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[This is a reprint and was published online July 6, 2010.]

“And how many angels are in the heavens, whose intercession avails naught except after Allah gives permission to whom He pleases and chooses. Surely those who believe not in the Hereafter name the angels with females names. And they have no knowledge of it. They follow but conjecture, and surely conjecture avails naught against Truth.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 53, verses 26-28  


As we close this series of articles on the Encuentro (Meeting) XII that took place in Costa Chica, Mexico, we are standing on the peripheral of what might be some of the higher spiritual meanings of Problem No. 32 in our Nation’s Supreme Wisdom Book of Lessons. Let us explore briefly the concluding part of this problem under Section B. No. 1–“If it is to be shown by Actual Tests that a force of two hundred fifty pounds is required to maintain this rate of downhill speed, what horse-power must the Engine deliver at the Wheel? Thirty-three thousand pounds equals one Horse-Power?

An unusual pink cloud formation suddenly appeared in a clear, blue sky, at the Pacific Beach site of the Fishing Village of Correlero, Oaxaca, during recent expedition to Costa Chica, Mexico. Photo: Shahida Muhammad

Might this emphasis on the Engine Power at the wheels refer to the mechanics of the operation of the Great Mother’s Wheel and her companion planes numbering 1500 of which we are taught would be engaged in the final hour to help us in our survival as part of a divine plan being executed by Almighty God Allah’s Command? This is only food for thought that I am sharing with fellow students who are traveling with us in our “University on Wheels.”

In our conclusion, we will now read excerpts of more testimonials of those who participated in this expedition:

Brother Fred Muhammad, Philadelphia, PA

I felt at home in Costa Chica and could easily live or operate out of that region. I believe it is significant that we visited the Black communities there. I also believe it is significant that some of the youth there are proud to be Black and that Black folk have mixed with the indigenous populations there. I believe that Islam will first take its root within these communities and others like them. I believe our group was in a way an advanced team of Laborers on a scouting mission preparing the way for the influx of believers that will arrive in Mexico soon. Original peoples have converged in that area from both the East and the West and we have travailed much. Our brothers and sisters in that region will soon be Resurrected by the Divine Guidance (Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad). I’m not sure of the timeline in which this will take place. It could start during the Minister’s Departure and really take off when the new book is revealed when he returns. I don’t know. I can’t see that far (smile).

It must be remembered that the Southwest part of the United States was once Mexican territory. This land was lost from Mexico due to an aggression from the United States. Part of that land that was once Mexico has both Sacred and Spiritual Centers. Some of these sacred sites are located in Arizona. Two of these sacred sites are the Three Mesas located in the Hopi Land and in Sedona. It is interesting that the Three Mesas are aligned like the three stars in Orion’s Belt. One usually locates Orion’s belt to find the Star Sirius which also points to the three pyramids found on the Giza plateau in Egypt. I think it would be a mistake to view the Southwest region of the U.S. as separate from Mexico. There is a growing popularity of the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad among our “Mexican-American” brothers and sisters as they are playing an important and significant role in helping Mother Tynnetta in Mexico and beyond. I am indeed blessed to be part of a group of believers who are studying and qualifying ourselves to help the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan square the Nation and then cube our totality on the planet.

Sister Jackie X, Detroit, Michigan

Group photo taken at the hotel in Mexico City upon our return back to the United States. Photo: Jabril Muhammad

Every night we were at the conference the Wheels were present, surrounding us in Costa Chica, flashing blue, red, white, and green! The energy and love from these beautiful people was unbelievable. They greeted us everyday with love and a smile. Looking in the faces of my brothers and sisters in Costa Chica gave me pause. I thought of how The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan would get all of our people. How beautiful it was for me to see that our people are all over the world even in this small town in Mexico.

We were blessed to have Mother Tynnetta help us to see that each of us have a unique role in this trip. She helped us to see why we must learn how to survive even with little resources. This lesson of how to survive was evident amongst our people of Costa Chica. There was no gas or electric stoves, ovens, coffeemakers or other amenities that we may be used to. Fire, brick, wood, huge pots and ceramic surfaces was the extent of their supplies. Though resources were limited, everyone worked in unity and with a cheerful spirit to feed the hundreds of people present.

Sister Shahida Muhammad, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I’ve always had an interest in becoming fluent in Spanish and spending time in Latin-America. Yet, never did I imagine I would embark on a trip like this. It was my first time on a Mxodus tour, and I was not sure what to expect, but for some reason I felt it was meant for me to go. We spent seven days traveling down the Pacific Coast of Mexico on what was affectionately referred to as our “University on Wheels”. El Encuentro consisted of events, workshops and cultural performances that were exploring, educating and celebrating the history of Afro-Mestizo peoples. There were many cultural similarities between our people there and our people here in the U.S., and various signs and connections to the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. “We are not just from Africa; we are from different star systems. … We don’t preach religion; we teach the ancient wisdom.”—Mother Tynnetta.

I felt a great connection to the children in particular, and myself (21) and Sister Shaahazadee (16) were the youngest on the trip. The children would flock to us, asking us questions, taking pictures and excited to exchange contact information.

Brother Sylvester Muhammad, Inland Empire, California

As a student in this “University on Wheels” which is an inspiration of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, I am made to feel that this is where I belong. As I acted and interacted with fellow students, I was comforted by a warm magnetic feeling that caused me to be aware of the presence of Allah in all of us. I was not surprised to learn of each others’ talents.

Congratulations! May the power of Almighty God Allah continue to illuminate our paths as we continue our journey to Almighty God Allah and Self-Knowledge.

“And Allah’s is whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, that He may reward those who do evil for that which they do, and reward those who do good with goodness. Those who avoid the great sins and the indecencies, but the passing idea–surely thy Lord is Liberal in Forgiving. He knows you best when He brings you forth from the earth and when you are embryos in the wombs of your mothers; so ascribe not purity to yourselves. He knows him best who guards against evil.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 53, verses 31-32

To be continued.