by Sister Rebecca Muhammad of Musawwir Artistic Studio in Phoenix.

Mother Khadijah, the First Lady of the Nation of Islam, shows impeccable grace, modesty and is a beautiful example of how the women of God should strive to model themselves after. Detroit M.G.T. and G.C.C. Student Captain Missey Muhammad said, “Mother Khadijah is a hero of faith, a Faithful mother to me. The love of a godly mother is a reflection of Allah’s (God’s) love for us,” she said.

Sister Khalidah Shaheed Muhammad, student M.G.T. Vanguard lieutenant, recalled memories of the Children’s Village and meeting Mother Khadijah as a little girl. Her daughter Safiyyah, asked, “Have you ever met her?” and she was able to show her daughter a picture of her with Mother Khadijah, which made her daughter “very excited” knowing her own mom went to the Children’s Village as a child.

With the help of Allah, Muhammad Mosque No. 1, plans to offer more fun, interactive, educational activities for youth. Brother Basil Muhammad resumed the Jr. F.O.I. Class. Student F.O.I. Captain Sharrieff Muhammad said, “Starting our Jr. F.O.I. class is extremely important in a world that has made it very convenient and tempting for you to want to live other than yourself.”

Student Minister Troy Muhammad, local representative of Min. Farrakhan, agrees. “We want our mosque youth to be active. This way they learn the value and importance of community service and helping others,” he said.

The children shared words of gratitude to Minister Farrakhan and Mother Khadijah during the program.

“Mother Khadijah, thank you for all the years of Saviours’ Day, the Children’s Village that you have given us and all the gifts that I have received,” said Ashton Muhammad, 13.

“I am so excited about pretty much everything about the Children’s Village,” shared Sadiyah Muhammad, 8.

“Happy Saviours’ Day!” exclaimed Salahdin Muhammad, 13.

“I would like to thank Minister Louis Farrakhan and Mother Khadijah Farrakhan. I appreciate their commitment and I want Allah to bless them every day, have a good life and continue to add on to their lengthy and powerful legacy,” said 14-year-old Amirah Muhammad.

“We love you and all the Muslims in the world love you Minister Farrakhan, and Mother Khadijah, we love you too,” shared Zaeem Muhammad, 11.

“I am proud of being in the Nation of Islam. I loved the amazing sense of unity and safety. Now that I am Registered, I will have that experience of doing the same for others. Thank you, Minister Farrakhan and Mother Khadijah Farrakhan, for your sacrifice and giving your life in order to save our people,” said Samia Muhammad, 16.

Nine-year-old Surayyah Muhammad shared, “I really like the Minister’s speeches and want to spend a little time with him and Mother Khadijah.”

Anaya Muhammad, 5, shared: “Thank you, Minister Farrakhan for … Saviours’ Day” and for Mother Khadijah she added, “You’re my friend.”