Front row from left: James G. Muhammad, Naba’a Muhammad, Starla Muhammad. Second row from left: Toure Muhammad, J.A. Salaam, Abisayo Muhammad, Charlene Muhammad, Tariqah Muhammad, Janiah X, Azizah Muhammad, Shawntell Muhammad. Back row: Cartan X, Jabril Muhammad, Ali Muhammad, Michael Z. Muhammad, Erick H. Muhammad and Eric Ture Muhammad. Photo: Haroon Rajaee

Naba’a Muhammad, editor-in-chief for The Final Call newspaper, its Production staff, Editorial staff and contributors worked hard over Saviours’ Day 2022 in Chicago, which included a major keynote address by the Honorable  Minister Louis Farrakhan, “The Swan Song,” delivered Feb. 27 at Mosque Maryam.

The Muslim writers, photographers, layout and design and Editorial personnel captured the Minister’s message and the experiences of some of the 4,500 people who joyfully participated in the first in-person Saviours’ Day gathering of the Nation of Islam in two years. “We followed the Minister’s guidance to keep ourselves safe, only briefly taking our masks down to take pictures,” said Naba’a Muhamad.

And, he added, everyone worked beautifully together to tell the story of #SD2022 in The Final Call’s print edition, digital edition, social media and at “We are blessed to have such talented and committed Believers who joyfully work in this cause and capture important moments in our history. I also thank past Final Call editor and current contributing editor James G. Muhammad for his continued work, leadership and for giving us a wonderful workspace. We thank Allah (God) for such a great team.”