Brandon Do and wife Chanda Ros at Saviours’ Day 2022

We made the trip from Philadelphia to Chicago to hear the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan give his “Swan Song” speech! What a wonderful experience shared with thousands of people gathered for a common cause.

People may be curious as to why I take such interest in the Nation of Islam. My answer is that the teachings are universal and all of humanity can benefit from them. “Doesn’t the Nation of Islam preach hate?” they might ask.

There’s nothing hateful about telling your people that they shouldn’t abuse themselves with drugs, that they should instead love themselves and see their divine potential. There’s nothing hateful about telling your people that they shouldn’t participate in America’s war agenda—as Minister Farrakhan discussed today. There’s nothing hateful about teaching your people to not compromise their principles for money.

There’s nothing hateful about teaching your sisters to respect themselves. There’s nothing hateful about teaching your people to love those who have been marginalized and pushed to the bottom of society. In fact, it would be hateful to NOT teach them these things. The enemy has us brainwashed to think that hateful, degrading and apathetic deeds are a form of love so they can use us as pawns in their agenda.


As a Vietnamese-American, I know they love seeing us addicted to their drugs, drinking their Hennessy, gambling our money away at their casinos, absorbing their mis-education, and remaining ignorant of our true history. Because as long as we remain in that mental enslavement and without a strong backbone, we will never be able to stand up to those who want to use us for their corrupt interests. It is a tragedy to see a people who come from such a great civilization wandering aimlessly through life, spiritually beaten down and broken.

So, I came to Chicago to bear witness to the truth. And the thousands of beautiful and upright Black men and women reinforced that truth for me. I hope to bring what I learn back to my people so they can free themselves from the lies that have held them captive for generations. Happy Saviours’ Day! —Brandon Do