(Left) New York City Police and law enforcement officials lead subway shooting suspect Frank R. James, 62, center, away from a police station, in New York, April 13. The man accused of shooting multiple people on a Brooklyn subway train was arrested April 13, and charged with a federal terrorism offense. Photo: Seth Wenig/AP

NEW YORK—The man charged with opening fire in a Brooklyn subway car full of people was jailed without bail April 14 as prosecutors told a judge he terrified all of New York City.

Brought into a Brooklyn federal court without handcuffs, a subdued Frank James, 62, softly answered standard questions about whether he understood the charges and the purpose of the brief hearing. His lawyer later asked the public not to prejudge him.

Mr. James was arrested in Manhattan after calling a police tip line to say where he was April 13, a day after the rush-hour attack left 10 people with gunshot wounds and countless others fearing for their safety on the nation’s busiest subway system. (AP)