Iranian official Kazem Gharibabadi Photo:

According to, Judiciary Deputy for International Affairs and Secretary-General of Iran’s Human Rights Office, Kazem Gharibabadi said that the United States sticks to its failed policy of maximum pressure on the Iranian people and misuses sanctions in order to pursue its own political agenda, while the U.S. officials and entities do not respect human rights values.

The secretary-general noted that the U.S. regime, which has endangered the Iranian nation due to its illegal and unilateral sanctions and left Iranian patients without access to medicines and medical equipment, should not dare to claim that it is defending human rights and freedom in Iran.

According to the Iranian official, police brutality, when it comes to people of color, is common in the U.S. as what happened to George Floyd, an African American man who was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25, 2020.

Human rights experts confirmed that police brutality in the U.S. against people of color, especially African Americans should be considered as systemic racism, he added.


There are numerous examples of human rights violations in the American society, including violence in dealing with prisoners, big number of women in jails, inhuman tortures and unauthorized tests on incarcerated people, Mr. Gharibabadi mentioned.

The issues indicate serious violations of human rights and rights of prisoners in the United States, he said, adding that the American regime should be held accountable for crimes against peaceful protestors in front of public opinion. (