(The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a near five-hour presentation Feb. 27 as Saviours’ Day 2022 was commemorated in Chicago at Mosque Maryam and the National Center of the Nation of Islam. His subject was “The Swan Song.” Below are excerpts from this amazing address and part 5 of our presentations and the final installment of this incredible message. We encourage readers to get the full message on CD, DVD, or MP3 by visiting store.finalcall.com or call 1-866-602-1230, ext. 200.)

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

The Son of Man is a man born out of the longing of the people, he had a mother. His mother was named Marie. She brought Elijah into the world. He was strange, he was different. He was the seventh child of about twelve, I think. And when the Saviour was with him, he said, “I want to give you a big name.” “I would like to keep Elijah,” said the Messenger. And the Saviour said, “Yes brother you can keep that name.”

This is the God and a servant talking and He is calling him brother. Brother. And then Moses is given a brother. “Your brother Aaron is on his way to you.” So in February 1954, he said, “I’ve been trying for 22 years to get this word into the heart of our people. I think I am going to ask Allah to give me a little helper.” And in the next year 1955 I came through the doors like some of you came through the doors today.


His subject was “A Saviour Is Born For the Blackman and Woman of America.” I was seated in the balcony. Brother Malcolm told the Messenger there’s a young man coming out of Boston, he’s very popular in Boston, he’s a musician, an entertainer. So Malcolm was told and Yusuf Shah was told to sit near that pole in the balcony. “And you put this Boston singer near Yusuf Shah. When I see Shah, I’ll see him,” the Messenger said. Yusuf Shah, Jr., will you stand up please. Your father was my protector. He’s the one that sat by the pole in Muhammad’s Temple and he seated me at 5335 S. Greenwood Ave., where the Messenger could look up and see me. 

The Messenger started speaking. Being a student of English, I was critical. I said to myself, “Oh this man can’t speak well.” He looked up in the balcony and said, “Brother,”  and I sat back you know. He said, “I didn’t get that mighty fine education that you got. When I got to the school door, it was closing. But don’t you pay no attention to how I’m saying it. You pay attention to what I’m saying, then you take it and put it in that mighty fine language that you know.”

Now you’re hearing me but who are you really hearing? Look at this. Elijah Muhammad is the Great Messiah; he’s the Jesus and his Teacher came as the Mighty One under the name Jesus too. But Muhammad is their name but don’t get confused. “Oh but I believe in Jesus,” and you say, “well I believe in Muhammad. But who’s Jesus?” But Jesus is Muhammad and Muhammad means one worthy of praise.

That’s the name of Muhammad, one worthy of praise. Jesus is worthy of praise. Elijah Muhammad certainly is worthy of praise. But look at the Qur’an. The Qur’an says, “I gave Moses thirty nights and I strengthened him with ten more.” And during that last ten years, he had me doing his broadcast. I became his first and only National Representative. Now look, I didn’t say spokesperson. Brother Malcolm was his spokesperson. But Farrakhan is his representative, there’s a difference.

He made me into Himself. Go back to your Qur’an, all of you, and go back to your Bible scholarship. In the Qur’an after the forty nights, Moses says to Aaron, “Take my place among the people and act well. Follow not the way of the mischief makers.” Here I am. Look if you want to see Elijah, look at your brother. Yes. He’s in me. I wouldn’t know one thing to say if he didn’t say it first to me. So I am a Messiah too because I’m an extension of the Great Messiah, Elijah Muhammad. 

So when I’ve been talking to you, he’s talking. When I’ve been walking with you, he’s walking because everything I taught you it’s from him and everything, we’ve done in his name was because of him. So Philip says, “Jesus when am I going to see the Master?” Jesus says,  “Have I been among you this long and you have not seen him? When you see me, you see the father because I’m in the father and the father is in me. Me and my father are one.” 

Last point. Thank you for your patience and dear Allah (God) thank you for giving me the words to say.  The Messenger of God I believed he was dead but I started to work and I finally read brother Jabril’s writings, “Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive?”  All of the things the Hon. Elijah Muhammad told me could never be if he were dead.  Listen to his words. “Brother when you see me again, the power that you will see me exercising if I did not tell you that I was not God you would be found worshiping at my feet.”

When I discovered in December of 1980 that what brother Jabril Muhammad wrote is the truth and I was convinced and convicted that my Teacher was alive even though I saw a body. The White man is no master of cloning. 

Brothers, sisters look, once I believed he was alive we had our first Saviours’ Day in 1981. You remember? And I told Brother Jabril, “I’m going to announce to the world that Elijah Muhammad is not dead, he’s alive. He avoided a death plot and the angels came and got him and he’s on that Wheel with his Teacher. I want you to listen. This is the end and you have to hang in there now because it’s the end. Gird up your loins because this is the end. Hold on tight; this is the end! 

In 1981, I think it was the 22nd of February, I said, “Elijah Muhammad is alive.” I said I am that Peter that you read about and the scripture says, “Before the cock crows once you are going to deny me thrice.”  I followed Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, I loved him. I didn’t love what he did. Things that he did that I disagreed with and I told him. He said, “Well teach what you agree with.” I said, “If I teach what I agree with, what I don’t agree with will come out and the people will be more confused than they are now. So I think I’ll try to go back into show business and make a living for my family.”

Farrakhan Chalice messiah

I was about to give up on the Word of God, on the Mission and Brother Jabril came. I always loved that brother. I always thank Allah (God) for that brother because when I read his book I was convinced—and  if you really want to be convinced get that book by Brother Jabril: “Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive?”  Listen to what I did.  I stood up. I said, he’s alive. Lew Myers, the late great lawyer. Remember Lew? He was my brother. He was my friend and he came to my home on Damen Avenue and we went up to Pepe’s restaurant. Lew said, “Farrakhan why would you say something like that? People think you crazy.” 

A lot of the Nationalists that helped me became angry with me because they thought that I was lying. I was making a Statement of My Faith. “Elijah Muhammad is alive.” We have a tomb back there that came from Egypt, a beautiful tomb.  He is not in it. I don’t know who it’s for but I know he isn’t in it. What a beautiful tomb that is too.  It came all the way from Egypt and written on it in Arabic is, “Say He Allah is One.” Well, now I said it. People are tearing me to pieces.

See faith makes you do things that get you in trouble with your friends. But I wasn’t thinking about my friends I was thinking about my Teacher. He’s alive. Now I have to go on the mountain top and tell it.  I put something to the family, the Muhammad family. I said look, if we exhume the body, we have Dr. Abdul Salaam and there is a dentist in Mexico that worked on his teeth. Let both of them bring their records and let us take the one that’s in the casket and if that is Elijah I’ll stop preaching and you’ll never hear from me again. So some of you wanted me to stop but you didn’t take the challenge.

I’ve offered you my life. White people want me dead. Black people, some of them, want me dead too. And I offered my life. Prove what I’m saying that it’s false.

Now I have found out what I must do to get to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. What is that? Just think about what I went through: Saying a man is alive and there’s a death certificate. Saying a man is alive and offering the Muhammad family if you don’t want me to talk like this, his dentist, Dr. Salaam would have gladly done an examination of the body that is buried. The doctor in Mexico would have done it. Let’s prove it once and for all and I’ll shut up. Look at the shut up. Look what would have happened if I had shut up. We wouldn’t be here. If I had shut up, we would never have had this mosque. If I’d  shut up, the world would not be affected by Elijah Muhammad as they are today.

So you didn’t let me shut up and now some of you may want to shut me up. Be careful, be careful, be careful. Because this may be your Swan Song.

Elijah Muhammad says: After the war and unto the end of the war, desolations are determined. There’s a scripture in the Bible in the Book of Daniel, I think it’s the ninth Chapter, where the Messiah is cut off. If Elijah Muhammad is the Messiah, there’s a time that was set and a death plot against him. This is real talk. What does the cut off mean? The Messenger told me one day, “Do you know what it means the abomination that bringeth desolation? Do you know what that is?”  I said, “No sir.” 

I don’t fake it man, if I don’t know. I was one of these “I don’t know” students so I could be taught. But if you’re trying to show how smart you are, you show how stupid you are. So I said, “No I don’t know.” He said, “It’s hatred brother, that’s the abomination that bringeth desolation.” Imam W.D. Mohammed told the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1967: “I ain’t never believed that that man in that picture was God.”  Every time he got put out it was because he said he didn’t believe in Master Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi. Just before Saviour’s Day at the dinner table, the Messenger said to Wallace, “I’m going to give you a Saviour’s Day gift.” You didn’t hear me. The Believers didn’t know Wallace. They didn’t know him. We who had been in the Nation for a while we knew Wallace. We knew his great spiritual qualities. He was a great teacher but he wasn’t going to teach his father’s Teaching because that to him was darkness.

Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive book

On Saviour’s Day 1975 I had been in a little tiff with Wallace D. Mohammed. The Messenger took me from back there in the back row and brought me upfront in front of all of you that were here. I was sitting in the front seat over there.  He pointed to his seat. Do you know that’s in the scripture? That’s what he did for Solomon, he sat him in his seat. There were a lot of contenders for David’s throne.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad sat me in that chair. And when he sat me in that chair, let me tell you something I could feel the daggers. You know how old I was in the Nation? Seventeen. You know how old I was when I went to Mecca and defeated the scholars? I was in the rebuilding of the Nation twelve years. 

When did Jesus come before the scholars? He was twelve years old. I’m trying to tell you something.  You are looking for Jesus and he’s hiding in plain sight. You don’t know him. I am the little Jesus that walked among you, did miracles among you. The Million Man March was a miracle. Look at the multitudes that came out to see and  hear Farrakhan.

And all the while that they came to see and hear Farrakhan what were the Jewish people thinking about me? It’s right in your scriptures. All you have to do is take Jesus from yesterday and put him today where he properly belongs. Jesus of yesterday was a prophet not the Messiah. The Messiah comes at the end of the world of Satan. I’ve done Jesus’ work among you. I don’t talk about myself like I’m somebody great. 

You remember Huey Newton of the Black Panther Party? I went to visit him and I took some of the Believers. The minister from Los Angeles and the captain from Los Angeles and others, we all went to see Huey. When we got to Huey’s apartment, his man came to the door. He said, well you can’t come in unless you submit to a search. Well that wasn’t no problem with me, we search everybody. Because my brother is valued in the sight of those who love him, I don’t mind you searching me. I’m not carrying anything to hurt my brother. So I submitted to the search.  Oh did my brothers eat my flesh. 

The Messenger called me out to Chicago and he’s whipping me and he has my brothers right there watching the whopping. “Here you are my National Representative, I put you in a million dollar house and you go to this neuter gender and get down on your knees. I’m making you like the Pope.” Listen, the Pope doesn’t accept questions like he is some common, ordinary man. The Pope comes out and gives you the encyclical.  He gives you what he has to say and moves on. If you have a question you have to see the Pope. He said, “I’m making you like the Pope.” Listen. “And there you are bending your knees and bowing down to a neuter gender.”

Neuter means somebody who don’t know who he is. He isn’t this or that. And then after he beats me some more. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “Here you are second only to myself bowing down.” He whipped me some more.  He said, “You fell off the log brother. And when you’re on a log and you fall off you can’t get up by yourself. You need help to get back up.  Look at your leader, you second only to me. They asked me to come the White House and I wrote them a letter and told them that, ‘I live at 4847 Woodlawn Avenue. If you want to see me you come to where I live. I’m not going to no White House.’ ”  So he’s trying to tell me don’t bow down to this world. “I’m making you greater than all of them.” 

I took the whipping and came out stronger, came out better. I never had a negative thought about my teacher. 

So what am I facing now? I’m facing crucifixion. Because if I say I’m a little Jesus, the big one is with the Saviour on the Wheel. You can’t get to him. I’m his Representative, you can get to me. So my Omega Psi Phi fraternity brothers, I have a lot of Omega brothers, they gave me the purple robe of the founder of Omega Psi Phi. They draped me with a robe. A Jewish Rabbi came to my hotel room in New York.  Harry Belafonte was sitting there with me and the rabbi brought me a gift, a gift of a chalice on a silver plate calling me the Messiah. When I first read it, I said, “Awe man this is off, this isn’t for me, this is for my Teacher.” I was so far away from seeing myself but the Messenger said, “When you find out who you are you are going to have to struggle to hold yourself down.” I know now who I am. I know that I’m about to be taken. I know that. 


The war that Vladimir Putin started in Ukraine is going to spread and America is going to be drawn into a war in Europe. Listen to your brother. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught me about this. When America was drawn into the war with Japan, President Roosevelt wrote an executive order to get the Honorable Elijah Muhammad off the streets and the FBI arrested him and imprisoned him. 

When America is drawn into this war, I’m too old for the draft because I’ll be ninety by that time and they’re going to send this executive order and they’re going to come to arrest me. Don’t worry Jesus kept telling the disciples these things are going to happen. But don’t let your hearts be troubled this is what is written. I have to fulfill what is written. They’re not going to treat me kindly. They’re not supposed to take my life because a deal was made. It’s in the Bible, it’s in the Qur’an. Remember Job, God and the devil were talking. Now you wouldn’t think that God and the devil have a talk. But hell if Russian President Putin and U.S. President Biden can talk, you know God and Satan converse. The conversation is written in the scripture. 

Satan says to God, “Because you have found me erring and you cause me to remain disappointed here’s what I’m going to do for you. I’m going to come at them in your straight path. I’ll come to them from before them from behind them from their left side from their right side and I’m going to make them all deviate.” 

Now look at the Nation of Islam, some of you are already deviating. Somebody comes with a plot; somebody comes with a plan. There’s some money attached to it, always something that attracts your fancy. The first relief program that came from the Biden administration was to aid those who were suffering, businesses and people and whatnot. I saw all of these Muslims: “I’m a businessman, let me get some of that money.” 

Did I ring your bell? Did I touch your number? Some of you are lying straight up. How the hell can you be identified with me and you’re a liar? You made your bones in my name. You didn’t have any name. You used my name. I made the name Farrakhan a great name because I followed God who named me. Now you’re going to take your name that you got from me, the word that I taught you that made you loved in your community. You received that from me. Now you become a little whore to go out and lie? You think the devil isn’t going to bring that to me?  He’s going to use that to disgrace you but it’s me that he wants. He doesn’t want you. He wants you to do more evil because he has you. 

And just when you think it’s safe, he’s going to come out with your name attached to my good name. “Do you know so-in-so?”  “Oh yeah that’s one of my grandsons or one of my family members.” “Oh really he’s a criminal.”  How are you going to be with me and you are so hungry for money that you allow yourself to become a victim? You can’t be victimized by con men if you don’t want something for nothing. You can’t get something for nothing. The devil will offer you something and what you offered him is everything, you offered him your soul. 

Thank God for David. “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in Green Pastures, He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul.” So Jesus said come unto me all yea that labor and are heavy laden. If you follow what I tell you, you are not going to be mixed up in no foolishness. But if you follow your desires, some of you right now are trying to rip off part of the followers with your understanding of what you think is Islam. Don’t play with God because these people are sacred. And if you think you can use them to feather your pot and make you rich but you’re a liar, Allah (God) will kill you. So I’m singing a song for you that this is your song. The song of death is a song for you to sing. 

Because the chastisement of Allah (God) comes after you don’t see me anymore. But it’s not permanent. Do you know when I said Elijah was alive, I got a little perturbed with God. I said, “Here I am I’m out on the point. I’m saying he’s alive and you have all these people around here dreaming about Elijah. Seeing Elijah. I said, “I ain’t getting nothing.” So I’m fussing a little with God. He didn’t pay me any attention though. 

But one day on the 17th of September in 1985 in a little village in Mexico called Tepoztlan, The Wheel came down. I climbed a mountain that I usually go to when I’m in Mexico and Brother Jabril was next to me. From The Wheel they said, “Not him just you.” So Brother Jabril had to stand back. I moved forward and a light came out of that Wheel, it was so strong. They said, “Just relax.” And The Wheel took me up from the top of that mountain. The Wheel was off to the side and the light took me into the Wheel. I was sitting next to the pilot but I couldn’t see him.  He took off at a terrific speed and I knew where he was going and I was terrified. Because to see an object in the sky that’s a half-a-mile down, a half-a mile-up, a half-a-mile wide it was like being invited to a city that’s forty miles up above the earth. And there I was on that Wheel. 

I was frightened because I had taken on a wife or two. Did you hear me? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “Do like you see me do. Go like you see me go.” But when I get up on The Wheel, I’m nervous. The first thing I ask, I heard Elijah Muhammad’s voice I never saw him, I ask him about my taking wives. And he acted like he was disgusted with me, he said, “I didn’t bring you up here to discuss that with you. That’s only a sign of what you will have on the other side of your next visit to me.” That didn’t make me happy because women in your life are a trial.  Women in your life become your biggest test. The Holy Qur’an says one is better for you if you but knew. But you get more than one, then you’ll find out why one is better.

There’s a time and place for everything but women are not to be played with. So those of you who studied Study Guide 18 I have a warning in there in red: Don’t do that. That’s not for you. Well is it for you?  Yes. How can you tell that Allah (God) is not displeased with me? He never left me. I’m successful in whatever I do. He hasn’t turned away from me. But I thank Allah (God) for those sisters because each of them has been my teacher.  How are you going to deal with women if you don’t know them? Seventy-five percent of the Messenger’s work is with women. He didn’t call you out to put you over His MGT & GCC class. Ask about me in my class. Ask about me in my class! 

Sister Naeemah Muhammad, the head of the class and all the rest of them, can tell you I have never ever been fresh or smart or scheming with any of the sisters in the class. There were those who were for me. If you weren’t one of them, it isn’t your fault. But I don’t need any more for sure. I don’t like that life. I don’t like to hurt women. You can’t be married to more than one and find peace.  I tried everything I could. It isn’t working. 

So if you’re a wise man you’ll leave things alone that you can’t handle and I can’t say I’m the best handler of that kind of life. But my children they stand up for me. They stand up for me. My children know I’m not a dirty man and those of my children that were produced from those women, they can tell you what I’ve done to make them all a family. That’s why you all should pay honor and respect to Mother Khadijah Farrakhan. Every time you see her thank her for being to me a Believing Friend. Don’t think she likes that. What woman would? Well there’s a lot of women that agree with that. Yes. You’re the second one. You aren’t the first because the first doesn’t agree with that a damn bit. But if you want to get in the family, you say that’s nice until the third one comes. Sisters don’t let men play you while I’m gone. Don’t let none of these men tell you they’re justified in having more than one wife, when they haven’t done anything with the woman that they have.

So when America is pulled into the war, they’re coming for me because they can’t leave me out here preaching to Black people when they want to use your body. Here you can’t get the Senate to uphold democracy when you are learning how to use your vote but they’re playing us. “Oh we got a Black woman now as Supreme Court Justice” nominee. We have brilliant people among us. They can do that job but America doesn’t have a future. She doesn’t have a future. So if they give you a job you got a limited job. 

What are you saying Farrakhan? That’s terrible. Did you think that you could kill of millions of Native Americans,  did you think you can take a nation out of Africa and do what America has done and is continuing to do? Do you think that the Mexicans who once owned Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado, and some parts of Utah—which is Native American and Mexican land. Do you think what America has done to the Native people she doesn’t have to pay for that? Do you think what she’s done to us she doesn’t have to pay for that? I told America during The Criterion message July 4, 2020: “Look Mr. Trump you have a place in the White House, go in, and fall down on your knees and repent. I’m not speaking on my own. Because if you don’t repent you can’t get extra time.” If you continue to do what you do, your time is up, the Swan Song is for you. 

So thank you for coming out to hear how long you have to live. Thank you for coming out to hear me let you know God would not be just to allow America to escape for what America has done. Not only to us and to the Mexicans and to the Indians but the people around the world.  Putin, Putin, Putin now you’re out there Mr. President. You are out there. Look at what’s happening: I don’t know who is winning because I am not aware of the facts. But they tell me the Ukrainians are fighting back. If the Ukrainians are fighting back; you are feeling it. Otherwise why would you call Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky a Nazi? Others say.

“No, no, no. He’s not a Nazi. He’s Jewish.”  Zelensky said he’s not giving up. You’re going to pay a price. You feel strong but look at how God will take the Ukrainian people and shame you. Big bad Russia. You should never have come at them like that. So now you’re feeling some heat inside your own house. But you’re not going to stop. I told President Trump; you’re not going to repent so God is going to have to slap you down. You remember my words? You saw three Black women, District Attorney’s, Attorney Generals bring Trump before the law. These are Black women. He doesn’t like that. Eat it and sing because America The Final Call has been issued, for forty years the paper is out. And now judgment is coming down in full. 

So the Messenger said Europe will be the worst war areas of all the world; Europe. Watch Berlin and when you start going away the Messenger said you’ll go away by the tens of thousands to fight. He said but you will come back by the fives and tens. You can’t win another war. Russia this will be your undoing too. You see all White power has to end.  The Kingdom of God has to be established.

As-Salaam Alaikum. (Peace Be Unto You)