[Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted from Volume 32, No. 34. The Final Call will continue to reprint articles written by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

“Truthful God!  By the Qur’an, possessing eminence!  Nay, those who disbelieve are in self-exaltation and opposition.  How many a generation We destroyed before them, then they cried when there was no longer time for escape!” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 38, verses 1-3

I am gradually coming into a new expression of the Divine Word of Allah, one that I have always known in my heart from the days of my youth.  In my silent retreat to know my Lord, I have searched diligently to find the right expression of His Divine Beauty.  In the solitude of my soul, my spirit cries out for God’s Divine Embrace.  I was shaped and formed in my mother’s womb, but my Originator and Creator is God Himself.

On the grounds of her grandmother’s farmland in Belleville, Michigan, accompanied by Student Minister Troy Muhammad from Detroit, cousin of Mother Tynnetta, and another close relative.

All of us come from the same source of beauty, and it is to that Divine Source, that we are ever returning in a revolving sphere of motion.  We tread the path of His Divine Unity.  Though separated and often feeling alone, our pursuit, whether male or female, we belong to Him alone.   The difficulty in our journey is the steps it takes to reach that Exalted State of mastery of the Divine Call.  We are like children in this pursuit losing ourselves over and over again in this perpetual longing to be united with Him. 

Outside of the Detroit Institute of Art, one may view the famous bronze statue of “The Thinker,” originally sculptured by Auguste Rodin from France, positioned at the front entrance of the museum. Mother Tynnetta attended art school and performed in many theatrical and dance performances as a student of the LaClaire Knox Performing Arts School. Photo: DIA.org

Hold not back your Glory, O Lord, as we break the lattice of the lock seeking to enter Thine Exalted Realm.  I am a wonderer, forever be through the guilded mountains and velvety forested ravines, where rainbows light the darkened skies, and clustered clouds break with thunderous tears and bow. Desert me not in Thy retreat; I am forever a lover of thee, whom I seek at heaven’s gate my Beloved waits.

The time has come to make haste in the anguish of my heart, I plead to my Eternal God, my Sacred One to keep, in my silent path of revelry. Throw down the gauntlet and the sword, journey forward and never despair to enter into the Garden of His pearly gates and climb the stairs to His Domain.   Love, peace and happiness enjoined in this Sacred Place guarded in the bosom of His Heart.

When I first came to Chicago following my graduation from Central High School in Detroit, Michigan, and became a follower of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he began to teach me aspects of Muhammad’s history as revealed in the Holy Qur’an, and would oft-times show me distinguishing verses, and their placement, and meaning in the life of Prophet Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him.  He was teaching me as a student to understand his own life’s work and mission in the mental and spiritual resurrection of our people.

The actual foundation of his Divine Teachings was based on the history of Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Qur’an.  He was also given by the Master special books, numbering 104, that he was assigned to read in the Library of Congress, in Washington, D.C., while on the run for seven years from a death plot being hatched in Detroit, Michigan, beginning in 1935.

I began to see my mind and nurture my soul on these precepts and followed his example as closely as possible in the way he carried out his daily life’s work and assignment in the years of my study from the 1950’s, throughout the 1960’s, and the early part of the 1970’s, until his departure in 1975.  I received my orientation on certain aspects of his Divine Teachings, directly from him in a very special way as a student of Divine, being prepared in the circle of his domestic life to serve in the development of our Islamic community, both at home and abroad.

One morning after arriving to work at his home in Hyde Park, at 4847 South Woodlawn, he invited me into the breakfast nook where he began to show me how to open and read the Holy Qur’an for spiritual guidance. He took the Holy Qur’an into his hands and with the recitation of the words, “Bismillah Irahman Irahim,” he placed the Holy Qur’an on his forehead and then kissed the cover. 

Afterwards, he turned the Qur’an to the back and again placed the Qur’an on his forehead while reciting the opening “Bismillah” with a kiss, and then he opened the book to the passage before him with his eyes focusing on that particular verse or chapter.  He then stated that we could find answers to whatever questions or problems we may face by reading the Holy Qur’an.  Following this procedure, we should meditate on the Divine Word to find the right solution.

In this way he taught me the high reverence and respect for the Holy Qur’an and the Divine Word of God.  I hold these precious memories in my heart each and every day in practice and remembrance. In the last several articles, I have attempted to articulate from my heart the feelings and emotions of my spiritual journey being guided by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his Master Teacher, W. Fard Muhammad. 

Being nourished in this method, every new development I share with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and a few of the Believers.  I am gradually moving into new experiences that I am now beginning to share. According to Surah 72, verse 18-19, we read:  “And the mosques are Allah’s, so, call not upon anyone with Allah: And when the Servant of Allah stood up praying to Him, they well nigh crowded him (to death).”

When we begin to see Allah and Allah alone in everything we do, we have come to a most important stage in our spiritual development in which the self is obliterated along with the ego, and we find ourselves Eternally in the Presence of the Person of Almighty God Allah.  Through this process of enlightenment, I continue my life’s journey Traveling with the Wise Man, and his Master Teacher, W. Fard Muhammad.

Almighty God, Allah, has showered upon our rejected and despised Black people in America, an Abundance of His Divine Love, freeing and releasing us from the fears and complexities of living in Satan’s world.  He is guiding us into the straight path of His Divine Worship leading us into a New World of love, peace and happiness.

We find these words, in our Supreme Wisdom Lesson No. 2, Question 18, “What is the duty of a civilized person”?  ANS: “To Teach the uncivilized people, who are savage—civilization (righteousness, the knowledge of himself, the science of everything in life—love, peace and happiness).”

“And they wonder that a warner from among themselves has come to them, and the disbelievers say:  This is an enchanter, a liar.  Makes he the gods a single God?  Surely this is a strange thing.  And the chiefs among them say: Go and steadily adhere to your gods: surely this is a thing intended. We never heard of this in the former faith: this is nothing but a forgery.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 38, verses 4-7

To be continued.