CHICAGO (Mosque Maryam)—When the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks, social media can be found buzzing.From the moment the title of the Minister’s Saviours’ Day 2022 message, “The Swan Song,” was made known via social media, it struck a nerve and caused mixed reactions, mixed emotions, deep conversations and reflections leading all the way up to Feb. 27 the date of his worldwide address, according to Abdul Qiyam Muhammad, social media director for Min. Farrakhan.

Just as it was leading up to the Minister’s July 4, 2020 message “The Criterion,” there was daily intensifying anticipation to hear what Allah (God) would deliver through His Servant for the whole of humanity.

“Because we’re in a historic time of the delivery of what Allah and His Christ caused their servant to deliver, that out of their mercy through him, we got as much as we needed to receive from him. So now, not only did he break a record, but now he’s on the record, as Paul has said, ‘I’ve done my job,’” stated Abdul Qiyam Muhammad.

“Coupled with the ever-changing national and world events, the social media landscape has been filled with comments from those eager to hear from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to receive unparalleled guidance, insight and foresight,” he stated.  “None of us will ever be able to say that the Minister did not feed us, guide us, warn us and give us everything that was necessary for what is to come after he has delivered ‘The Swan Song.’ We can’t treat the Minister’s continued divine guidance like a broken record, Abdul Qiyam Muhammad explained.


The eagerness was generated in part by the hard work of Nation of Islam members and supporters, who waged a non-stop marketing and advertising campaign via social media, billboards and fliers across the country and parts of the world to invite as many people as possible to tune in.

But before the program even started, the YouTube link that was attached to was taken down.  The delay signaled that the enemy had already set up to attack Minister Farrakhan’s message.  His helpers pivoted to live stream the message on Facebook and with so much anticipation and excitement surrounding his message, people were sharing, commenting and reacting from start to finish, until Facebook could take it no more and terminated the live stream.

Then Facebook immediately went into attack mode and issued a notification that it stripped everything promoting “The Swan Song” for the last 30 days off the page, claiming a violation of their community standards, according to Abdul Qiyam Muhammad. 

Interestingly, he said, after Minister Farrakhan concluded his address, Facebook archived the two hours it initially shut down, which showed that in just two hours—keeping in mind, Minister Farrakhan had not spoken the entire time—there were over 55,000 views and over 11,300 comments and reactions up to that point. 

People thought the program was over, but undeterred, Minister Farrakhan’s helpers began streaming on other platforms, including Final Call Radio, Final Call General Manager Abdul Rasul Muhammad’s Facebook Page, and Rumble.  Rumble stopped after a while. The enemy tried to put out the Light of Allah, said Abdul Qiyam Muhammad, but Allah only perfected His Light.

“People started streaming from their phones inside Mosque Maryam, as well.  Then, you had live tweets of the Farrakhan Twitter Army for people to be able to keep up,” he stated.  “Allah willing, we’re going to continue to do we always do, which is the follow up work of continuing to spread the word and creating the conversation on social media, so the work is far from over in spreading ‘The Swan Song.’  Today was a very eventful, record-setting day,” he added.

When the live stream was up again, before Minister Farrakhan even blessed the mic, there were 7.6K views on the Nation of Islam’s Facebook page alone, 2.8K shares, 2.8K comments.

“The minister makes good men and women.  This is the goal of all schools of thought (religion).  I highly respect the minister,” Posted IamRay Magi.

On the popular ClubHouse App, moderator MikeyJet$ was hard at work. With the Minister’s message being widely blocked, MikeyJet$ and crew refused to be defeated. As soon as one line of audio transmission fell, MikeyJet$ and other moderators found another and another and another. As one moderator said, “They were working hard shut him off. He’s talking to all melanated people. This man speaks the truth. We all suffer from the same oppression,” she added. It was a win for #Truth and #Farrakhan and loss for #Satan and #WhiteWorldPower.

Aameenah A. Muhammad tweeted her thanks to Minister Farrakhan: “You struck so many chords.  I haven’t smiled and laughed so much in a good while!  APDTA! (All Praise Is Due To Allah).”

In tweet after tweet, viewers said they felt empowered to continue in the work that the Minister has called them to do in the name of God.

What stood out the most were comments from people who said they had a preconceived idea of what they thought ‘The Swan Song’ would be, observed Abdul Qiyam Muhammad.  One person posted that the Minister is always feeding from on high, and this shows that our thoughts are not what his thoughts are, because his thoughts are in line with God.

“Others who listened the entire program said that he could have kept going, and they wouldn’t have went nowhere, because every moment was a feeding moment, a joyous thing to see,” he stated.  Another person posted that because they hadn’t seen the Minister in so long that they could have listened to him for seven hours if he wanted to, because that’s how much they love him and needed it.

“So many people on social media didn’t want him to end,” said Abdul Qiyam Muhammad.

Melodies from heaven is how one viewer described it.  “It was truly a song to hear.  I did get to learn more about my elder brother,” tweeted The Count of Joshua StoneKvtter.

Minister Farrakhan’s integrity resonated with Philip Washington, who posted on Facebook:  “THAT’S PRECISE!…UNBOUGHT!!! UNCOMPROMISING! NO BATTERY IN HIS BACK! FREE FROM BEING ON SOMEONE’S PUPPET STRINGS! LETS BE CLEAR FOOL!”

Likewise with Ebony Johanson: “Character is everything! And the Minister has it ALL!!!”

“This was right on time for me he gave me clarity on some things I’ve been battling with for awhile. I’m grateful to be alive another day to fight the good fight and strive even harder. Right on time as always,” tweeted Jalilah Muhammad.

Mica Love submitted: “Thank you for the swan song Brother Farrakhan.  I heard my notes and I will do better.”

Erica Roberts called it a Saviours’ Day to remember.  “Not a follower but I understand the mission. We have been blessed to hear your words.  APDTA.”

“I’m Italian And Stand With Farrakhan,” posted Beguila Anthony.

Rigney Winfield Hood captured the sentiments of many in social media throughout Minister Farrakhan’s nearly five-hour long stimulating and thought-provoking message: “I love Min. Farrakhan, I know him personally and have a lot of respect for him .. My family also watches Farrakhan and we all love because He stands and speaks the truth.”

“We’re grateful for all platforms that we’ve been able to utilize to spread the message further, so it’s very important because this was something that the whole entire world has been on standby,” said Abdul Qiyam Muhammad. He expressed gratitude for everyone who worked to promote the message to their friends, families and colleagues.  Keep going and don’t take for granted that everyone has saw it, he urged.

“It is very, very significant that we were blessed that the Messiah was blessed to be in this time period where he has these contraptions to have access to.  No matter how much they have attempted to block him and ban him, all it has done is raise up more people utilizing the platforms and they’re spreading the Minister all over the world and we believe by the Grace of Allah, ‘The Swan Song’ will continue his tune all around the country and the world for days and years to come.” (Naba’a Muhammad contributed to this report.)