CHICAGO—Integrative health practitioner Dr. Patrice Muhammad of Chicago recently hosted and facilitated an expansive and practical informational virtual women’s health conference.

While listening to the lecture, “How to Give Birth to a God” by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on Final Call Radio, the message caused Dr. Patrice Muhammad to think about the condition of women of the world, especially Black women. It also sparked the birth of the health conference.

The conference was also a fundraiser to raise money for 200 families to provide them with immune support to help fight winter ailments.

“I thought about how we really need to reshape our thinking and think about what our purpose really is in this world, and it caused me personally to take a look in the mirror and contemplate what could I be doing better that I can contribute to the betterment to my sisters,” stated Dr. Patrice Muhammad.


The theme of the conference was “Divinely Beautiful: The Second Self of God” and the virtual gathering focused  on empowering women through several aspects of life. Presenters represented strong, striving women of God, who are also mothers and wives. They included: Dr. Patrice Muhammad, A’ishah Muhammad, Dr. Kim Muhammad-El, Lazette Muhammad, Azziza Muhammad, and Carmen Muhammad.

Throughout the Jan. 22 conference, clips of various lectures by Min. Farrakhan uplifting women were shared.

Lazette Muhammad, owner of New World Girls Modeling and More Inc., presented “Love Yourself: The Significance of Self-Esteem.” She explained the topic of self-esteem is one of her favorite subjects to teach because it often gets overlooked. “Growing up, children were cruel because of my chocolate skin that I didn’t have any control over. Every day I remember in elementary school coming home crying because of the complexion of my skin. My mom would embrace me, nurture me, and pour into me my beauty, she would build me up,” she explained.

“It wasn’t until high school that I began to develop confidence. I can never thank my mother enough, so self-esteem is very important. Our level of self-esteem not only influences how we think about ourselves but also in the manner of which we behave. Loving ourselves is building a healthy self-esteem.”

Dr. Kim Muhammad presented on the importance of physical health. “I’m really passionate about weighing properly. Why? Being overweight or obese is the cause of mortality after cigarette smoking,” she told participants. “Obesity results in one in five deaths. Post-menopausal women have a 20 percent mortality due to obesity,” stated Dr. Kim Muhammad, a naturopath and owner of Kikatama Natural Health Center, during her presentation “Keys to Weighing Properly.”

She explained that obesity increases the risk of having miscarriages and that those who lead a sedentary lifestyle are at high risk of obesity.

“See sisters, if you know the science of food, your children can be kept well. You know the science; your husband can be kept strong as he goes into this world to try and make money to feed his family. Keep him strong with what you do in that kitchen,” stated Min. Farrakhan in a previous message.

Sister Azziza Muhammad, co-owner of United Schools of Survival, presented “Self-Defense Strategies to Counter an Attack.” “Women are sometimes afraid to have physical contact and they’re more afraid to have someone aggressing them. The first line of defense is building your spirituality, your connection to God because He is our Protector,” she explained.

“The fears that we have against things and people, that don’t have to be. We have the ability and the power to be the master of our own universe,” explained Sister Azziza Muhammad, a trained martial artist.

“Right now, we’re in a pandemic and that brought about an increase in crime. You have to be aware of your surroundings. As women, we multi-task all day long, but even in that multi-tasking we must be on the alert. When you learn self-defense, it increases your confidence. You give off a different energy, that energy is a protection. People mess with people that look vulnerable,” she added.

Student National Auditing Supervisor A’ishah Muhammad presented a session titled, “The Oneness of God and His Unique Connection to the Female.” “Everything about us is unique and wonderful, and it is our connection to Almighty God (Allah), that is special and wonderful. I think that it is fair to make the assumption that most of us have been through some things. We’ve had deep, deep trials, and it was in the midst of those trials that we have gotten to learn a little bit about ourselves,” said Sister A’ishah Muhammad.

“Whenever we are in a situation, we know that we have to go to Almighty God, we have to just fall down on our face, because it’s He and He alone that will pull us through. When we have gone through something, it is only Allah,” she added.

Providing a youthful insight, co-owner of Illuminate Touch, Sister Carmen Muhammad presented “The Purpose in Transitions of Life.” She explained the importance of the bond and camaraderie women have with one another, talking to other women, and running ideas by them. “These are some of the things that have helped ease my difficult transition. Though I was born and raised in the Nation of Islam, it should allow us all to have peace, but we live in a world that doesn’t allow that,” said Sister Carmen Muhammad.

“Me coming into my own, no longer sheltered by Muhammad University of Islam, where we’re taught self-confidence, that we are gods, and then going into a world that teaches us that if you don’t take off your clothes then you’re not it. If you cover yourself then you’re considered weird. These are some of the things that you have to transition (into) when you go into the ‘real world.’ Being in the Nation of Islam, I learned how to carry myself,” she explained.

Dr. Patrice Muhammad presented on, “How to Reverse and Prevent Premature Aging.”  “I suggest everyone get the books, “How to Eat to Live,” l and ll, by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I want to live a long healthy life. There are references in these books that give ways on how to live a healthy and long life. We have keys in these books on how to reverse and prevent premature aging,” she explained.

“There has been mounting evidence about fasting, or as the scholars of this world say, intermittent fasting. Fasting helps the immune system, increases the growth hormone, gives energy, better sleep, and more. Stress is a major cause of disease. Stress increases cortisol, that cortisol can create inflammatory response that can lead to obesity, heart disease, gastric problems, and a myriad of problems for us.”

Shawntell Muhammad can be contacted at [email protected]