Student Minister Chad Muhammad of Mosque No. 47 in Tampa. Photos Courtesy of Mosque 47

TAMPA, Fla.—Eating to live is absolutely the answer to physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness. However, how we are preparing to eat to live during these trying times? To address this important question, Muhammad Mosque No. 47 in Tampa, Fla., hosted a community event entitled, “Survival Awareness.” 

The March 23 workshop was planned, organized, and executed by Student Protocol Director Wanda Muhammad and focused on four essential presentations by subject matter experts. The first presentation was led by Sisters Pamela X, Regional Staple Goods Coordinator of Muhammad Mosque No. 29 in Miami and VaShawn Muhammad. Their presentation concentrated on techniques associated with dry food and water storage.

Sisters JoAnn Muhammad and Wanda Muhammad facilitated extensive training and discussion around pressure canning and dehydrated food for storage purposes. Sister LaTrasha Muhammad, a registered and licensed dietitian, expounded on the teachings found in “How To Eat To Live,” as given and taught by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This presentation inspired this writer Brother Dr. Lawrence X to share my testimony at the event about my current fight with cancer and how following these life-saving Teachings has enabled me to fight and win!

Much of the survival workshop focused on the preparation and consumption of food. Understanding the vital relationship that exists between physical and emotional consumption, Sister Crystal X, a licensed therapist in Florida and Washington States, of Mosque No. 95 in Saint Petersburg, Fla., spoke on mental health awareness and survival. The workshop concluded as Student Minister Chad Muhammad of Mosque No. 47 recognized community leaders such as Mrs. 


Deanna Hardy-Joseph of Black Lives Matters Grass Roots and Andrew Joseph III Foundation; Sister Khadijah Muhammad of @dijahbakes and Mr. “Spirit” Mike of New World Growers. He shared the importance of returning and working on purchasing land and growing our own food.

First-time guest Glen McBride and his wife shared that they were grateful and thankful they came out and learned so much at the seminar. Mr. McBride stated this gives him hope to prepare and save his family!

Student Minister Chad Muhammad spoke to attendees about the effects of war, social unrest, and resource shortages becoming reality for many communities in America and abroad and the importance of preparation. Muhammad Mosque No. 47 continues to strive to make our communities safer and more decent places to live.

—Submitted by Brother Dr. Lawrence X