Whether it be an offer of the latest edition of The Final Call newspaper or a kind word, the Fruit of Islam (FOI) are ready to serve their people. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan wanted the men who belong to the Nation of Islam to be messengers under God’s apostle to carry the good news that God Himself has intervened in the lives of our people and is offering a way out of the condition the people find themselves in.

“Our people are a beautiful people; all they need to bring out their true beauty is to be loved; and to be loved means to feed them the knowledge that will remove the blight of ignorance which makes us the playground for the wicked (Satan),” Minister Farrakhan said.

“The love that I am referring to is not this emotional feeling that is not accompanied by duty. I am referring to the awesome Power of Allah’s (God’s) Love that is bound up in His Word.”

We thank the FOI for their continued service in the resurrection of the Black man and woman. We salute them for their efforts, hard work and dedication.