Abdul Rauf Muhammad, Student National Protocol Director, greets visitor at Mosque Maryam in Chicago. Photo: Haroon Rajaee

by Charlene Muhammad and Anisah Muhammad

Excitement continues to grow as Nation of Islam mosques and study groups across the country reopen their doors to believers, guests, friends and family. Brothers and sisters of the Nation express their joy at being in each other’s presence during the spiritually enlightening Sunday meetings, Wednesday night study groups, the more intimate Friday study circles, the all-women classes on Saturdays and the all-men classes on Mondays. 

Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad, Southwest Region Representative of the NOI, delivers message during Sunday meeting in Atlanta. Photo: Erick H. Muhammad

Adjusting to a Covid-19 reality, the Nation of Islam mosques and study groups have been maintaining safety protocols such as physically distanced seating and temperature checks before entering the buildings and meeting places. Hand sanitizer dispensers await, as well as single-use masks for those who may have forgotten one at home.

With a resounding “As Salaam Alaikum!” which is the Arabic greeting for “Peace Be Unto You,” Student Minister Landon X welcomed Los Angeles to the Nation of Islam’s grand reopening at Western Regional Headquarters. Muslims and their guests filled the Shatto Banquet Hall on Nov. 28 to hear the timely presentation entitled, “The Hidden Enemy: CDC, NIH, HHS, FDA,” by Abdul Malik Sayyid Muhammad, Western Region Representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.


Student Min. Abdul Malik Sayyid Muhammad’s message included warning Black, Brown and Indigenous communities on Min. Farrakhan’s guidance regarding the dangers of the so-called Covid-19 “vaccines.”

He referenced Bible scriptures to point out God’s love for Black and Indigenous People. “There’s a way out. Don’t worry,” concluded Student Min. Abdul Malik Sayyid Muhammad as he echoed the Nation of Islam’s call for Separation and lifted up Master Fard Muhammad, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Min. Farrakhan and their love for Black people.

FOI Student Captain David Muhammad of Mosque No. 3 in Milwaukee and guests remove masks briefly to take a picture.

Keri Freeman learned about the reopening from activist and NOI member Rizza Islam’s social media accounts.  Student Min. Abdul Malik Sayyid Muhammad’s message touched home for her and she noted that to live in terror, fear and having a lack of faith is “not what life’s about.”

Aliyah Muhammad attended the Sunday meeting with her husband Steven and their three sons, Tariq, Wakil, and Faruq.  “It’s excellent to be here and to feel everyone’s spirits, not just over the phone or by Facebook or Instagram to see what everybody’s got going on, but to see these babies grow up right before our eyes. I’m excited and extremely happy to be back,” she said.

Tyree Brown of East St. Louis, who was invited by childhood friends to the Los Angeles meeting stated, “I feel overwhelmed, delighted, grateful, humbled, excited! I’m ready sister! What stood out most was the compassion, the sincerity, the humbleness, as well as the Teachings in a simple form where we could understand it.  I love it!”

In cities around the country including Atlanta; Miami; Tampa, Fla., Milwaukee and NOI headquarters in Chicago, visitors and guests are joining Muslims in the excitement and joy of resuming in-person meetings.

Each Sunday, Nation of Islam student ministers all over the country craft tailor-made messages to share with audiences and spreading the good news to the Black man and woman of America that Allah (God) has come in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad to seek and to save them. The people are hearing these messages in mosques and study groups near and far, and acceptances are rolling in to join on to the Nation to continue the work of salvation. 

For more information, visit www.noi.org.