Cuban Consulates Poster translated to English. Photo:

By Milagros Pichardo | Pérez,

All Cubans living abroad, permanently or temporarily, will have the opportunity to participate in the collective construction of the country’s new Families Code, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ director general of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad, Ernesto Soberón Guzmán.

During a recent press conference, the diplomat reported that a section has been created on the Nación y Emigración website (, on which opinions and proposals may be recorded. He added that the number of times a person may access the site and express his or her opinion is not limited, nor is migratory status taken into account.
The importance of citizens abroad participating in this consultation was emphasized, especially since the new Code addresses the transnational dimensions of many Cuban families.

Tests of the system have been conducted in consulates and consular offices, he reported, to confirm that, in the more than 120 countries where Cuba has a diplomatic presence, the platform can be easily accessed from computers and mobile devices.
He recalled the experience gained in 2018, during the consultation conducted prior to the approval of the country’s current Constitution, when a similar interface was used to record proposals by Cubans in more than 130 nations.


Soberón added that the decision to involve Cubans around the world is a reflection of the intention to expand and diversify ties with Cuban nationals abroad. He noted that the country is eager to hold another Nation and Emigration Conference, and will do so when the health situation in Cuba and internationally allows for such events.—Milagros Pichardo Pérez,