Enoch Muhammad of Hip Hop Detoxx

CHICAGO—Enoch Muhammad, also known as “N.O.C.,” is the co-founder of Hip-Hop Detoxx, a Chicago-based program that provides an outlet specifically targeting youth, to counter the violence, drugs, and behavioral issues that plague a large portion of our communities.

The program spreads its message of hope and encouragement through plays and open mic poetry sets and with the latest addition of the book, “POISON.”

On March 26, the official book release was held. He read excerpts from the book and engaged in a discussion with Milwaukee-based hip hop activist and lyricist Shawn Muhammad also known as “Gat Turner.” Enoch Muhammad described similarities from the time period of the book with today’s culture.

“POISON” is a series of books, which will consist of anthologies on some of the most influential hip-hop and house music of the 1980s. The book will include coming of age stories on a group of young Chicagoans trying to navigate the treacherous terrain of misinformation, miseducation, mishaps and trauma of the “Reganomics” and crack era.


“I started the process in writing this book seven years ago. The end result would have been a 600–700-page book, so my team and I decided to break it up into a series. There’s a lot in this book that will cause you to reflect. We would like for people to have discussions surrounding this book, so we have a curriculum, or workbook for this book,” stated Enoch Muhammad.

 “I thought the excerpts from the book was rather interesting, definitely gives you food for thought. I can’t wait to read the book,” said Angie Jones, who attended the book release.

“The writing process was all Brother Enoch. Me and Brother Enoch have worked closely together for more than 20 years, I stayed on him to make sure he completed that book. I think he needs to weaponize this book because we have so many things coming at us in adverse ways in society. I think this book is that powerful and I think that our young people in particular should have access to it,” stated Shawn Muhammad.

Enoch Muhammad explained the reality of dealing with “some form of poison” which includes outright lies and half-truths in addition to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, gossiping, bad food, and more. All can become a part of our lifestyle. 

Kesha Muhammad, Enoch’s wife, provided encouragement and constructive critique during the process.

 “What Enoch is doing is ministry. He’s teaching a change that we definitely need and he’s applying the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that’s speaking the language of our people. May God bless Brother Enoch,” said local businessman Yahya Jabril Muhammad.

For more information, visit www.poisonbooks.com.

—Shawntell Muhammad is a Final Call Contributing Writer and can be reached at [email protected]