[Editor’s Note: This article was previously published online May 28, 2003.]

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught from the beginning of his mission that the Black people of America were surrounded and robbed completely by those who did not love us and who had thoroughly deceived us. We, therefore, had no knowledge of our own, nor really anyone else’s.

We were robbed so thoroughly that we didn’t have the sense of being robbed. This robbery was so methodically, so systematically done that when that which belongs to us was offered to us we turned it down.

However, he was given the keys of knowledge to the turning of the minds and hearts of each towards our full realization of self, in spirit and deeds.


We’ll never qualify for our rightful place in the sun, he taught, unless we first have a thorough knowledge of our “own.” This has involved a massive educational program. But, a time limit was set for the labor involved to awaken us and get us up on our feet.

In our lessons, Master Fard Muhammad wrote:

“One of the Prophets, in early days, said: ‘The Lost Found Nation of Islam, numbering one hundred forty-four thousand, will be the Stars, and will return to their original Land,’ and the Balance, he said, ‘are poison and rusty, and will not take the Knowledge of their own.’ But, the Messenger and his Laborers do not agree with the old Prophet, in this modern time. He thinks that he will remove all poison and rust from every one of the seventeen million. At the same time he desires for every one of you Students to help solve this Problem, since you have learned the time, accomplishment, and old Prophet’s number, one hundred forty-four thousand.” [Emphasis mine.]

(Seventeen million, or so, was our population around the time of the start of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s work.)

Calculate an aspect of our situation given, in the scriptures, in the history of the work of Moses and Aaron.

Moses did not feel adequate to handle the mission Allah gave to him on their first meeting. He asked for a helper. After doing away with Moses’ excuses, Allah gave him Aaron. The Almighty did not give Aaron to Moses as his chief helper because of Moses’ feelings of inadequacy. Over time Moses came to see God’s deepest purposes in granting his request. It included a time when he would not be among his people and their condition would require the only man who could be qualified to sit in his seat while he was absent. To that man the keys of knowledge to continue the work of the resurrection would be given. He would be guided to perform this special service until the time to labor was ended. Then comes that which will raise the majority.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told me in July of 1964 that soon after he met his Teacher, he told Him that he thought he could get us all in six months. Then, after a short time of more work on us, he told his Teacher he thought he would have the job done in about a year and a half.

Then he looked at me and with a little laugh said, “Brother, if anyone had told me back then that I would still be after you all here in 1966, I wouldn’t have believed it.” By then he had learned the mathematics of his work.

If one knows little of what God actually revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, then they have no choice but to evaluate others, situations, and events by that which they have of knowledge. False pride makes them think their part knowledge is adequate for them to see, judge and to cope with the problems of these times. They really feel above the need of Allah.

So it is today in the not even half-learned, who murmur (as it was written) at every step Minister Farrakhan makes, without understanding. It’s all being recorded. See the top of page 190 of “Message to the Blackman.”

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that God never says or does anything without a purpose and He only says and does what is necessary. So, again, why Aaron? He was not the equal of Moses. Before going any further, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said the Bible charged Aaron with evil, but the Holy Qur’an clears him. There are a few Ministers around who may be able to bear me witness on what he said, in that meeting in August 1961.

Before the Honorable Elijah Muhammad departed he indicated, in several very wise ways, and on a few selected occasions, he outright stated that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was divinely designated to sit in his seat in his absence. (I’ve covered much of this in “This Is The One” and in this column since this paper started.)

At least twice he indicated that we would be getting a man who is closer to our condition. He also knew, and every one of us should know, that the one being prepared to sit in his seat was constitutionally our superior. It certainly would be unintelligent for God to give us less than the best person to do what had to be done during the absence of the modern Moses.

One day the Honorable Elijah Muhammad referred to Minister Farrakhan as a star without equal. Why a “star?” We really need to be more scientific in our study of our Brother (and this whole teaching and work) than many of us have been.

By giving us one “a little closer to our condition” God was/is yet demonstrating that He was still with us and was demonstrating His special love and mercy for us, who are coming out of the grave of mental death.

In connection with this, the scriptures teach that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad verified the truth that the wisdom that God used in the beginning of the creation of the universe would be used at the end of this world and the setting up of His own Kingdom–and then some. This wisdom is now in use. Now, with such wisdom being exercised within and around us, and throughout the earth, how are we evaluating everyone and everything, including the person and work of Minister Farrakhan, as well as ourselves?

The masses, the weights, the distances, and various other critical factors that were conceived and pre-measured prior to the creation and establishment of the solar system and the rest of the universe certainly involved the most excellent planning, and included the best and most exquisite methods of bringing into existence and growth all that composes this vast universe in which we live. This planning called for the establishment of the extremely delicate balances, upheld, however, with supreme power.

So it was in the creation and growth of the Nation of Islam, which is still in its earliest stages of development. Although it seems weak, it’s inexorably moving forward with Allah’s power. Study this: For instance, the calculations that went into the choice of Minister Farrakhan to occupy the position that he holds were no less accurate than the calculations involved in the setting up of the universe. In fact, as we’ll show, they are superior.

More next issue, on the practice of the principles in “As-Salaam-Alaikum” by Minister Farrakhan, Allah willing.