Sister Ruby

CHICAGO—“My dear Sister Ruby, that was a good sister. She was a friend of mine and a friend of yours. I will miss seeing her. She never failed coming to service except she was under the weather or out of the city.” These were just a few of the sentiments expressed by Student Minister Ishmael R. Muhammad speaking at the December 7 janazah (funeral) service for Sister Ruby Muhammad, a steadfast, beautiful, and dedicated follower of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. She returned to Allah (God) November 30.

Sister Ruby Muhammad was born March 19, 1948 in Chicago, Illinois, and was the ninth of 10 children and dedicated her life to service. She joined the Nation of Islam in 1990 and was a beloved sister and friend. She and her sister, Iris Muhammad, could always be seen together at Mosque Maryam.

“Mom was always at the mosque, you know that,” Student Min. Ishmael said as he smiled and looked at Sister Ruby’s son Terrence Washington during the service. And you couldn’t hardly ever see Sister Ruby without her ‘twin’ sister, Sister Iris. When you saw one, you saw the other! Of course they’re not twins, but that pair, Sister Iris and Sister Ruby have always been such a source of support for me, little Minister Ishmael,”

he shared with family members and friends gathered at D.L. Perkins & Sons Funeral Home LLC. Sister Ruby was employed at HRDI, Human Resources Development Institute, Inc., and a Center for Mental Health and Disabilities Services as an administrative assistant. She labored at the Nation of Islam entities including at The Final Call, Mosque Maryam and the Million Man March Office. Her love for the Nation of Islam was immeasurable!


Sister Ruby Muhammad leaves to cherish and carry on her legacy her son Terrence Washington, daughter-in-law La’Kisha Washington, grandsons Zion and Zuri, brother Shemron Washington, her sister Iris Muhammad and a host of family, friends and the entire Nation of Islam.