The unity of 22 million so-called Negroes up from slavery is the answer to our salvation.

We are suffering untold torture and murder at the hands of our enemies (the children of our slave-master) because of the lack of unity. The cause of this lack of unity among us is due to the work and teaching of our enemies, the slave-masters’ children. Our slave-masters’ children have reared our fathers and mothers to be enemies of each other. They have destroyed our love of self and kind. They have educated us to hate and refuse all that goes for black people.

This lack of love for self and kind keeps us divided, and being divided we are a nation of prey at the hands of our ever open enemies. Whatever the amount of education we receive from our enemies we are still the slaves of our enemies due to this lack of knowledge of self, God and the devil; the true religion; self-pride; self-interest; and self-independence and the desire of a country and of a government of our own under the law of justice and righteousness for every one of our poor black people throughout the earth.

But let us start first here in America where we are the victims of no freedom, justice and equality and we know the pains of being divided.


At present, we have hundreds of clubs and organizations; thousands of teachers; hundreds of educators, scholars, scientists, technicians, doctors, lawyers, judges, congressmen, ambassadors, professors, tradesmen of all kinds and engineers of most every kind. We have all kinds of religious believers, teachers, preachers by the thousands, agriculturists, herdsmen and cattlemen and fisherman and hundreds of hunters of wild game.

What more do we need but unity of the whole for the whole? What actually is preventing this unity of 22 million or more of us is the ignorance and foolish love and fear of our enemies in the professional and leadership class of this nation of 22 million black people up from slavery.

There are disgraceful “Uncle Toms” in a world of freedom, learning and advanced science in every branch of study. How long shall we seek the white mens’ education to become their servants instead of becoming builders of a progressive nation of our own on some of this earth that we can call our own?

Why are you so foolish to think it cannot be done? I have Allah (God) and the world of the righteous on my side to accomplish this.

There is no hope for us in Christianity; it is a religion organized by the enemies (the white race) of the Black Nation to enslave us to the white race’s rule. But our unity under the crescent with our Allah’s guidance can get us anything we desire in the way of help and some of this earth that we can call our own.

By the help of Allah, I have and I will still prove to you that Allah (God) has given me the only solution to our problem here under this race of merciless devils. If you can prove to me that you have a better solution for the future of our Nation I will bring my followers and myself and join you. And if the solution given to me from Almighty Allah is best, come you and your followers and join with me.

(Text  from “Message To The Blackman”, 1965.)