‘This is a war, but that’s okay. We’re warriors.’ –Dr. Christina Parks

We continue with part 2 of The Final Call’s interview with Cellular and Molecular Biologist Dr. Christina Parks, and her profound insight into the coronavirus, the deadly mRNA COVID-19 injections, the government’s “pandemic policies” and other issues of importance to the Black community:

The U.S. Government’s Depopulation Agenda:

I think that the idea that there’s a massive depopulation going on is too psychologically stressful for many people to cope with, and so they would rather choose to what I’ll call stay in the matrix, and not see evidence that’s right in front of their face.


… We choose our reality based on what our need is, not necessarily on what we’re actually seeing. The science clearly shows us that this is going to be a mass depopulation event. How big or small it is, I don’t know. I know that God is in control. And so whatever their intentions are, comes up against what His intentions are.

Separation and Generating Our Own Economy

I’ve actually been asked to speak by a lot of Patriot groups, which are sort of Trump supporting groups in Western Michigan. And it’s interesting to me that many of their views, in some ways, mirror the Nation of Islam. You know, when I became aware of the Nation of Islam and years ago, there’s this idea that it’s this separatist movement that is separate because it’s racist. And of course, there’s some of it that’s uncomfortable. And some people saw it that way, some people didn’t.

But I think the average, White, Middle Class American kind of saw it that way. And now, they’re in a position where they are saying, hey, we need to generate our own economies. We need to generate our own alternate economy that can sustain us, that is separate than the global power structure, that is separate than the Deep State.

I brought up one of Brother Malcolm’s speeches the other day…I had it on, and I almost did a double take. I know many people, some of his rhetoric was too strong for them, but if you replace the word ‘White Devil’ with ‘Deep State,’ it plays exactly clean for this day and age. And you could give it to your average Trump supporting White Middle Class person, and they’d be like, ‘Oh, yes! That’s exactly what I believe!’

I think that as a people of African descent and melanated people, we have been subject to some of these forces for a longer time, and so we have been dealing with this problem, this challenge of how to self-determine, for a much longer time and self-determination. So, the separatism isn’t a matter of not liking someone else. It’s a matter of allowing our own self-determination without outside influence.

A Fight for ‘All the Marbles’

It does seem that this is definitely an end game, and I don’t certainly pretend to know all of that. I think a lot of us wish we could kind of see what’s going to happen, but maybe we don’t want to know. And so, I’m focusing on building. One of the great things is I’ve just met the most amazing people on building those relationships that where we share maybe those common spiritual, and goals, moral goals, and we’re just connecting with those people right away.

And those people are the ones that are praying, that are humble, that aren’t about ego, that really are just about helping people. Then that’s the beginning, the beginning of trust building. But I think that that is where I’m focusing because it’s one, so rewarding, and two, no matter what’s happening, those relationships are a source of refuge. Whether things go better in the future than we think, it’s going to still be good. Or if they get worse, then those are still a place of refuge both emotionally, spiritually, and hopefully even physically in terms of building economies and things like that.

The Path to Becoming a Warrior in this Spiritual Battle

I think pray. I think the power of prayer is just first because this is a spiritual battle. And many people are caving to the system for lack of strength, lack of spiritual strength, emotional strength. And so, to pray for those, maybe we don’t even know who they are, who are in key positions, that they would have the spiritual strength to stand. Pray for those who are obvious like me, because it’s a hot mess! Even when you see it coming, I’m like, could it get any more complicated and difficult and stupid and petty? And you’re just trying to help people, but it’s like Satan is throwing everything in the book at you.

I would say prayer, number one, and two, just honesty. Just keep having those honest conversations, and I think that that’s what will happen. That’s what Brother Rizza (Islam) keeps doing, and the amount of grace that he gives, it’s shocking, the things that he comes against, and he still has such generosity of spirit, such grace. I’m like ready to slap somebody, you know. It’s just like, get a grip. He has righteous indignation and I think that that is what allows him to persist, because otherwise the bitterness would eat you alive.

And he genuinely loves people, all people, but his people first. I think that will be seen, and that is why I want him to be more mainstream. I think he should obviously focus on his people first, but to destroy the narrative and to open it up for more alliances, and just acceptance—acceptance of what groups like the Nation of Islam are doing— so they can move forward with more power and more force and more aid.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Big Pharma and the Vaccine Campaign

There’s so many conspiracy theories from helping the Chinese; depopulation. I really don’t know, but I know it has nothing to do with just a regular viral pandemic. There is so much that they have known. They’ve known that they researched this virus for 10 to 20 years, and that they know all about the spike protein. They know all about these things, that the vaccines were in development before the virus was released. And they know it was genetically engineered. It’s hard to say, but it’s not good.

In the end, you just look at the effect of what it is going to do. And beyond the acute phase of loss of life, and acute injury, which they knew it was going to cause, it’s going to be a slow death process where this is going to cause, it appears, science tells us that it’s likely to increase rates of cancer, and that’s what we’re seeing. It’s suppressing the immune system, which leads to cancer and all sorts of other manner of infectious disease that people are going to become susceptible to, and it’s extremely inflammatory.

So it’s going to exacerbate any chronic conditions that people have. It causes all sorts of calculability problems, strokes, pulmonary embolism, all of that by microvascular (small vessel) injury. It causes myocarditis, heart swelling in our young people. … I am not sure who’s in charge and what they’re trying to do, but this is extremely destructive on every level.

To be continued …